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  1. Well it’s starting to look like our top performer this season could be points deductions to other teams.
  2. Ha Ha. You can "think past the social norm" = flat earther Those stats are from the government who if anything want the numbers to look as low as possible. And what has the fart comment got to do with anything? Does that mean 60,000 people didn't die because a fart can go through your pants?
  3. Are you one of these conspiracy theorists who laugh at everybody elses naivety for not realising things like the earth being flat? The "real world stats" clearly show about 60,000 excess deaths just in the UK largely attributable to it.
  4. I can see both sides of the Rudy argument but ultimately it doesn’t really matter, the bottom line is he is gone and that is a positive for the club. He undoubtedly turned out to be one of our worst ever signings. I still cannot believe he started last week.
  5. The keeper doesn’t like catching the ball does he.
  6. I agree but also just picking Britt, fletcher, Roberts and Spence wasn’t rocket science. It just shows up how bad the previous manager was.
  7. Saville really should have done better there. Decent half for us. Stoke look very poor.
  8. Yes but you referred to the entire spell of pressure not one chance.
  9. Quite harsh to blame all this on Fry. The keeper could have easily caught the first corner for example.
  10. Ok, so are you defending Woody’s decision to pick Gestede in his last few days at the club?
  11. You have to ask why the hell Woodgate picked Gestede given he was leaving before the next game. Another example of Woodgate’s utter incompetence.
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