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  1. Unfortunately he wasn’t picked by Warnock while we played that system so I don’t have a lot of hope. He’s young and for me long term I see him being a much better left back than winger so why not give him a season to develop rather than playing all these other bad options.
  2. So it will be Tuesday then ...
  3. Then maybe on appeal we end up getting relegated, after having given him the job for saving us.
  4. Given a choice of Warnock and Pearson I’d definitely prefer Pearson. He’s applied for the job a few times already though and not got it so maybe Gibson isn’t keen on him. Probably for the reasons already mentioned such as him not being a yes man. watford is a mad house though, who would want to work there?
  5. It’s not “that” king again is it. If so maybe he might last longer by not repeatedly putting king in his new usernames and giving himself away instantly.
  6. What a great result. We look safe now even if we aren’t mathematically safe yet. good to see Tav finally get a start.
  7. You'd both go with Roberts at wing back? For real? Very ballsy
  8. Maybe we should have a "Karanka Back" thread seeing as the subject comes up numerous times every season.
  9. I'm definitely not saying we are safe I just can't understand these views that we are already as good as down with 6 teams below us. I do not know if we will win a game and if we do which one, but we didn't expect to beat Millwall so we could end up winning any of them, there's lots of strange results since the restart. There's also a potential massive points deduction for Sheff Wed on the horizon. I just have a strong feeling we will be ok and I'm not usually an optimist when it comes to boro.
  10. Seriously man stop flapping. We need one win and we are safe maybe even only a couple of draws. Quite how you have us nailed on for relegation ahead of 6 teams below us (including Wigan) is ridiculous.
  11. Weird change really. I’d have preferred Tav then Roberts before wing.
  12. Hard to see us getting anything now given how hard we find it to score.
  13. Fair enough I guess though it’s odd Tav never gets a start when the manager openly says he’s the best player in training. I’d have him in for Saville. I’d also have Coulson in for Johnson. Wing back is ideal for him.
  14. It’s not a bad result that. We needed 3 points anyway and I just can’t see Luton getting another 7 points so it’s good to keep Huddersfield below us. I think one win and we are ok.
  15. Its all relative. We've not been great but compared to what we've seen recently its a massive improvement. I'd even say we were the better team in that half but it counts for nothing if we lose the second.
  16. The ref has booked nobody, he's not getting out his red card. Well unless he gives one of our players a red for nothing of course.
  17. I agree with you, he seems to have not picked anyone with any creativity except Spence
  18. It looked like a foul to me, he's nowhere near the ball and he's kind of pushed him and swung his leg at him. Might not be a clear trip but outside the box its 100% a freekick.
  19. Well it’s starting to look like our top performer this season could be points deductions to other teams.
  20. Ha Ha. You can "think past the social norm" = flat earther Those stats are from the government who if anything want the numbers to look as low as possible. And what has the fart comment got to do with anything? Does that mean 60,000 people didn't die because a fart can go through your pants?
  21. Are you one of these conspiracy theorists who laugh at everybody elses naivety for not realising things like the earth being flat? The "real world stats" clearly show about 60,000 excess deaths just in the UK largely attributable to it.
  22. I can see both sides of the Rudy argument but ultimately it doesn’t really matter, the bottom line is he is gone and that is a positive for the club. He undoubtedly turned out to be one of our worst ever signings. I still cannot believe he started last week.
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