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  1. I like what I see of Sporar, he looks like a player with a brain which we rarely seem to have these days. really well taken goal by Payero Cardiff are terrible though.
  2. Ha ha what a bizarre lineup. Multiple players must be playing out of position. Lucky we are plying a terrible team.
  3. Do we really owe him so much? He kept us up when he first came in and has stunk the place out ever since. He needs to go.
  4. Isn’t that good if they are docked 21 points? They are down whatever.
  5. At home to Blackpool probably Crooks and play Tav in the middle. I like Crooks but I think Jones has been our best attacking player all season and am surprised how unbothered everyone seems to be that he’s dropped.
  6. So not allowed to improve the team because we won a game? Give up.
  7. I’m a bit disappointed Jones isn’t back in. I assumed he was rested Midweek, let’s be honest he doesn’t deserve to be dropped. But I guess this is Warnock and he will probably disappear from the bench in a couple of weeks and we will not see him again. A few of us have previously predicted his disappearance at the first opportunity.
  8. Yes it’s looking pretty good I think. There’s also Spence still here.
  9. There’s a promotion chasing lineup if ever I’ve seen one
  10. Just like we started last season against Watford!
  11. We were far worse after the January transfer window than before it so I really can't agree with that logic. If we play the same style next season as this, which I expect to do then I can't see how we do any better really. He turns games into a scrap and a lottery which is reflected by us winning 18 and losing 18 and to make the play offs you need to be better than that. Maybe if he brings in a forward who is effective in this system we may do a bit better but its not going to be enjoyable to watch.
  12. Funny how when you don’t throw Coulson under a bus he actually shows he can play.
  13. That was less of a penalty than our disallowed goal was a foul by us.
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