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  1. It’s ok, Woody is still hanging around, he can just step in....
  2. Yes I totally agree, looking at the team on paper it looked like a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 would suit us more, but instead he went for an unbalanced option and then made strange subs which didn't help.
  3. Akpom seems to have come from nowhere. Hopefully the fee is a lot lower than the speculated 3m. And hopefully we aren't paying him silly wages!
  4. He’s barely played since Warnock came in though has he. That’s my point, how can you talk about him being in bad form when he’s hardly played in the last 6 months and his one recent appearance was out of position. It’s harsh as I said.
  5. Bit harsh isn’t it? By form you presumably mean his one appearance this season, played out of position? I like Spence but there’s a much stronger argument that his form means he doesn’t deserve to be in the team rather than using that argument against Coulson who hasn’t been given a proper chance yet by the current manager.
  6. I have a bad feeling you are onto something there. He’s clearly not keen on Coulson but knows from reading forums that most fans want to see him play Above Johnson so he’s thrown him under a bus tonight. If that’s his thinking he must think we are all pretty stupid. Similar with Brown, he didn’t fancy giving him a chance at the weekend when he should have and now starts him out of position.
  7. Yes I’m surprised he’s saying that. He even admits he hasn’t seen enough from Wing so really he’s saying he’s happy with Tav. How can one player with some creativity be enough? Creativity should be the priority not 2 extra strikers.
  8. With the players they have missing right now this is a great time to play them. Hopefully we are quick out of the blocks this season.
  9. That’s what I assumed, to be sacked immediately. Maybe he’s about to get a long ban from playing.
  10. Why is he worthless? He's got potential and is still under contract.
  11. Ok well that’s good news then. Thanks for that as it’s been doing my head in!
  12. It seems so yes, it’s been discussed a bit on the other Boro stuff thread. Nobody can really understand why overseas fans are suddenly not allowed to even watch, it seems like there’s been a mistake made somewhere, hopefully it’s resolved by next week. At the very least we should be allowed to buy what the uk fans can buy.
  13. I’d settle for equality, I didn’t have the option to buy the stream last night, only commentary.
  14. So not exactly the same then. oops didn’t realise I was so far behind, already mentioned.
  15. Yeah mate it’s looking really stupidly thought out this. I’ve just looked at trying to get the stream on Friday and it’s not even an option for overseas people, all we can get is a radio commentary. Its Bonkers if they aren't going to let me pay them for something they could easily let me buy, throwing money away. Who makes these decisions? Whose interest is it in to deny overseas people the option to pay to watch?
  16. I’d prefer they had a competitive game together before the league starts. They can get injured in any match, you can say don’t pick them in the first league game in case they get injured for the second game.
  17. Its not a bad team and pretty balanced given what we have available but with very few alternatives to change it around. I'd probably pick that team if we failed to sign anyone before the first game.
  18. Is that a wind up or what? The first 5 signings we need to make are defenders?
  19. I’d have to say Spence, Tav and Coulson are all at least remotely exciting.
  20. Probably true, but he was a joy to watch most times he played for 3 years whereas Johnson was a joy to watch how many times?
  21. And Bola and Browne too. Only one left to come in then, almost there.
  22. I assume we must be getting a fee for Pears. It’s just some more shocking business by the club if he’s going for nowt.
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