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  1. A..Wycombe Wanderers v Swansea City..12.30 H..Barnsley v Coventry City...15.00 H..Birmingham City v Rotherham United..15.00 V..AFC Bournemouth v Norwich City..Friday. A..Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday..15.00 D..Cardiff City v Reading..15.00 A..Derby County v Blackburn Rovers..15.00 V..Huddersfield Town v Nottingham Forest..Friday.. D..Millwall v Brentford..15.00 A..Preston North End v Stoke City..15.00 H..Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough..15.00 H..Watford v Luton Town..15.00
  2. Just what gave you the idea Warnock was gonna use an attacking football plan. He is here to steady the ship from capsizing like it nearly did under Gibson and Woodgate last season. That does not mean he will be looking at strikers more so defenders and defensive midfielders.
  3. Motor Mouth 4v5 Maccarone Good game mate think I made you sweat a little as well. 😄 I'll get you on the return (hopefully).
  4. "Seriously fella take off those rose tinted glass's" Look at the replay of the start in the tunnel and the walk out and how his loose shirt is hiding his gut. That ain't no fit footballer. Yes he may run for 15 minutes each half but not 45. The guy is fat short and still not able to think when he get's hold of the ball. He needs to drop down a league because that is the only place he has a chance to score 20+ goals a season. Lets hope we don't have to carry him again for another season.
  5. I think the writing was on the wall when they were standing in the tunnel before kick off Britass stood at least a foot shorter than most of the Watford players and then the run out Britass looking like he needed a corset obviously still carrying a lot of summer fat or is it just natural fat. 😄 All the other players have six packs whilst Britass as a one pack and this is the fella we are depending on as our captain and also to win us games with his goal scoring attributes. Consolation I suppose as some one mentioned earlier his free kicks have improved now all Wardle needs is to get him kicking in the right direction. "We are doomed, doomed I tell yee."
  6. And why not Foster should have started home at half time,a bit of family time instead of standing by himself in a empty goalmouth. 😁
  7. I would like to forget last season thank you.
  8. All I see at the moment is Boro making Watford look good and they ain't. Come on Boro pull yer finger out and start playing, or perhaps you have not got it in you. Here's a thought "Are Boro gonna be this bad for the rest of the season".
  9. D..Barnsley v Luton Town H..Birmingham City v Brentford H..AFC Bournemouth v Blackburn Rovers D..Bristol City v Coventry City H..Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday D..Derby County v Reading A..Huddersfield Town v Norwich City A..Millwall v Stoke City A..Preston North End v Swansea City D..Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest D..Watford v Middlesbrough D..Wycombe Wanderers v Rotherham United
  10. H..Blackburn Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers H..Brentford v Huddersfield Town A..Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers D..Luton Town v Derby County H..Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth H..Norwich City v Preston North End D..Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City D..Reading v Barnsley A..Rotherham United v Millwall A..Sheffield Wednesday v Watford D..Stoke City v Bristol City A..Swansea City v Birmingham City
  11. Thank god for that . There was me thinking Ian Wright was making a comeback.. 🙂
  12. This is Warnock we are talking about,would he know an attacking player if he crept up behind him and bit him on his bum. 😉
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