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  1. Yes I think I’d prefer them to go up as if they don’t I think they will be very strong next season.
  2. Yeah it’s a shame as he did look like he had potential but seems to get injured too much and its stalled his career hugely. I think Teacider has a notification system set up for any mention of Coulson so he can instantly come on and say how rubbish he is 😁
  3. Yes I agree. We obviously need a keeper, a left wing back and 2 forwards but the rest of the team is good enough to challenge. Not that I’d object to improving elsewhere of course but I don’t think they are critical.
  4. I guess seeing as that happened against Swansea then that absolutely proves the first goal is always irrelevant. If we’d been gifted a lucky first goal there is absolutely no way we wouldn’t have still lost.
  5. I think I said it may have been different right, I didn’t actually assert anything did I? When we score first our record is very good. Psychologically of course it would have changed the game for both teams. We may have relaxed and played well. Who knows but it “may” have been different.
  6. I agree but if we’d been gifted the first goal like they were our match may have been very different.
  7. Probably not but three teams go up and he may be able to take one of the spots. I’m sure we will improve on this season but whether it’s enough for promotion we will have to wait and see.
  8. Very weird take on things this. So you don’t think Wilder has really made any difference?
  9. No idea but I would hazard a guess that Wilder has a far better % of promotion divided by seasons managed in the championship.
  10. He managed for 300 years so of course he had some success. Wilder has had success in significantly less years. warnock also had 100% relegation from the premier league record.
  11. I know it’s an emotional day but some truly ridiculous posts here about how Wilder has failed. He’s improved us clearly and we’ve ended up missing out on the last day. Something that would definitely not have happened if we’d stuck with the previous manager. there’s no doubt there are problems with him, I am definitely concerned he’s so utterly incapable of even considering a different system, it makes him look very basic. But we need to give him the summer and see how we do next season.
  12. Don’t we only need to win by 2 as long as we score two more than Sheffield. So if they draw 1-1 then winning 3-1 is enough. actually now I see this has already been done to death. A bitter blow that last minute but at least we are still in it which is the main thing.
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