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  1. I beg to differ on the no body expected us to splash cash comment when many fans wanted Gibson and some of the people are quoting murphy and roberts all of which come with a price wage tag? I too would love those players but realistic I see Warnock addressing the spine all three people brought in are known to either be captain level or talkers. Is he trying to address the creativity and pace front? Let's see what happens? I am in no way defending Warnock here. I put the blame of this on recruitment and executive team.
  2. For those blaming Warnock for this, take your glasses off and then start looking closer at the clubs recruitment team and the chairman. The lack of creativity, balance, experience and spine goes back seasons and down to a lack of good recruitment. Thus far Warnock has only brought in 3 players and he's gone on record saying we need several more. The game tonight whilst will upset many was about minutes and Neil said that last night. I don't think he intentionally went to lose but he did say his focus was players with minutes is the main area. The club does need to address the pace, width and creativity. You'll say we have people like Coulson and Spence etc. But they also don't have the game time and experience we want as a club to move forward. Maybe if a league below but not championship. It seems a lot of our fans expect us to by splashing the cash but reality is we have budget that doesn't support. Interesting times .
  3. Whilst we lost the game. Its some i thought would happen after Warnocks pre-match interview the other day and the players he said would play. Not because I dont have confidence in the players - but it was used more as an exercise to get fitness vs a competitive game we wanted to win. If we were serious about winning then we'd have played a more serious 11.
  4. Wonder if boro are the club? https://talksport.com/football/760140/charlton-bonne-bid-championship-transfer-news/
  5. agree. Also, on a sandbox environment this just does ad after ad
  6. I guess Ayala got the move he wanted down South then ;-p. Having spent several years living in North-West whilst at Uni and before I missed to the US - I can tell you its colder...
  7. Listening to the pre match interview it sounds like this target is his main one he wanted and didn't he refer to him previously as a premier league player? Good to see him call out he thinks we need two attackers in before end of window and quoting that Steve G raised it as well after game. Im hoping for one nippy lad that can do attack/wing and one striker that is hard to handle a big lad
  8. Not sure where you went to school but more like 12 weeks...
  9. I agree we are short and mentioned. 5 or 6 not sure but we are definitely a few 2 or 3 good options For me a defender and some pace and options on wing/attack. Also when I say a few I refer to starting 11 and not the whole squad. Sorry if that's not obvious
  10. Some people *** the bed and some people were realistic. I had us down in predictions for a loss of this game. Reality is 1st game of season and we are playing the team predicted to walk league. 1-Nil defeat isn't bad considering. I know Watford wasn't at full strength but you also argue we are a few away from the squad we want too. Good to see we weren't handed our asses to at least. Looking forward to next game and hopefully one or two more signings to add. At least we now have the midfield tank I wanted.
  11. Just bought mine too 🙂
  12. Get in. A said a few days ago we missed a *** in midfield like Boateng, Ince or Leadbitter and now we have that...
  13. If I had to pick him then Gk Defenders of spence, hall, fry, johnson/coulson Midfield of tav, roberts, mcnair, howson/saville Attack of Britt, fletcher For me. This doesn't seem balanced as the other team
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