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  1. What position does Dawson play? hey was pleased to find out that we do not know everything about the goings on at the club perhaps somewhere in the locker room Strachan will unveil the new Juniho...ok wishful thinking but pleasantly suprising
  2. I put my hands up and fesup as I was for a period of time a doom ***er but I am totally thrilled and delighted with the way things have transpired recently because the club has shown action instead of just words. It certainly has decided that this season is ***e or bust and I do hope that the fans will show faith in Strachan and his team and get fully behind them. Yes of course there will be times when things go wrong, after all this is Boro, but you do sense that there is a real determination in all aspects and I know that it will be rewarded at the end of the season with automatic promotion as CHAMPIONS!!!
  3. You have to be right Linth there must be a time very soon where players will be leaving ok Mido was probably a free or as they say a nominal fee (VB do you know) and with still in coming activity (however believe that the last two will be finally business over and done with) there must be some balancing of the books. We thought Lita might be on the move is that still possible? Emnes we all want to see him go but who the hell would pay money for him and tbh a loan out is no good to us now!!! What sellable assests do we have left GON???? or you may well be correct Wheater!! Someone needs to go for a decent fee unless some of this is being personally financed by Gibson
  4. There is no doubt that it is important to get GON off the books to help finance or at least balance what has been happening lately. If he really added something to the team in terms of being creative and scoring more frequently then fine but he doesn't and I feel he is a luxury we can no longer afford to keep. Perhaps Boro will have to consider a reduced amount so that all know where we are going with GON
  5. Downsouth

    Kink official

    What really pleases me about this signing is that I think we are all somewhat surprised about this having been done fairly quickly and that no-one seems to know a lot about the lad. I have a feeling that he will be a real diamond and will soon become a fans favourite and because we know so little about him then no one whom we face this season will know even less and that could be a real advantage. Think this is brilliant and one certainly out of the box!!!
  6. Catastrophe from start till finish and those who allowed this to happen should hang there heads in shame and ensure that there is never a repeat of this again....so sort out Diggard asap!!!
  7. Good shout VB you would not have been able to miss!! My son and I will be attending (he has a southern accent but he is Boro through and through)
  8. Yes and Boro have confirmed the medical etc and that he may join up with the squad in Germany, does seem odd this one but hey it could turn out to be superb business and i am sure the home crowd will take to him because of his name ha ha!!
  9. At last he is gone no longer a dead weight and costly one around our necks anymore. Dont give a toss if he went for free the fat lazy so and so no longer has any influence upon this team. Its all looking good!!!
  10. Just really looking forward to the start of the season, ok there may be blips but this club will be buzzing soon!!!
  11. Champions without a doubt!!!
  12. The club are being very quiet on this and there seems to be a too good to be true ring about it??? Has anyone got confirmation he has had a medical etc etc because if so the announcement should be iniment!!
  13. Surprisingly I would agree with that comment I think we have more to see from Hoyte
  14. Yes with a double your money back guarentee if not fully satisfied with the end result!!
  15. Agree with TP on this you would have thought he would have continued within the Eurpean leagues somewhere
  16. Well I guess we will never know now and tbh don't really care about Hooper as the speculation dragged on for far too long. I suspect that we will be keeping Lita now???
  17. Well as the supposed 1 million offer from the Turkish club seems to have fallen by the wayside and that I cant see any real offers coming from elsewhwere then the club like many times in the past should accept the request and let him go asap, at least they will not be paying wages.
  18. Well as VB said expect 1 or 2 signings this week and this lad looks much better than Conway and for a lot less I would imagine
  19. Is there any truth with Ajax being linked with Mido at all?
  20. Downsouth

    New member

    Yes welcome and happy inputting!!! may your thought and comments be wise and worldy unlike mine and lots of others on here ha ha!!!
  21. Sarge you are an old sod lol!!!! With statements like that then I would imagine a lot of members would be intimidated by your comments though I know you are only joking:D Watch the input increase once the new season starts
  22. Indeed Sarge and the Mido speculation has been going on long enough now. I guess both he and Diggards future will soon be known and if both are with us at the start of the season then if fit they should both be used if they are part of Strachans plans
  23. VB rumour has it that GON is going to Stoke and Tuncay coming back to Boro any truth in this massive speculation at all?
  24. Yes 3 goals spread over 17 matches lol!!!
  25. Rich I can see where you are coming from but what better way than joining a club that has the ambition and will and hopefully the means to get into the PL without the messing about of being transferred again at a later stage. I would rather be part of the team that has won promotion and the crowds have nothing to do with it as i am sure we will get a great attendance this season (yeah yeah)
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