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  1. I do our shopping as Mrs has COPD I scrub me hands before going and scrub when I get back,Its all I can do really
  2. At my age I get colds and Now I do worry slightly thinking is this it,The dreaded Bug...I won't let it rule my twilight days
  3. Plymouth Argyle And Teams from my Middlesbrough area,Hartlepool,Darlington
  4. Doe's anyone know if Roberts is available?
  5. Yeah He just read his bill from his "Hairdressers"
  6. On the + side my cars Doing 2 Months to a Litre...Pretty good
  7. I don't think JW would be making team selection on his own,I think a discussion between all back room staff would take place with Robbie, Leo & Medical staff
  8. Don't hold your breath on that...We're talking EFA here
  9. Don't agree there, he put his arm across Pears...Now wheres me fishing rod
  10. I for one don't think we'll go down,And if we do, I've been there before,We came back up stronger from the old Div 3,I honestly don't see it coming to that,My worry is the teams around us are playing out of their skins,we need to recover the form of Christmas,I don't know how close the Injured players are to returning,I just hope the medical staff don't panic and rush them back
  11. If there was a block button on here I would use it, For this Post alone,And who do you think is going to come in and change anything Warnock? McClaren, Mourino, Karanka,
  12. Mid Table? at the moment I'm looking at the bottom 3...But Boro being Boro we're liable to run Leeds ragged
  13. Can I ask what are these Bra's Footballers wear these days?
  14. Grandkids just walked in and put Minnions on netflix I'm off to Pub/Bed
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