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  1. I still say the Riverside was built on a sacred Indian burial site
  2. Not just Refs EFL have an agenda against Boro after SG had a pop at them last season and the refs are in on it
  3. I've put the Birmingham game down to covid & frozen training pitches, and was a blip, I hope I'm right
  4. Just came in from kitchen to see that, So many of our players in their box I thought it was in our box
  5. If this game is on the Red Button I'm wearing my LUCKY away shirt from a couple of seasons ago...I can't remember losing wearing it...If it's not... I'll wear it anyway
  6. I can just imagine the team talk "Get into em from the off go a goal up and watch the panic"
  7. At the moment.....Have we tried 3-5-2 ?
  8. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the remit is to finish mid table
  9. That's me P****D right off, Was hoping to see him in the first team this year
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