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  1. As long he keeps the ball out of the onion bag I don't care if he uses his backside
  2. I'd rather have Howson & McNair in midfield to be honest, as for Gestede I wonder if he can do any hod carrying for SG's new gaff
  3. At the moment we haven't a fit CB,so I'd take the beast from Madrid on loan
  4. Just remember the clubs who declined,Every dog has his day
  5. My Best moment was away at Wolves 92 season,winning promotion to the Prem,when that whistle went and we'd won 2-1 after going down to 10 men and going 1 down and hugging & Kissing a perfect stranger(Female, I hasten to add) Never seen her before or since)but we shared a moment that will stay with me forever,before I had to run for the train back to Plymouth...Oh those days
  6. Couldn't get a word in edge ways hey,or taught not to interrupt ?
  7. And that should not be allowed to Happen,How can half of the draw have VAR the other half not,Its either used on all matches or not at all
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