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  1. no hes not, stats speak the truth. Actually in this case they don't, atleast half of his games from us are from the wing. His stats as a striker are pretty good.
  2. Adama spotted in Newcastle now :D Deffo just shopping at the metro like
  3. Adama's girlfriend is from Birmingham apparently
  4. Wing Chapman and Tavernier as back ups will save us some money atleast if we are strapped of cash
  5. If we were short on money we wouldn't have spent £7 million on Aden Flint.
  6. McNair could have easily had four yesterday, looks like a very good attacking minded midfielder
  7. 7 in 13 for Hull last year, pretty sure their fans love him
  8. Britt Assombalonga in training ground row with Pulis: http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/07/04/por-assombalonga-in-training-ground-row-with-pulis/ Doesn't sound good.
  9. I'd rather have more of a physical presence such as Huddlestone next to Mcnair and Clayton personally, something we've lacked for a while.
  10. "Understand that a #BristolCity player is close to completing a move to another Championship club. Bit of a surprise this. Talks ongoing but should be wrapped up over the weekend. Full details to come once it’s done." @GeeMacGee on Twitter (Sport journalist for Bristol Live) Joe Bryan to Boro? Would tie in with what Diggerlad07 said
  11. The guy who posted the Crouch photo has admitted he was taking the ***
  12. The reported England team to face Belgium: Butland; Cahill, Stones, Jones; Alexander-Arnold, Dier, Delph, Loftus-Cheek, Rose; Sterling, Vardy.
  13. It sounded like he wanted to use a few other players to keep more people involved. There might be more space for Vardy to use his pace in fairness. Certainly, Dier and Vardy (both reported to be starting) are very well suited to this game. Vardy always better against the top teams and Dier offers a little bit more solidity.
  14. Kane apparently rested for tonight, Vardy starts.
  15. Ritchie was undeniably quality for both Bournemouth and Newcastle in this division, only trouble is he's 28 now so he's pretty much at the peak of his career or has peaked. Might only have 2 years left in him at his best.
  16. We're only one deadball specialist away from a team capable of promotion. Ritchie/Snodgrass in would ensure we were excellent from set pieces, as a Tony Pulis side usually is, however one thing we don't often see from Pulis sides if flair and real pace, which we have in Adama and Assombalonga (who I also believe to be excellent in the air), which will certainly offer an alternate way of scoring goals. So even if we come up against a side that doesn't allow Flint and Ayala to find space within the box, I feel our other obvious asset in Adama will be too much for most teams to cope with. Don't get me wrong, having a team capable of promotion doesn't necesarily mean promotion is guaranteed, and signing an alternative pacey winger to play second fiddle to Adama, and another top physical presence in centre midfield, Huddlestone and Jedinak spring to mind, should give us a much better chance at it. In my opinion, this team offers a perfect balance: Randolph Shotton Ayala Flint Fabio Jedinak Clayton Mcnair Adama Assombalonga Ritchie
  17. The 6ft+ XI: 5-2-3 Randolph Shotton Ayala Gibson Flint Friend McNair De Sart Bamford Gestede Fletcher :D And that's not even including 6 ft 4 Dael Fry
  18. It's all about balance imo, having lots of direct, pacey players isn't always as effective as it looks on paper.
  19. Snodgrass and Adama on the wings would be the perfect balance. We almost had it last season but whilst Downing played well for the majority of games he simply didn't contribute enough goals or assists to the team. 2 g 7 a, compared to Snodgrass 7 g 14 a.
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