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  1. I only remember us playing 4 at the back once?
  2. In that case hopefully its a Chelsea (Conte Era) style 343 Randolph Ayala Flint Fry Shotton (RWB) Besic Howson Targett (LWB) Cavaleiro (RW) Assombalonga Braithwaite (LW)
  3. Sorry but why do we need wingers when we haven't been playing with wingers?
  4. He's much more of an out-and-out winger isn't he? Looks it but I think Pulis is still open to changing the system. This system seems like more of a "get the best out of what we've got" and he'd prefer more of a 343 I reckon. That said the current formation has been remarkable so far and it'd be risky to change things around.
  5. I'm positive one of the ITKs on here mentioned we were interested in Rafa Silva during the Summer before our PL campaign, so he must have been a target for 2 years atleast. Might have been RAF Smog who said it. He was regarded very highly back then at Benfica and I remember thinking it would have been a coup to get him in. Not sure what he's like nowadays mind.
  6. Can someone please tell me the loan rules I have seen all sorts of contradicting stuff
  7. Boro Fan TV stream has just shown all the staff leaving Rockliffe, I reckon besic and Martina are done and all the media stuff is getting ready and that's all for today.
  8. No chance we will get Freeman so I wouldn't get your hopes up, there's half an hour left, it would have been reported by now.
  9. As Hendrie said I also find Everton fans are generally overly critical of their players
  10. Remember he can still leave after today, right up until August 31st. This is why I think someone will come in for him :(
  11. What do they have to explain? If you are talking about Waghorn here there is nothing to explain. We waited and got the fee down to 5 million from 8 million but apparently he is choosing another team. You’d probably want an explanation too if we had paid 8 million three weeks ago. You can't be serious. Maybe they need to explain why this window has been the worst I've seen in living memory in terms of where we stand financially and as a club?
  12. Derby hi-jacking Middlesbrough's bid for Marytn Waghorn - Tony Pulis was furious at Boro's transfer activity before this weekend, he will be seething if this one fails....and rightly so. - Graeme Bailey. Hear me out here, but I think there's a possibility of Pulis leaving after the window, like Redknapp did at QPR. He will not be happy at all.
  13. Gibson and co. are gonna have some explaining to do after this window.
  14. Waghorn will play on the right, Braithwaite on the left
  15. Bamford, Baker, Harrison and Blackman all on the bench for Leeds, Forshaw not in squad (injured i assume)
  16. Middlesbrough closing on Martyn Waghorn and have also asked about his Ipswich team-mate Jonas Knudsen - but they would have to work quickly to try and beat Stoke to the left sided defender. Graeme Bailey
  17. Luke Williams and Curtis Main too :D
  18. Woodgate - > Wheater - > Gibson - > Fry - > Wood
  19. "As such Wolves are now negotiating with Boro for a deal that would be worth around £26million – but would be paid in instalments instead." Says nothing about fee agreed, very misleading title of the article imo.
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