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  1. I’m not sure there is any need for humble pie just yet, after all, lots of the criticism which was made was deserved, we were a mess for a prolonged period of time. Having said that, I’m feeling happier now than I’ve felt for years to be honest as I can see really promising signs. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be a blip and if we can maintain the current style and form for the rest of the season we will probably end up sneaking in the play offs, then we can start dishing out the pie.
  2. If that’s right then there are a lot of players playing out of position.
  3. Looks like back to 3 at the back with two up front to me. Fingers crossed it works but I worry we will miss the two he’s dropped.
  4. Given the players in the current team we look quite versatile to switch between 3 and 4 at the back which is obviously a big positive.
  5. Exactly. So simple but we over complicate and end up all over the place.
  6. Well said and I totally agree. The number of players being played out of position in the second half was unnecessary. 2 left back options on the bench and we play neither of them. johnson should be given the maximum fine we can give him, it was so stupid. up to that sending off I thought it was a very good performance, it’s so annoying we’ve failed to win from that position.
  7. I take it that means we have no other centre back option?
  8. Are we really playing our stand out midfielder this season at centre back?
  9. Who said everything is Pulis's fault?
  10. We are a shambles but I’m still happier than I was last season.
  11. It feels a bit to me like we were under Monk, no real style of play or organisation. Monk was sacked because it was still the same after a few months with no signs he knew what he was doing but hopefully under Woodgate we start progressing into an organised outfit. Hopefully. Hopefully.
  12. To be fair some of the performances were terrible and I'd expect him to say so, some of those players need a kick up the *** after that. I don't see how its a criticism of his methods, time is needed to get it right, what he mustn't do is panic and change tack like Monk did.
  13. Wow, like nobody could have foreseen that would be a problem.
  14. I think the problem seems to be with identifying players. We brought in three players Woodgate talked about in his interview so what exactly did our "Scouts" contribute this summer?
  15. It’s so nice to be able to look forward to the matches again after what was by far the most depressing season I’ve ever known as a Boro fan. I suspect with the changes being made a top 6 finish will be tough but it’s going to be a lot more enjoyable a journey. Britt is going to be first choice this season so if he can put away his penalties it could easily add between 5 and 10 goals to his tally. He needs to realise this and put some serious practice in, as ballooning it over the bar is not acceptable.
  16. Surely that’s just because left footers are more rare than right footers. How is two left footers any worse than two right footers? Unless Gibson has done something to annoy Burnley I agree that he is the obvious replacement.
  17. I partly agree in that I don’t think he’s a winger either and better suited more centrally. But it I think he could have a big season. He was pretty effective last season in his very limited opportunities. Don’t know the stats but he got a fair few goals and assists from not a lot of playing time.
  18. I think he has potential to be better given his ability on the ball compared to Gibbo but I can’t agree he’s better now. Gibbo is a good centre back he’s just had a wasted year.
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