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  1. This season will be cancelled entirely, I can’t see any other outcome really. This epidemic will continue for months.
  2. Bit of a turn around from a couple of days ago.
  3. Chelsea now have it too so they are all in isolation. There is no way any games will be played from now for a long time.
  4. I posted something the other day about needing to compare deaths to completed cases otherwise its meaningless. Your stat of 21% outside China is much worse than any I'd seen, very bad. As Will (I think) points out there are lots of undiagnosed cases which will lower this, but we just don't know how many are undiagnosed so its impossible to quantify. Also, this applies to flu so the 0.1% death rate for flu is actually in all likelihood much lower too. A second positive is it seems that you die a lot quicker than you recover (not exactly positive) so these early deaths are skewing the death rate up. I'm hoping and expecting a lot of recoveries in Italy over the next few weeks which will see their death rate fall dramatically.
  5. Yes I agree Will, that’s the better news. there’s undoubtedly lots of undiagnosed people but how can anyone really quantify how many? most people are tested because they have symptoms so I can’t see who has tested all these people with no symptoms? How can we know it’s 80%?
  6. One of the problems with the death rate stats which are always reported is they usually just divide the number of deaths by total cases, which is actually pretty meaningless until the virus has run its course as its effectively assuming everyone still infected will recover. If you look at the deaths as a proportion of recovered cases then you see a much more realistic death rate. There is one chart in here which does that, it shows 56.6% of people have recovered and 3.5% died so the death rate has been almost 6% of resolved cases, with 40% of cases still unresolved. The massive anomoly is that as of yesterday Italy had about 1,000 people recovered and 600 dead which is a death rate closer to 40%. Its very strange and worrying what is happening in Italy.
  7. Great result to wake up to today, sounds like Charlton were awful but we still had to get the result. Hopefully this helps the confidence a bit and we start putting together more consistent performances and hopefully Woodgate sticks to a system now with only one or two personnel changes per game instead of 4 or 5.
  8. Yes, who did Rioch improve and in what way? I’m tying to understand why he so obviously did improve players while Karanka so obviously didn’t.
  9. You seem to have made your mind up on the answer so why bother asking the question? If you are now rephrasing your question to justify why Karanka improved nobody then who exactly did Rioch improve and how? They were all kids so how do you know he improved them? Maybe he was just lucky they all came through when we needed them.
  10. Despite the shambles the club is I really can’t see them forcing a player to read out a script to the gazette. I don’t understand those quotes at all though so can’t think up any alternative explanation other than Shotton just trying to be positive.
  11. It looked briefly early in the year like something had clicked after the shambles we’d been watching prior to that. But since then it’s gone steadily down hill and sadly that little spell looks like it was basically just a bit of luck. The squad should be way above where we are and it’s clearly the managers fault for that after so many games.
  12. This is probably the straw that broke the camels back for me. I’ve been reluctant to criticise him despite the obvious flaws in what he’s been doing this season. But to come out with such a stupid statement is beyond belief. We are 3 off the bottom after all our games not just after games where he’s picked kids so his point is utter drivel. We’ve blatantly been a better team with the younger players than the experienced ones, god knows where we’d be if he’d never picked Spence, Tav or Coulson this season, probably already adrift at the bottom. no doubt it will be 3 or 4 changes midweek with a different formation and another random performance. Garry Monk in disguise.
  13. I hate it when you see the team and just don’t see an obvious balanced line up. Woodgate has lost the plot again.
  14. Yes totally agree. They shouldn’t be allowed to force a sale with anybody outside the transfer window given the selling club can’t sign a replacement. It should need to be with the consent of the selling club.
  15. I think Woodgate needs to stop changing formations and players quite so much. I’m pretty sure our only good run this season came with pretty much the same 11 each game. We can’t just keep picking the same 11 obviously, but let’s settle on a formation and try to build for next season because at the moment it reminds me a bit of when Monk was here, just no clear pattern or style of play. It’s almost like we are still in preseason or early season trying to find our feet but it’s mid Feb!
  16. What’s clear is the team just isn’t balanced whichever way you arrange the players. Let’s hope this isn’t one of those days to forget.
  17. I assume it doesn’t happen because about 9 out of 10 people are right footed so it’s just a lot more unlikely. Not sure it’s particularly clever of Rogers to sell someone Just because he was left footed, There were no doubt other reasons.
  18. I’m not sure why having two left footers is such an impossibility. As you say there are lots of partnerships made up of two right footers, what’s the difference?
  19. Maybe if that position even existed in this sport it would be a factor but it doesn’t. He should be playing in an attacking midfield role or not in the team in my opinion.
  20. I guess it depends on how the signing on fee works, if they then leave during the period of their contract they could be better off financially by taking a chunk up front and lower ongoing salary. But I'm quite surprised that Shotton is on £15k if its true.
  21. Come on man we’d won 4 in a row before this game and clearly deserved to win, who is settling for lower mid table? If we keep playing like that we will only go one way and will no way finish bottom half. Got to say I enjoyed that game so much, it’s great to see the team really attack as a team and not 2 or 3 isolated players. We had so many players in support. Big shout out to Coulson, what a game he had.
  22. It’s interesting nobody had any inkling about this one. Must have been done very quietly.
  23. Agree totally but this is the problem when you sell because you need to rather than because you choose to. I have no inside info so just going off posters on here but it sounds like we really need the money.
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