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  1. God why are we not playing Cardiff today. 😒 2 strikers that are not in the game Taylor not quite sure what position he is supposed to be playing Paddy allowing that first goal cross when he was caught day dreaming. How can we play against a top European club with 7 players. We need speed at the front fetch on the sub's NOW. I knew it was gonna be one of those days when I saw Woodgate down has a EXPERT alongside Shearer. 😄
  2. H..Derby v Coventry H..Sheff Utd v Barnsley H..Bristol City v West Brom H..Huddersfield v Bournemouth H..Hull v Luton PP..Middlesbrough v Cardiff H..Reading v Blackburn H..Stoke v Millwall H..Swansea v Birmingham PP..Fulham v Nottingham Forest H..QPR v Peterborough
  3. H..Barnsley v Bristol City H..Birmingham v Middlesbrough D..Blackburn v Derby A..Bournemouth v Reading A..West Brom v Fulham H..Blackpool v Sheff Utd D..Cardiff v Stoke D..Coventry v Hull A..Luton v Preston H..Millwall v Huddersfield D..Nottingham Forest v QPR A..Peterborough v Swansea
  4. H..West Brom v Huddersfield A..Barnsley v Fulham H..Birmingham v Hull H..Blackburn v Bristol City D..Blackpool v Swansea D..Bournemouth v Derby D..Cardiff v Preston D..Coventry v Sheff Utd A..Millwall v Middlesbrough H..Nottingham Forest v Reading A..Peterborough v Stoke H..Luton v QPR
  5. H..Huddersfield v Peterborough H..Sheff Utd v Nottingham Forest H..Fulham v Blackburn H..Bristol City v Birmingham H..Derby v Barnsley D..Hull v West Brom H..Middlesbrough v Luton D..Preston v Bournemouth H..QPR v Cardiff A..Reading v Millwall D..Stoke v Blackpool A..Swansea v Coventry
  6. D..Blackburn v QPR A..Barnsley v Middlesbrough A..Birmingham v Huddersfield H..Blackpool v Reading H..Bournemouth v Stoke A..Cardiff v Fulham H..Coventry v Preston H..Luton v Derby A..Millwall v Sheff Utd H..Nottingham Forest v Bristol City A..Peterborough v Hull H..West Brom v Swansea
  7. H..Bristol City v Coventry H..Hull v Barnsley H..Middlesbrough v West Brom A..Preston v Nottingham Forest A..Swansea v Bournemouth A..Reading v Birmingham H..Derby v Millwall H..Fulham v Peterborough H..Huddersfield v Cardiff H..QPR v Blackpool A..Sheff Utd v Blackburn H..Stoke v Luton
  8. Posted January 24 H..Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest H..Fulham v Huddersfield H..Blackburn v Millwall A..Bristol City v Middlesbrough A..Cardiff v Blackpool H..Coventry v Barnsley H..Derby v Peterborough D..Luton v West Brom H..Preston v Reading H..QPR v Hull H..Sheff Utd v Swansea H..Stoke v Birmingham
  9. Spot on BD. My opinion although nobody is bothered, is all the penalty's on the night apart from the last one 😄 were superbly taken and although there were a few finger tip touch's I think the players showed just how penalty's should be taken pin point accuracy/speed all made for a good ending to a game from an old Boro handbook. UTB.
  10. A..Huddersfield v Sheff Utd A..Birmingham v Luton A..Blackpool v Bournemouth A..Hull v Fulham H..Middlesbrough v Derby H..Millwall v Cardiff H..Nottingham Forest v Stoke A..Peterborough v Preston A..Reading v Coventry A..Barnsley v QPR D..Swansea v Bristol City D..West Brom v Blackburn
  11. D..Coventry v Blackpool H..Derby v Hull H..Fulham v Millwall H..Luton v Barnsley H..Stoke v Swansea H..Blackburn v Nottingham Forest H..Bournemouth v Birmingham H..Bristol City v Reading H..Cardiff v Peterborough A..Preston v Huddersfield H..QPR v Middlesbrough A..Sheff Utd v West Brom
  12. D..Barnsley v Cardiff D..Huddersfield v Derby H..Birmingham v Sheff Utd H..Blackpool v Bristol City A..Swansea v Blackburn H..Man Utd v Middlesbrough H..Chelsea v Plymouth A..Kidderminster v West Ham H..Crystal Palace v Hartlepool D..Everton v Brentford H..Huddersfield v Barnsley
  13. H..Huddersfield v Stoke A..Barnsley v Bournemouth H..Fulham v Blackpool A..Hull v Swansea A..Luton v Blackburn H..Middlesbrough v Coventry A..Millwall v West Brom D..Preston v Bristol City H..QPR v Reading A..Peterborough v Sheff Utd A..Derby v Birmingham A..Cardiff v Nottingham Forest Backup Games 1. H..Accrington v Morecambe 2. H..AFC Wimbledon v Shrewsbury 3. A..Bolton v Sunderland 4. A..Cheltenham v Wigan
  14. Oh bugger I have Reading to win the ticket this weekend. 😁
  15. H..Bristol City v Cardiff A..Nottingham Forest v Derby H..Birmingham v Barnsley D..Blackpool v Millwall H..Bournemouth v Hull A..Coventry v QPR H..Reading v Huddersfield H..Sheff Utd v Luton A..Stoke v Fulham A..Swansea v Preston H..West Brom v Peterborough D..Blackburn v Middlesbrough ===================== 1. H..Everton v Aston Villa 2. H..Arsenal v Burnley 3. H..Brentford v Wolves 4. H..Leeds v Newcastle
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