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  1. No because everywhere we went after the other team didn't need a team talk from their coach it was already done
  2. Lee Dong Gook an absolute beast on the attack...had me in stitches
  3. You missed the point as SG was slated all over the press for saying "He's gonna smash the league" when he said "He'd like to smash the league"
  4. No fell off one once cracked my brand new Ray Bans Not popular here
  5. There is a massive difference between those two words,this time next year WANT to be a millionaire,not WILL be a millionaire
  6. For the past 50 years, At the start of every season we are going up as Champions nothing has changed
  7. Maybe Neil needs to discuss it with his wife...I carry the scars from the last decision I made without discussing it with the wife first
  8. Won't be surprised if no announcement is made at all...
  9. Promotion push? I'de be happy staying well away from the bottom third
  10. NEW KIT.....Here's a radical idea saying as I bought the Home & away shirt for this year how about keeping the same kit for the coming season
  11. Following up on a transfer rumour we were looking at Keifer Moore on Wikipedia it said he plays for Middlesbrough...Anyone know anything
  12. I really hope we don't play for a point....It has a habit of biting you on the A***
  13. And strange results seem to be happening at the moment
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