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  1. It's still early. Not much movement anywhere right now. Hopefully next few weeks we see some movement
  2. I'll take my form nice. Still creeping up that table. I wish boro could do same
  3. Saturday 8th May 3pm A Barnsley v Norwich H Blackburn v Birmingham D Bournemouth v Stoke A Bristol City v Brentford H Cardiff v Rotherham A Coventry v Millwall D Derby v Sheffield Wed H Middlesbrough v Wycombe A Nottingham v Preston H QPR v Luton H Reading v Huddersfield A Watford v Swansea
  4. Saturday 1st May 3pm A Birmingham v Cardiff H Brentford v Watford H Huddersfield v Coventry A Luton v Middlesbrough A Millwall v Bristol City H Norwich v Reading A Preston v Barnsley A Rotherham v Blackburn A Sheffield Wed v Nottingham H Stoke v QPR H Swansea v Derby A Wycombe v Bournemouth
  5. Saturday 24th April 3pm H Barnsley v Rotherham A Blackburn v Huddersfield A Bournemouth v Brentford H Bristol City v Luton H Cardiff v Wycombe A Coventry v Preston H Derby v Birmingham H Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wed A Nottingham v Stoke A QPR v Norwich A Reading v Swansea H Watford v Millwall
  6. Tuesday 20th April 7pm A Birmingham v Nottingham H Brentford v Cardiff H Norwich v Watford D Preston v Derby A Sheffield Wed v Blackburn H Swansea v QPR Wednesday 21st April 7pm A Huddersfield v Barnsley A Luton v Reading A Millwall v Bournemouth A Rotherham v Middlesbrough A Wycombe v Bristol City H Stoke v Coventry
  7. Saturday 17th April 3pm H Blackburn v Derby H Brentford v Millwall A Coventry v Barnsley A Luton v Watford H Middlesbrough v QPR H Norwich v Bournemouth H Nottingham v Huddersfield A Reading v Cardiff H Rotherham Birmingham A Sheffield Wed v Bristol City H Stoke v Preston H Swansea v Wycombe
  8. Saturday 10th April 3pm A Barnsley v Middlesbrough A Birmingham v Stoke H Bournemouth v Coventry H Bristol City v Nottingham H Cardiff v Blackburn A Derby v Norwich H Huddersfield v Rotherham A Millwall v Swansea A Preston v Brentford H QPR v Sheffield Wed H Watford v Reading A Wycombe v Luton
  9. Monday 5th April 3pm A Blackburn v Bournemouth H Brentford v Birmingham A Coventry v Bristol City A Luton v Barnsley A Middlesbrough v Watford H Norwich v Huddersfield A Nottingham v QPR H Reading v Derby H Rotherham v Wycombe A Sheffield Wed v Cardiff H Stoke v Millwall H Swansea v Preston
  10. Saturday 2nd April 3pm A Barnsley v Reading A Birmingham v Swansea H Bournemouth v Middlesbrough H Bristol City v Stoke H Cardiff v Nottingham A Derby v Luton A Huddersfield v Brentford H Millwall v Rotherham A Preston v Norwich H QPR v Coventry H Watford v Sheffield Wed A Wycombe v Blackburn
  11. Saturday 20th March 3pm H Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday H Bristol City v Rotherham H Coventry v Wycombe A Millwall v Middlesbrough H Norwich v Blackburn H Preston v Luton H Reading v QPR H Stoke v Derby H Watford v Birmingham A Swansea v Cardiff
  12. Tuesday 16th March 7pm H Cardiff v Stoke H Luton v Coventry A Rotherham v Watford A Bournemouth v Swansea A Derby v Brentford H Middlesbrough v Preston Wednesday 17th March 7pm H QPR v Millwall A Birmingham v Reading A Blackburn v Bristol City A Nottingham v Norwich A Sheffield Wed v Huddersfield A Wycombe v Barnsley
  13. This is a fun time - but after last season I am just happy to not be at bottom of league wondering if we are going to get relegated. The fact we are 5 points from 6th place is a good place and move in right direction #UTB
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