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  1. Why wouldn't McNair start? Surely he'll be a lot fresher than everyone else.
  2. People wanted goals. I presume they are all delighted this afternoon.
  3. Having Leo on the touchline grabbing hold of the ball all the time, looking for trouble, is such an embarrassment.
  4. You can't be in the opponents half on a kickoff. Simple really. It's like taking a goal kick to a player in the 18 yard box, you have to retake it.
  5. Pulis will mention the Flint header where he should have scored, and then say we didn't play as well as we can and we didn't do well enough in the final third. Then he'll say we need signings in January. It's the same press conference over and over and over again.
  6. Honestly, just get rid of him. This is painful to watch.
  7. Am I the only one that has a spreadsheet to keep track of the squad? I hope Pulis or Gibbo have one at least. 26 players there. Obviously a few, such as Wood-Gordon, probably aren't considered to be in the first team squad, but he has a squad number so he's included for me.
  8. That's a terrible nickname by the way.
  9. Good that will keep them busy. I dont think that position is our most pressing Made me laugh that first sentence! :D Hopefully they also swoop in and steal Hal Robson-Kanu from us.
  10. .............Hal Robson-Kanu? :omg: :bigeyes: :omg: :bigeyes: :omg: Please God no.
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