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  1. Why what's London got that the rest of us haven't...Me and my bestie went on a Christmas pub crawl there one year never made it out of West Drayton...shocking for a pub crawl
  2. I can smell a Forlan situation here where we do all the spade work an he signs for Manure
  3. they're not watching this....are they?
  4. There was a reason as I worked with 42 cdo I wasn't allowed on social media
  5. I hope if I meet any of the lads off here they don't call me that
  6. Also what's wrong with moving Wing up top with the front two a sort of No 10
  7. Better than that, we spoke then he signed my autograph book...He was well made up when I explained why I had his name on the back(I wanted Assombalonga but they wanted £1 a letter) If Joseph Job was playing for us it would have been his name on the back...He said "your from Yorkshire arn't yer" and he smiled knowingly
  8. I had one when I went Egypt...Not sure who nicked it off me...It might have come off when I fell off the Camel... when the vermin bit me knee
  9. The Britannia pub at Milehouse is the meeting point for most
  10. Ok I'll see where we can meet.... I'm on a mission today to get Lewis Wings autograph & hopefully sign my shirt
  11. Do ducks float... I'm always up for a pint or two
  12. I'll be wearing my Boro shirt with "Wing 25"on the back...see you there Uwe and I'm old by the way
  13. I hope there's plenty of subs as I just come in off the patio sweating like Fred West watching Ground force...it'll be a scorcher today
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