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  1. We need our front four to hold on to the ball. Too often away we can't seem to make it stick up front. I still think we look a bit lightweight up there though.
  2. Of course you can otherwise whenever there's a difference of opinion than both people would be wrong as opposed to one of them being wrong and one of them being right. That doesn't mean that in this instance I'm the one who is definitely right but obviously I believe that it is otherwise I wouldn't have said it. You can see from watching them as a partnership over an extended period of time that they are a better fit with each other for example. You can see during games how we tend to have greater solidity with them as a pair as opposed to any other pair we've used over that time, not just Amorebieta but Kalas playing in there as well. I think there are things that Amorebieta does better than Gibson - he's a better passer of a ball for starters and his decision making when in possession is generally better in my opinion. However defensively I'm not sure he's as good Gibson, I would say he's more prone to big individual mistakes than Gibson. That's not to say I think Gibson is perfect by any means but the partnership him and Ayala have has clearly proven to be our strongest so far. I will say that they've had more time to develop that understanding however and that puts Amorebieta at a disadvantage in my opinion. If they had both had equal time training and playing together it might be different. I'm surprised anyone can say they'd rather have Amorebieta in the team than Gibson, I'm genuinely a bit shocked as I agree with CT here, I think it's blatantly obvious Gibson and Ayala are our best pairing.
  3. Isn't our record with Gibson playing significantly better than without him? I think someone posted a stat a few weeks back. For me he should play if he's fit, him and Ayala are by far our best pairing.
  4. How on earth is this game over? Stupidest comment of the thread. Ever heard of sarcasm?
  5. Well I understand why people think the game is over. Statistically it probably is but there's always a chance we will spring a surprise. Come on Boro!
  6. To think we offered £4m for him. Shocking.
  7. He's been terrible all season based on 2 games?
  8. He's inconsistent but on his day he's good. If he was consistent he'd not be playing for us.
  9. Always dangerous though at some point their gonna concede a couple of late goals and lose. Yep agree. I'm not worried about them at all to be honest. Hull, Derby and burnley are much better teams.
  10. Quite often happens at the grounds always a few who make some noise There's always going to be some idiots! To be fair it's a ground full of people there to make noise. It's a completely unnatural thing to be in silence. There should never be silences at football grounds, just do a minutes applause. I think it shows more respect if you can be silent as a big crowd. There seems to be a minutes silence every other week but this one especially should be respected really and I don't think you can just dismiss it like that. It's pathetic people can't show respect for the war dead for 60 seconds.
  11. Very surprised there's no leadbitter. Really really surprised actually. Wonder if he's got a knock. Not sure about Fab away in tough games either but let's hope it all works a treat.
  12. This thread is great reading, I thought it would have been forgotten about after midweek. Personally I think we all have a right to moan and complain when we are playing rubbish and not winning. Its really annoying and I don't know how people don't get angry and want to just shout at anybody within earshot, I know I do. But ultimately if we win I'm happy even if we were lucky like Leeds. I know it would be a worry long term to keep winning by being lucky but I don't think we've had many other games this season where you could say we robbed the other team, maybe Forest should have got a draw off us actually. I think we probably deserve to be where we are, currently not quite good enough to go up automatically but I think we've got a lot of good options in the squad and come May I expect to finish top.
  13. The fixtures tomorrow look tough for the teams around us in the league, a good opportunity to get back in the top 2 I think. I'd definitely take 4 points from the two matches before the next pointless international break. Pick the best 11 tomorrow and if we can get an early goal and bang a few in, get some key players off.
  14. Isn't that what we did last year? And it cost us! I don't see Brighton getting in the play offs to be honest. They've made a good start but who wins 8 games with a goal difference of +8? They have been very lucky so far to be where they are.
  15. Agree pyro. But I'm sure we worry them too. I think the two autos will come from those 2 and us.
  16. Why don't we stick another striker on? Our defence is unemployed but we just don't change.
  17. What a great result to wake up to. Just watched the highlights. Brilliant. Let's hope we don't feel the effects on Saturday.
  18. Sorry to hear that, I know how you must be feeling.
  19. I'm glad there's no international break or else this bust up rubbish will be all anyone talks about for two weeks like the Adomah one. Like last time we don't really know what it was all about, but we do know Downing came on and played a major role in us winning the game so lets hope that's the end of it.
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