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    I might as well go the full hog, move to Lancashire and wear burgundy then :(
  2. Good point - With Karanka being more defence orientated, he probably wouldn't fit at all. I do like him though, he did tear us apart too. I think a few clean sheets would be a good starting point to get ahead in the EPL so definitely some defensive strengthening to be done.
  3. DVP

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    Exactly, I couldn't justify spending money to go watch a mediocre match. Whereas now I'm excited to be going to games again
  4. DVP

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    Interestingly, after going back to the original facebook comment that spurred me to write this thread, there's a LOT of support for people who can't afford it/can't get time off work/etc Whereas I thought it was a widespread thing, especially after the playoff fiasco last year, it looks like it is just the minority of people who hold this viewpoint, I can ignore minorities, that's good!
  5. Should I be shot? -------------------------- ? --------------------------- ------------------ Ayala - Gibson ------------------- --- ? -------------------------------------- Friend --- -------------- Leadbitter - Clayton --------------- ---- Deulofeu ---------------------- Ashley Young- ----------------------- Gaston ------------------------ ----------------------- Rhodes ------------------------
  6. DVP

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    This ***ed me off, apparently the police arrested 15-16 year olds, just kids who can't hold a pint ruining it for everyone else
  7. DVP

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    I know I'm looking at it from my side of the fence, I couldn't afford it etc, but even if I'd supported boro since the 70's, been to every match home and away, I'd still be chuffed to bits that we could draw in the highest attendence in England even though we're "Just a small town in Europe" To me, it literally is just a bad case of high horse
  8. Interesting topic of debate for me, I've seen a lot of this on facebook. "Where were you when we were ***" type of stuff. A bloke I was sat in front of at the match commented "Glory supporters, I've been coming here for 20 years" when the pitch invasion happened. Is it really that big a deal? Following on slightly from some of the Brighton threads/North Stand Chat drama - "My club is better than your club" or "I'm a better supporter than you" does it really matter? I mentioned in another post, I've always followed boro, but not religiously. Since Southgate ruined the team, I lost i
  9. "A bunch of w**kers with a sh***y trophy" sounds pretty malicious to me!
  10. No I wasn't serious. Just saying it'd be nice
  11. Would be nice to get another tier of seating built, the stadium would be huge! I can't see that happening until we're a good top 10 finish though. I'm not sure what's going to happen with seating though, as there's going to be an away following twice the size to the Riverside now, at least.
  12. DVP

    Thank You

    Totally agree with your comments about everything, but mainly Karanka. I've always liked Middlesbrough, but up until AK was brought in, I had no interest in following them past idly checking my phone every weekend and thinking "oh another loss" But AK has fuelled the love for my club again by making the team exciting to watch again (Sometimes) I hyped him up by thinking to myself "hes going to be an exact copy of Mourinho" so I started watching the games again and I'm glad I did, that win over Man City had me thinking "Jesus christ did I really just see that???" Does this make me a glor
  13. We really need to get a Joey Barton, Joey Barton, Joey Barton is a c**t... Joey Barton is a c**t chant going for the Burnley games. Or something that will really rile him up. The guys a has-been, making headlines by being a gob***e cos he can't prove himself on the pitch.
  14. DVP

    New forum username

    TransKam16? Trans(fer)Kam(name) "TransAm, the greatest car ever made" 2016 It's early
  15. It's not your place to apologise for them mate, you've been a great contributor on this forum and a lot of us would like to see you stick around if I'm honest. I just don't get it. You like Brighton, I like Boro... What's the big deal? It's not the 1980's, we're not firms and I see no reason to hate someone just because they don't like the same football team that I do, it's ridiculous.
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