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  1. H..QPR v Nottingham Forest H..Fulham v West Brom H..Bristol City v Barnsley H..Derby v Blackburn H..Huddersfield v Millwall H..Hull v Coventry H..Middlesbrough v Birmingham H..Preston v Luton H..Sheff Utd v Blackpool H..Stoke v Cardiff H..Swansea v Peterborough H..Reading v Bournemouth
  2. H..Cardiff v Middlesbrough H..Birmingham v Swansea H..Blackburn v Reading H..Blackpool v Preston H..Bournemouth v Huddersfield H..Coventry v Derby H..Luton v Hull H..Millwall v Stoke H..Peterborough v QPR H..West Brom v Bristol City H..Barnsley v Sheff Utd H..Nottingham Forest v Fulham
  3. H..Bristol City v Nottingham Forest H..Derby v Luton H..QPR v Blackburn H..Sheff Utd v Millwall H..Stoke v Bournemouth H..Fulham v Cardiff H..Huddersfield v Birmingham H..Hull v Peterborough H..Middlesbrough v Barnsley H..Preston v Coventry H..Swansea v West Brom H..Reading v Blackpool
  4. Yeh but on the wages we were paying him he could only afford chip fat, big jump to baby oil. 😁
  5. H..West Brom v Birmingham D..Fulham v QPR D..Blackburn v Coventry D..Bristol City v Bournemouth A..Huddersfield v Hull A..Middlesbrough v Peterborough A..Millwall v Luton H..Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H..Preston v Derby D..Reading v Barnsley A..Sheff Utd v Stoke H..Swansea v Cardiff
  6. Tried quoting but it never worked, scratch's head gets splinters and walks away.
  7. Wow from top two to bottom four. Six defeats on the trot as got to be a record for me in all my years predicting. Some slump huh even a change in management cannot change my luck, this is gonna be a long season.
  8. A..Stoke v West Brom D..Coventry v Fulham A..Barnsley v Millwall H..Birmingham v Nottingham Forest A..Blackpool v Blackburn D..Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd D..Cardiff v Reading A..Derby v Swansea H..Hull v Middlesbrough D..Luton v Huddersfield H..Peterborough v Bristol City H..QPR v Preston
  9. A..Cardiff v West Brom A..Huddersfield v Blackburn A..Hull v Blackpool A..Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd H..Preston v Stoke D..QPR v Birmingham A..Barnsley v Nottingham Forest D..Derby v Reading D..Fulham v Swansea H..Luton v Coventry A..Millwall v Bristol City H..Peterbrough v Bournemouth
  10. So unpredictable is football at present . I have now put my predicting into the hands/paws of my JR she will tell me by using one bark for a home win and two barks for an away and a growl for a draw. Here's hoping my season starts improving soon otherwise I may have to sack her and get me a budgie. 😄 So desperate I'll give anything a try.
  11. 😄 Gibson brought Warnock in long after his expiry date had expired. I heard even Tescos and Sainsbury's threw him off the shelf because no bugger wanted him. I reckon come October Warnock will be given his marching order's.
  12. A..Coventry v Peterbrough H..West Brom v QPR H..Reading v Middlesbrough A..Birmingham v Preston D..Blackburn v Cardiff H..Blackpool v Barnsley H..Bournemouth v Luton H..Bristol City v Fulham H..Nottingham Forest v Millwall D..Sheffield Utd v Derby D..Stoke v Hull H..Swansea v Huddersfield
  13. D..Hull v Sheffield Utd A..Barnsley v Blackburn A..Cardiff v Bournemouth A..Derby v Stoke H..Fulham v Reading H..Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest H..Luton v Swansea H..Middlesbrough v Blackpool A..Millwall v Coventry A..Peterborough v Birmingham A..Preston v West Brom H..QPR v Bristol City
  14. We can only dream can't we. Do you think we have the money to fund any one of these 3.?
  15. H..Blackburn v Hull H..Blackpool v Huddersfield D..Bournemouth v QPR H..Sheffield Utd v Preston H..Reading v Peterbrough H..West Brom v Derby A..Birmingham v Fulham D..Bristol City v Luton D..Coventry v Cardiff H..Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough H..Stoke v Barnsley D..Swansea v Millwall
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