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  1. How did Blackburn & Boro rack up 10 yellow cards and not lose a man?
  2. I got Mavrodaphni ready for Mon evening
  3. This game feels like its our Cup final...And I feel we could get some thing out of this match
  4. I wouldn't dismiss a top 2 finish if we keep playing like this
  5. Sounds like me I was listening to the results and was gutted and went in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee came back and checked if we had dropped any places (I'm used to unexpected results) only to find we had won I was gob smacked I half expected a score correction to flash up...How many games is that now we've come back in injury time to win
  6. I wonder how many missed the second goal yesterday?
  7. I haven't the foggiest how this is going to go today, But got everything crossed for a win
  8. I reckon we got the best chance of the Pair, our priority is the Championship we can go to Old Trafford with nothing to lose but pride and we CAN turn them over...C'mon Boro you can do this
  9. Yeah I got one of them here in Plymouth flatly refuses to listen to the Medical People or family members and still expects to go to Mexico for our Golden wedding celebrations when for the first time we will all be together as a Family
  10. I was OK with the first Two(Astra Zeneca) had the Moderna booster and was Floored for a couple of Days after, a week later I'm as fit as a Butchers dog...I'm 69 by the way
  11. Villa are a very good side and could turn Man U over...I expect Arsenal thought they were on a good thing last night Too
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