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  1. What a great result and I loved the lineup! Amazing how we didn’t crumble and let in loads of goals with Roberts in the team. Hopefully he gets more involvement going forward. nice to see Spence and Johnson doing well and getting some credit too as that hasn’t happened much so far this season. Bringing them on when we are ahead may be a useful tactic given they will be more likely to have space to run into which suits them. I know Watmore was a bit rusty as we’d expect but I think if he stays fit he could be a real bonus for us this season.
  2. It’s pretty bad yes after being brilliant. If they wanted to change the lineup they should have phased them out 1 at a time so it wasn’t noticeable. The wholesale changes have just ruined it completely for a lot of people.
  3. Yes I agree BD. It’s nonsensical to not be able to extend a contract with an agreed pay step down at the end of the previous contract.
  4. So why have players who scored goals previously stopped scoring? I don’t think they’ve got old or had Bad injuries so there must be some explanation. Isn’t he making the point that the team doesn’t create many chances? Hard to argue with that point surely?
  5. He has said a number of times he wants or expects us to be top 6 and to do that we need to win more games than we are doing. if you are happy to win more than we lose and finish 12th that is fine but that is not what he is saying. He is “moaning” because he thinks we should be good enough to get into the playoffs. I also think we can do it but we need to be picking up more points and to do that we don’t need more draws we need more wins.
  6. This absolutely is the key point. We have a very organised solid defence with a pretty organised solid midfield in front. How can we not risk picking 3 attackers in front of them? If we start Watmore and Roberts over Johnson and Spence then I feel like we are going to start scoring goals, especially with Tav supporting from deeper.
  7. Yes that’s what I think too. Not really a great pair of wingers is it.
  8. Our best 11? I’m not really sure how they are lining up? There seems to be a lot of defenders in there. Is it 5 at the back? In which case where is Johnson playing if Bola is left wing back. If it’s 4 at the back where is Spence playing? Doesn’t seem very balanced to me. Certainly nothing like our best 11. im guessing having looked some more it must be Johnson in the front 3 and Tav in the midfield 3 in a 4-3-3. Hard to see how it works any other way.
  9. Be interesting to see if they start flogging off any semi valuable assets, as no doubt tony has negotiated a cut of sales. I pity their fans having to watch his football for the next few years.
  10. Him not coming on at all in the last game can not be anything to do with sport science advice. As you say he's barely played and now we have two weeks without a game. If anything he's now going to be bloody rusty through not playing!! Its a decision Warnock made and we are not going to understand why unless he comes out and says exactly why he didn't bring him on. The comment from the previous game that he regretted not bringing him on only makes it more difficult to understand.
  11. If we are languishing mid table then I can't see us making any signings really and I'd probably prefer to give our younger players more experience anyway. If we are genuine play off challengers then we could maybe offer a contract to the end of the season on modest terms in exchange for an automatic one year extension on significantly better terms if we get promoted. The cost would be irrelevant to us if we go up but may better tempt a good player than anything else we can offer.
  12. Why is he on the bench every week if he’s not ready for a 15 minute appearance?
  13. Think that looks like he shouldn’t play the internationals....
  14. There’s a two week break coming up. If Roberts can’t play 15 minutes today then we might as well send him back to city.
  15. So maybe you shouldn’t write Coulson and Spence off so quick then.
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