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  1. 3 minutes ago, Snowblind said:

    If Britt goes, this is how we look in terms.of squad depth currently:

    GK - Betinelli / Archer / Brynn

    RB - Dijksteel / Fisher / Spence
    CB - Fry / McNair / Wood / Hall / Dijksteel
    LB - Bola / Coulson / Johnson

    CM - Morsy / Howson / Saville / Wing / Tavernier / Hackney

    RW - Bolasie / Tavernier / Watmore
    10 - Tavernier / Roberts / Akpom
    LW - Watmore / Johnson / Bolasie

    ST - Fletcher / Akpom

    You could probably add Bolasie to the ST options.

    Looking at that, a CM (Mowatt?) and Grosicki in tomorrow and I think we are set. Another more physical striker would be a bonus

  2. 2 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

    I agree we would, and I do rate Fletcher now, but he's still not worth £7m today, let alone when we paid for him in 2017.

    Monk's greasy hands all over it, and it's not Fletcher's fault, but he was a bizarre signing that I'm shocked the club sanctioned.

    Yeah I’d agree - I think he often gets a lot of stick because of his price tag - had we signed him for say £3 million I think fans would (understandably) be a lot more patient with him.


    He’s still only 25 so not in his prime years and I’d say he has a lot of very good attributes - he’s fairly quick, is a decent finisher, gets plenty of assists and looked a lot stronger last season too. Will be interesting to see if he kicks on.

  3. Just now, TeaCider24 said:

    I think it's just a comment on what a huge waste of money that is.

    61 goals from 2 players in a possible 165 games, that is nothing.

    I think that’s unfair on Fletcher - his price tag was hugely inflated at the time yes, but when he joined he was only 22 and frequently played on the wing for us in his first season. Then he had a season of Pulisball. Last season, in what was his first full season as a starting striker for us he got 18 goal contributions in 43 games. Whilst I’m not saying that is by any means prolific, I will say I think we’d be in a much stronger position right now had he been fit all season.

  4. 5 minutes ago, mendieta420 said:

    IMO if we get another winger Tav can go midfield full time

    Tav’s much better in the hole behind the striker so this would be a big plus for us. He gets the ball more and carries it forward better. 

    Although he scores goals cutting in from the right, I’d say his overall game in better in the middle

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  5. 33 minutes ago, TLF10 said:

    Warnock confirms Bolasie should be involved v Norwich but won't start.

    said there a chance one more might arrive by weekend but hopefully by Monday.

    Confirms the two we lost out on this week weee both involved tonight for they respective teams.

    Confirms he looking for a RB and another attacker. Does not want a CB now Hall back. Hopefully the RB is comfortable at CB too Aka like Kalas or Da Laet

    Who do we reckon the two players were? Vydra played a few minutes tonight so him and one other?

  6. The criticism towards Britt from some fans still baffles me, the reason he misses so many chances is because he gets in the positions to score those chances in the first place.  One-on-ones aren't even a commonality in football and yet he still manages to get in about 10 one-on-one positions a season due to his pace and ability to run in behind.  Think about it, how many times did Randolph find himself one-on-one with a striker last season? Not many.

    I'm not saying he's anywhere near Aguero's level but watching Aguero he misses just as many chances as he scores, because he gets that many chances due to his great positional awareness.  I think people forget we're only a Championship side and there really are some awful strikers in this league, to sell Britt this late on would be ludicrous.

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  7. If true that Gibson didn't want to leave, can anyone actually explain the thought process behind selling him and using the money raised to buy Flint and Saville? Looking for an actual explanation, is there some sort of FFP rule whereby we had to raise a certain amount of cash but the actual profit margin didn't matter?

    I actually can't comprehend why we would do that?

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