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  1. Hey no problem Essuuaitch you just concentrate on staying healthy and safe indoors. I appreciate what you have managed to post after your stroke and I am sure all the guys wish for you to get well soon. I think by the time this is all sorted it would be easier to just cancel it all if I am honest but we shall see. Take care mate.
  2. Bristol Cty v Cardiff Cty. Derby v N/Forest. Brentford v Wigan. Charlton v Millwall. Fulham v Birmingham. Huddersfield v P.N.E. Luton v Reading. Middlesbrough v Q.P.R. (1st Boro Scorer.) Stoke v Barnsley. Swansea v Sheff Wed. ++++++++++++++++ DFDSouth v Essuuaitch Nawoo v Raf smog Maccarone v Bfchampion Boro-unger v Smogsterking Oslo_Syd v Blanco Trekkers v ChipBarrington DZ v Boro 86 OMG v Xathras Uwe v Borodane Marvin v Barticus Cyprusboro v BearSmog SmogDane v Misterweed Smogzilla v Teacider ++++++++++++
  3. Millwall v Middlesbrough. (1st Boro Scorer.) Birmingham v Swansea. Brentford v Charlton. Bristol Cty v Hull Cty. Cardiff v Blackburn. Leeds v Stoke. Luton v Barnsley. N/Forest v Fulham. Reading v Huddersfield. Sheff Wed: v P.N.E. ++++++++++ Boro 86 v Essuuaitch DFDSouth v Raf smog Nawoo v Bfchampion Maccarone v Smogsterking Boro-unger v Blanco Oslo_Syd v ChipBarrington Smogzilla v Trekkers DZ v Xathras OldManGravz v Borodane Uwe v Barticus Marvin v bearsmog Cyprusboro v Misterweed SmogDane v Teacider +++++++++
  4. Barnsley v Wigan. Blackburn v W.B.A. Charlton v Reading. Derby v Brentford. Huddersfield v Luton. Hull v Millwall. Middlesbrough v Bristol Cty..(1st Boro Scorer.) P.N.E. v N/Forest. Q.P.R. v Sheff Wed:. Stoke Cty v Birmingham. ++++++++++ Xathras v Essuuaitch Boro 86 v Raf smog DFDSouth v Bfchampion Nawoo v Smogsterking Maccarone v Blanco Boro-unger v ChipBarrington Oslo_Syd v Trekkers DZ v Borodane OldManGravz v Barticus Uwe v BearSmog Marvin v Misterweed Cyprusboro v Teacider Smogzilla v SmogDane +++++
  5. Birmingham v Charlton. Brentford v P.N.E. Bristol Cty v Stoke. Cardiff v Derby. Leeds v Barnsley. Luton v Q.P.R. Millwall v Blackburn. N/Forest v Swansea. Reading v Middlesbrough. (1st Boro Scorer.) Sheff Wed. v Huddersfield. ++++++++++ Borodane v Essuuaitch Xathras v Raf smog Boro 86 v Bfchampion DFDSouth v Smogsterking Nawoo v Blanco Maccarone v ChipBarrington Boro-unger v Trekkers Smogzilla v Oslo_Syd DZ v Barticus OldManGravz v BearSmog Uwe v Misterweed Marvin v Teacider Cyprusboro v SmogDane +++++++++
  6. Cyprusboro.. 2 h Istanbul Basaksehir 1v0 Copenhagen...( Visca) 1 d Olympiakos 1v1 Wolves........................( Jimenez) 0 d Rangers 1v3 Bayer Leverkusen............( Morelos) 0 h Wolfsburg v Shakhtar Donetsk...........( Brekalo) p h Inter Milan v Getafe............................( Mata) p h Sevilla v Roma...................................( Munir El Haddadi) 0 h Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Basel...............................( Kamada) 1 a LASK v Manchester United..............( Fernandes) Total.. 4 ++++++++++++++ Blanco. 1 H Istanbul B 1v0 Copenhagen (Cornelius) 0 A Olympiakos v Wolves (Jota) 2 A Rangers v Bauer Leverkusen (Havertz) 0 H Wolfsburg v Shaktar Donetsk (Weghorst) p H Inter Milan v Getafe (Lukaku) p H Sevilla v Roma (De Jong) 0 H Eintracht Frankfurt 0v3 Basel (Andre Silva) 2 A LASK 0v5 Man Utd (Ighalo) Total.. 5 ++++++++++ Yes well I was just checking to see if you were awake Blanco.. 😄 Well done by the way at least now I only have the final to sort out. Has you will see there are no fixtures just yet in the Europa or the Champions League. Another Cup Final bloody hell mate you should be going into the OneBoro records books if you are no careful. Any chance you could apply for the Boro managers job once Woody gets the tintac at the end of the season.
  7. Lets have a look see what happened last night all I know is that Man Utd won 5-0. Better not be a draw again cos that means we won't be seeing a result till after April 4th. At least Boro will go undefeated for the rest of March.. 😁
  8. Then perhaps tell him to finish his coaching qualifications and start teaching our youngsters. I will be sorry to see him leave I am an old school player and when I played we gave it 100% each game just like George as been doing.
  9. Ok Corporal Jones put yer bayonet away before yer stab some bugger.. 😄
  10. Sorry but that was so funny Woodgate rating players.. 😆😆
  11. Well I think both of you have got it spot on Rudy for me as never shown the slightest idea of what was required of him until recently. But in seeing that side of him I believe you are correct Tapout that he is the kind of player that is needed badly at the Boro he wins in the air he can take a knock his foot work is very good and he lays off for others and scores the odd rare goal. Which is rather baffling as he used to get the slightest tap and be out for months. Trouble is at present we cannot afford to offer him an extended contract on his present wages and others may be able to. So bye bye Rudy and I hope some one also comes in for Britass as well.
  12. Well I just wish he would play his natural game when he first came to Boro he was a producer he could pass that ball right where the forwards or the wing backs needed it. Then Pulis got hold of him and made him into a Wilkins type of player so crab like passing square passing back never putting his foot on the ball looking up and passing forward. Last week I saw a glimpse of the player that first arrived at the MFC must have been a 30/35 yrd pass forward creating a chance then after that nothing but back passers again arrrrgggghhh I just wanted to chop his legs off. Great player just needs releasing from defensive duties.
  13. No BD the squad needs players like George yes he is a little injury prone at present, but when fit could still run rings round most opposition right backs down that left wing. Only trouble with our George is his crossing and shooting keep him fit and make sure in training that all he does is cross and shoot. He still has speed and it was not his fault that he came back to early I would put that on Woodgate getting desperate for defenders and look what happened. That was the main reason he was playing more central instead of wing back. Coulsons game could improve vastly if George was playing just behind him. He as at least 2 more years at this level and we need players that give their all for the club. Sorry mate I disagree with that retirement comment.
  14. Sorry guys all of you that have posted predictions,they have to be cancelled and as you will see I have re-written Round 36 with different fixtures on a new thread. DFDSouth v Essuuaitch Nawoo v Raf smog Maccarone v Bfchampion Boro-unger v Smogsterking Oslo_Syd v Blanco Trekkers v ChipBarrington DZ v Boro 86 OMG v Xathras Uwe v Borodane Marvin v Barticus Cyprusboro v BearSmog SmogDane v Misterweed Smogzilla v Teacider ++++++++++ W.B.A v Birmingham . Blackburn v Bristol Cty. Huddersfield v Wigan. Hull v Charlton. Luton v P.N.E. Middlesbrough v Swansea..(1st Boro Scorer) Millwall v Derby. Q.P.R. v Barnsley. Reading v Stoke. Sheff Wed v N/Forest ++++++++
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