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  1. QPR and Wigan join Middlesbrough in the race to sign former Chelsea defender Todd Kane on a free transfer
  2. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/tomas-mejias-returns-to-boro
  3. https://twitter.com/Tomas_Mejias/status/1146779895864975361
  4. Totally agree a proven goal scorer at this level, goes to a more attack minded team and he'll score goals simple as that. If Britt is the best striker in the division I'm sure we'll have lots of teams after him, maybe even premier league teams. Who wouldn't want the best striker in the division if he's available? Or maybe Blackburn is about his level. He'd get atleast 25 in a full injury free season at Blackburn
  5. I'm pretty sure Pulis' ideal system is a big target man with an out and out winger on one side and then an inside forward on the other. It's where Waghorn would have played had we got him. Vassell would likely play there.
  6. I agree in part. I think if we have pace and width to get behind defences then Britt will be really productive for us. Using the forward as we are now, like a fulcrum is neither suited to Britt or the team as our midfield dont seem able to run beyond the attacker for the second ball. I think we need to be all in for pacy wingers. Playing the same way with our midfield will get us nowhere at home. He needs good players around him to be at his best. He needs through balls through the defence to run onto, evidenced by his goal vs Birmingham the other week. Its a shame the other players aren't on his wavelength. In my opinion he's very similar to Braithwaite in that he can look terrible at times due to the awful system Pulis deploys and the awful midfield behind him. Someone like Adama would seriously benefit Britt, we rarely saw them on the same pitch however, when they did I believe Adama assisted him 3 times last season?
  7. Unless they're cashing in on Dack
  8. Britt is the best striker in the division when played in the correct system and I'd be devastated to see him go, considering Pulis will be gone at the end of this season and Britt would have been a huge asset for our next manager. We will seriously regret this one
  9. That was the idea with Monk, young manager and recently retired. Although we weren't his first job of course
  10. It might all be completed and he's going back to London to pick up his stuff? Hopefully
  11. This makes the £8 million for George Saville even more baffling
  12. He has 5 assists in the league this season to be fair to him
  13. It’s been backed up by his correspondent Nab Mebog
  14. Ipswich have just signed Will Keane so I’m not sure if they will still want Gestede
  15. Do we get extra time to finalise deals after 5pm?
  16. Some very interesting stuff over on @QuickSessions twitter rn about Villa, Bruce and Adomah. He's Adomahs brother
  17. Richie Towell (potential Saville replacement) has gone to Rotherham. Millwall are actually gonna sign no one aren't they
  18. He's gone on loan to a French team today
  19. Must be a centre back coming in soon then if Enes has gone
  20. I only remember us playing 4 at the back once? Millwall away, Bristol City away and Sheff Utd at home. Bristol City was a 5 when we were defending, with Downing RWB, Shotton Flint and Fry CB and Friend LWB
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