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  1. Bit close to bonfire night to be suggesting being burned alive CT?
  2. It was SG who brought Neil in to steady the ship
  3. Wait a minute here C T makes a joke and that's Ok, ? SG is keeping this club afloat at present paying wages,for all I know out of his own pocket...And as for outside investment, dream on, Red Bull ain't coming in neither is anyone else...I for one (I ain't the only one) owe SG and the board of directors a lot for keeping us going...There's a lot of clubs going to go under...Some will be a shock, Someone PLEASE take this thread down Its embarrassing
  4. Same can be said of Bissle city,They were flying at the time
  5. Looked to me like Vaulks stopped Saville,...Giving Ojo a free run on goal but hey ho we have 5 points from 3 games I couldn't see us getting any at all
  6. I'll take that...It's very stormy down here at the moment
  7. I'm in Plymouth so I'm hoping so,I won't be making the mistake of following the other team for several minutes thinking we're gonna get battered here,Then realising we were doing the battering...Well I am thick...I do buy the Home and away shirt every year to help out
  8. Wonder if we stayed in the Brissle area as Cardiff is just along the M4 from there?
  9. But Is it coincidence we look a better team when it's not been tweeked all the time
  10. Checking back we have a very good history in this fixture
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