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  1. Oh yeah definitely, not like he played for Juventus today and got sent off against Roma or anything... :dodgy: :D He heard about the bid half way through the match
  2. Here's what we know - Foreign (Market closes tommorrow). Probably attacking minded. Long hair (If we're going off the picture). Well known foreigner (Or people wouldn't get excited).
  3. I'd put money on that being the case, all those important people don't get together just for the hell of it. I reckon the blonde haired guy in the picture was a player, guy next to him was his agent me thinks. Anyone got the pic? https://twitter.com/thepinkponce/status/637976951236505601
  4. Have you heard anything like? No. The Founder of Middlesbrough FC Official Singapore Supporters Club is buzzing on Twitter about a big signing to be announced. You may ask why I'm believing some randomer, but the same happened last summer. He was raving about a big money striker signing and a few days later we signed Kike. Think he might have a good contact. Can anyone link the tweet(s)?
  5. Think we will sign a European player tommorrow then? Maybe that's what the medical is for? There are a lot of decent foreign wingers.
  6. Anyone else think the De Pena deal might now be off because we have secured our main target (Antonio)? So we no longer need him?
  7. Don't think it was for this lad anyway sounds like we only bid over the weekend, think it'll be for someone we've already agreed to sign as the medical was arranged in the last couple of days. The bids been rejected but it doesn't mean we won't go back in with another bid. Wonder whether Gibbo and co knew about the failed bid when they were at Rockliffe today. Be Interesting to see who the player is.
  8. Does this mean the medical tomorrow is for someone else?
  9. Him and Stuani should have a good understanding, should be exciting.
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