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  1. Funny how when you don’t throw Coulson under a bus he actually shows he can play.
  2. That was less of a penalty than our disallowed goal was a foul by us.
  3. Knee touching knee isn’t a foul. Bolaise kicks the ball and is then kicked. Then We score. It’s a truly pathetic decision with no justification.
  4. I disagree. He’s consistently given them everything all game.
  5. Yeah I’ve just seen a replay I hadn’t seen before and it’s clearly a bigger deflection that I realised at the time. He should still be covering his near post but I think he’s less to blame that I thought at the time.
  6. I can’t believe Swansea are winning after that half. We’ve not been great but they have been worse. They created nothing at all, their goal gets three assists from our players.
  7. No, it was terrible goalkeeping. Maybe you’ve got used to how *** he is that you have forgotten.
  8. I feel the team is very unbalanced unless McNair is in midfield but I don’t think Warnock would do that. Will be interesting to see. clearly Howson is a bit of a teachers pet.
  9. Well what a truly lousy result to wake up to. We are so inconsistent it’s beyond belief. Every time I get optimistic about our chances of top 6 we seem to do this.
  10. Sounds like a good performance and clearly a great result. Anyone know where I can find highlights that can be watched from overseas?
  11. Yes I’m in agreement with you there for this game. The only debate for me is whether we bring Saville in for Morsy or not.
  12. I’d be interested to know our win /draw/loss stats with those three playing together. It feels to me like they will be worse than where we are at.
  13. Isn’t Kebano an obvious 10? And we have lots of forwards now if we want to play two up top.
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