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  1. He can be anything he wants as long as he's here
  2. Bloke called Messy or summat is without a club
  3. He's just got out of his scratcher... give him chance to get a tinney down his neck
  4. I'm of that opinion too...He looked good the few times I saw him last Pre season, I would have Josh Coburn in the squad...I suppose It comes down to what the Lad wants
  5. Yeah that's right we are...An I just ordered me new shirt wi Fry on the back...Last time I had a name on the back it was Wing...I can't afford McGoldrick at a quid a letter... 2quid for the big ones
  6. Plymouth Argyle will be pushing for Promotion...Just saying
  7. She was guilty though, She was playing away with Ken & that Baldwin geezer
  8. You'd be a long way back in the Queue Behind me
  9. Am I the only one who's bum clenched when we were linked with Roberts...I only unclenched when I realised it was Liam Roberts we were looking at...My tiny brain wizzed back to the cup final with Chelski opening minutes and De Mateo's pass back to our keeper and Ben Roberts missed it
  10. At the moment I wouldn't say no to Andy Carroll
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