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  1. Sparkwell is a 9 hole course with several "Hazards" there was a stream cutting across the par 5 when your ball went in there I was reluctant to take a penalty so jumped down after it, Frogs went everywere I was out of there sharpish and took a 2 shot penalty
  2. I used to play but gave up, when a queue formed at the first tee, I set myself to be on the green in one took an almighty swing in mid stroke a Lion roared behind me...The first hole went down hill along side Dartmoor wildlife park...I topped it and it rolled gently on to the Ladies tee in front of me the laughing could be heard right across the course in the end I gave up and took up sea fishing
  3. I don't think we will... I think the team will be smarting after the Blackpool game
  4. All this Star wars stuff, We haven't signed Warwick Davis have we? at left back?
  5. John Craggs Piledriver right footed against God knows who, in 1978, if the net wasn't there someone would have been hurt
  6. Wasn't MaClaren the last to put a team out with lads born within 2 miles of Boro?
  7. Never mind wide men we need a whole new defence.
  8. We DON'T need a striker we need a beast of a center back
  9. Perhaps Have a man dressed as Lucifer outside saying "Hi my name is Lucifer Welcome to hell"
  10. Talking about Keepers, Anyone know why we've got 5
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