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  1. The keeper doesn’t like catching the ball does he.
  2. I agree but also just picking Britt, fletcher, Roberts and Spence wasn’t rocket science. It just shows up how bad the previous manager was.
  3. Saville really should have done better there. Decent half for us. Stoke look very poor.
  4. Yes but you referred to the entire spell of pressure not one chance.
  5. Quite harsh to blame all this on Fry. The keeper could have easily caught the first corner for example.
  6. Ok, so are you defending Woody’s decision to pick Gestede in his last few days at the club?
  7. You have to ask why the hell Woodgate picked Gestede given he was leaving before the next game. Another example of Woodgate’s utter incompetence.
  8. I’m assuming 4 at the back given his history. Either way the players selected are much better than last week.
  9. I would hope he’d be picking players in position really. I’d go for. stoj spence, fry, makoudi, friend mcnair, howson, Tav Roberts, Britt, Coulson
  10. Oh just checked the score. What a surprise. Woodgate really is a brainless moron. Shocking line up as everyone said as soon as they saw it.
  11. We look forward to this for months and within seconds of the team coming out are livid. Can’t beat it.
  12. wow. Another shocking line up from the resident genius.
  13. Why is a player allowed to pick and choose games?
  14. Not doing anything wrong? Isn't he refusing to play while under contract? He's presumably contracted and being paid until at least 30 June, maybe longer depending on whether or not contracts are adjusted for the current situation.
  15. City are owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family. I agree that it seems wrong that the current Saudi regime are seen as fit and proper, I certainly wouldn’t want them owning us.
  16. No doubt about it, if we had Festa and Schwarzer from the start of that season we stay up. Also I think Nigel Pearson was injured for the first half of that season, with him back fit and the addition of the other two we could suddenly defend a bit. Rav was clearly not a nice bloke though, pretty much all our players from that time have agreed on that in interviews.
  17. Depends who you believe though really. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-vaccine-could-be-ready-as-early-as-september-according-to-scientist-11971804 I think the current situation is so unusual we will have vaccines a lot quicker than ever before, throwing money at it is irrelevant compared to the costs of not having one. So hopefully we do get something this year and not at the back end of that range from your article.
  18. Guess it gets rid of the awkward issue of how to allocate them!
  19. The graph here is kind of trying to do a similar thing to what I think CT is looking at. This is measuring cumulative deaths in each country against the number of days since the 10th death in that country. Unfortunately the graph is a bit busy, I’d prefer if it showed less countries but I couldn’t find another version. The more vertical the line the worse it is. The uk seems to be following the Italy and Spain trajectory very closely which is a worry.
  20. It will be interesting to see how they allocate the key equipment between the various countries. I've just seen on the BBC news app that the government are changing their story. Coronavirus: 'Mix-up' over EU ventilator scheme https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52052694 Now it turns out we didn’t get some emails and therefore missed a deadline to join the EU programme. Got to wonder how bad communication is in this government, every other day there’s contradictions.
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