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  1. I wonder if Ben Gibson could come back to the club, Not in Norwich side tonight...Injury?...Maybe gone back to Burnley ?
  2. Should be able to see all Three matches
  3. By the way I DONT give up until the fat lady has gone home
  4. Beating Bournemouth is priority No 1, then take each game as it comes, And see where we are then
  5. Boro let him go, why would he want to come back?
  6. I'd put Spence in instead of ANY of the Dirty Swansea team
  7. This is a side in third and Boro away from home Dominating the game Again I repeat what Billy said we need VAR in the championship
  8. That's me done with Champo football, The games BENT
  9. That shot was deflected off Jed...Not the keepers fault at all
  10. I won't be surprised at anything in this match...And why not have Saville up front He'll scare the hell of most teams, Powering in on Goal
  11. The sprinklers were on until 5 mins before KO. Its like a ploughed field
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