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  1. Deadline day in 4 days. We're gonna need to do some spectacular business between now and Thursday.
  2. Rumour in Wolves is they're getting him for Danny Batth + cash
  3. Anyone that's expecting a starting XI better than the one I posted is highly deluded unfortunately
  4. If we can replace Downing, Friend and Clayton we look good based on today: Randolph Shotton Flint Ayala Bryan? Besic? McNair Wing Braithwaite Waghorn? Assombalonga Looks good to me :)
  5. Every player was bad against Wolves lmao Agree with the second point though
  6. Fletcher is younger than Lewis Wing ffs, shocking some of the stuff said about him on here.
  7. There’s a reason he barely played, whenever he did he looked shocking. Absolute donkey. He’s looked a lot better over preseason and can hopefully bring something to us this season. There's a reason he barely played, because Assombalonga was banging them in so he couldn't get ahead of him. Minutes played: 57 11 7 13 8 8 45 13 30 45 90 67 7 11 9 19 11 56 One full 90 minutes and mostly <10 minute cameos. Nowhere near enough to make a judgement. Bamford played the same position and had the same amount of goals (1) when Pulis came in.
  8. Honestly don't understand where this idea of Fletcher being rubbish has come from, the guy barely played for us
  9. Would this be an ex Liverpool player... currently plying his trade in the championship? Sergi Canos
  10. Am I right in saying if we keep Adama past the deadline next Thursday a European team could still sign him right up until September 1st providing they match the release clause?
  11. I want to see a dynamic agile fast front 3 of Gestede, Waghorn and Hugill
  12. I believe the word you're looking for is 'raumdeuter'. I would agree this is Waghorn's likely role for us.
  13. "The young lads can be in the squad this year he said. No one asked about Ayala. He also said when he first came to the club Traore was very down on confidence and barely spoke to his team mates and now he’s full of it and one of the most popular in the changing room. He said he did something similar at palace with Chamakh. His management has been brilliant in regards to a Traore." Direct quote from an FMTTM user who attended
  14. Was anyone at the Pulis talk tonight? Found this set of tweets which makes for interesting reading but does anyone have any other info? For those that don't open the link the key points from tonight it seems were: "Paddy engineered the move. No one at the club asked him to go. Adama has been offered a new contract but hasn’t signed it yet. He likes a small squad to give youth a chance."
  15. Fletcher's not even a bad player ffs, he was just playing at a point in which the whole team were playing badly. Still only 22, younger than Lewis Wing!
  16. I think it’s just some random dude who claimed that. Don’t think there is anything in it. Nvm its the bloke who knows Dimi and thinks he's ITK. Had us signing Lingard about 2 years ago and has never actually been right.
  17. I haven't seen any Twitter rumours about that? Could someone link the tweets pls
  18. Who has actually linked us to Canos? Only saw one guy tweet it?
  19. Wing reminds me of Ramirez in the way he plays
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