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  1. F/ing great mate, any chance you can send a copy of that tune to Gibson and ask can we have that played at The Riverside. 🙂
  2. Saturday 8th May 3pm A..Barnsley v Norwich H..Blackburn v Birmingham A..Bournemouth v Stoke A..Bristol City v Brentford H..Cardiff v Rotherham A..Coventry v Millwall D..Derby v Sheffield Wed H..Middlesbrough v Wycombe A..Nottingham v Preston H..QPR v Luton H..Reading v Huddersfield H..Watford v Swansea
  3. Great intro Young...man. I'm bulling my boots up raring to go just waiting for the kick off. I am wondering do the players still wear boots these days or are they carpet slippers. 🤣
  4. Yes AR most are going to use their natural but I also would have to critisise the coaching staff, Mainly because as Grimsby Boro said youngsters spending years at Boro Juniors and working their way through should have the confidence to use both feet when needed and not be solely dependent on one foot . Coach's for years have been a total let down for Boro and I cannot see anything changing in the near future until Gibson sells the club which we know he will never do.
  5. What he expects and what he gets are two things that are different completely. Unless they have a ton of baggage dragging behind them that is which is the usual for this club.
  6. Saturday 1st May 3pm A..Birmingham v Cardiff D..Brentford v Watford D..Huddersfield v Coventry H..Luton v Middlesbrough H..Millwall v Bristol City D..Norwich v Reading H..Preston v Barnsley H..Rotherham v Blackburn D..Sheffield Wed v Nottingham A..Stoke v QPR H..Swansea v Derby A..Wycombe v Bournemouth
  7. A grand job there Blanc's yet another feather in that hat of yours. 🙂 And Youngy like many have already posted, you also have done a great job taking over and resurrecting the prediction league. On a personal note you have my thanks mate, I hope you carry it on for many more seasons to come.
  8. I will give it a go seeing I missed half a season.
  9. Saturday 24th April 3pm H..Barnsley v Rotherham H..Blackburn v Huddersfield H..Bournemouth v Brentford D..Bristol City v Luton H..Cardiff v Wycombe A..Coventry v Preston H..Derby v Birmingham A..Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wed A..Nottingham v Stoke D..QPR v Norwich D..Reading v Swansea D..Watford v Millwall
  10. Tuesday 20th April 7pm D..Birmingham v Nottingham H..Brentford v Cardiff D..Norwich v Watford H..Preston v Derby D..Sheffield Wed v Blackburn H..Swansea v QPR Wednesday 21st April 7pm A..Huddersfield v Barnsley A..Luton v Reading H..Millwall v Bournemouth H..Rotherham v Middlesbrough A..Wycombe v Bristol City H..Stoke v Coventry
  11. Saturday 17th April 3pm H..Blackburn v Derby H..Brentford v Millwall A..Coventry v Barnsley A..Luton v Watford H..Middlesbrough v QPR H..Norwich v Bournemouth H..Nottingham v Huddersfield H..Reading v Cardiff H..Rotherham Birmingham D..Sheffield Wed v Bristol City H..Stoke v Preston H..Swansea v Wycombe
  12. Saturday 10th April 3pm D..Barnsley v Middlesbrough A..Birmingham v Stoke H..Bournemouth v Coventry D..Bristol City v Nottingham H..Cardiff v Blackburn A..Derby v Norwich D..Huddersfield v Rotherham A..Millwall v Swansea A..Preston v Brentford A..QPR v Sheffield Wed H..Watford v Reading D..Wycombe v Luton
  13. Monday 5th April 3pm A..Blackburn v Bournemouth H..Brentford v Birmingham A..Coventry v Bristol City H..Luton v Barnsley Middlesbrough v Watford H..Norwich v Huddersfield D..Nottingham v QPR D..Reading v Derby H..Rotherham v Wycombe D..Sheffield Wed v Cardiff A..Stoke v Millwall A..Swansea v Preston
  14. D..Barnsley v Reading A..Birmingham v Swansea H..Bournemouth v Middlesbrough D..Bristol City v Stoke H..Cardiff v Nottingham D..Derby v Luton A..Huddersfield v Brentford H..Millwall v Rotherham A..Preston v Norwich H..QPR v Coventry H..Watford v Sheffield Wed D..Wycombe v Blackbu'=.M
  15. H..Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday H..Bristol City v Rotherham H..Coventry v Wycombe D..Millwall v Middlesbrough H..Norwich v Blackburn D..Preston v Luton H..Reading v QPR H..Stoke v Derby H..Watford v Birmingham H..Swansea v Cardiff
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