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  1. H..Barnsley v Birmingham H..Brentford v Rotherham H..Bristol City v QPR A..Coventry v Derby H..Millwall v Blackburn H..Norwich v Luton A..Preston v Bournemouth H..Reading v Sheffield Wed H..Stoke v Wycombe H..Swansea v Middlesbrough
  2. 😃😃 Go back to school d/h and learn the game Watmore is crap.
  3. Brum had their problems do you see them making excuses if the players were not 100% then they should not have been asked to play just like last week when he fielded Un23s.
  4. How long has it been since we saw a team that wants to go out there and win and not just go through the motions for the big pay packets that they do not deserve. I see Watmore and Howson are happy with their new contracts unlike this fan with their performance. Watmore is drying up faster than a desert just like the rest of the over paid forwards we have on our books.
  5. I would gladly take it over again for you OMG until either you sort out your problems or till the end of the season. Just send me the league as it stands or we can rub this season out if you like and I can do a cup competition. Mind the way they are talking at the moment most clubs are wanting a break. Which ever I am easy.
  6. I agree we need more local lads giving it on the radio but not this Mark fella he does me head in . Some days when the game is slow he starts on about players dress sense in boots and shirts then he will go off on one about the custard tart factory's or something just as stupid like that. I would rather him start talking about picking winkles.. 😄
  7. Motor Mouth

    Why is oneboro

    Like others have stated no politics, no religion or racism just good old football. Yes I would like to see more competitions but because the members are more younger these days there is not that much commitment. From 2009 to around 2017 it was a great forum but yes it is ready for the graveyard now.
  8. H..Barnsley v Huddersfield Town H..Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday H..AFC Bournemouth v Millwall H..Bristol City v Wycombe Wanderers A..Cardiff City v Brentford A..Coventry City v Stoke City A..Derby County v Preston North End H..Middlesbrough v Rotherham United A..Nottingham Forest v Birmingham City A..Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City H..Reading v Luton Town D..Watford v Norwich City
  9. A..Birmingham City v Middlesbrough H..Brentford v Reading A..Huddersfield Town v Watford A..Luton Town v AFC Bournemouth H..Millwall v Nottingham Forest H..Rotherham United v Derby County A..Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry City H..Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers H..Swansea City v Barnsley A..Wycombe Wanderers v Queens Park Rangers
  10. A..Barnsley v Preston North End H..AFC Bournemouth v Wycombe Wanderers H..Bristol City v Millwall D..Nottingham Forest v Sheffield Wednesday H..Watford v Brentford WEDNESDAY 16TH DECEMBER A..Derby County v Swansea City D..Middlesbrough v Luton Town D..Blackburn Rovers v Rotherham United D..Cardiff City v Birmingham City H.. Coventry City v Huddersfield Town A.. Reading v Norwich City
  11. H..Birmingham City v Watford D..Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City H..AFC Bournemouth v Huddersfield Town A..Derby County v Stoke City A..Luton Town v Preston North End A..Middlesbrough v Millwall A..Nottingham Forest v Brentford A..Queens Park Rangers v Reading D..Rotherham United v Bristol City H..Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley A..Wycombe Wanderers v Coventry City
  12. A..Coventry City v Luton Town H..Huddersfield Town v Sheffield Wednesday D..Millwall v Queens Park Rangers H..Stoke City v Cardiff City A..Swansea City v AFC Bournemouth H..Watford v Rotherham United WEDNESDAY 9TH DECEMBER H..Barnsley v Wycombe Wanderers H..Brentford v Derby County H..Bristol City v Blackburn Rovers H..Norwich City v Nottingham Forest A..Preston North End v Middlesbrough H..Reading v Birmingham City
  13. H..Brentford v Blackburn Rovers H..Bristol City v Birmingham City A..Coventry City v Rotherham United A..Huddersfield Town v Queens Park Rangers H..Millwall v Derby County H..Norwich City v Sheffield Wednesday H..Preston North End v Wycombe Wanderers A..Stoke City v Middlesbrough H..Swansea City v Luton Town H..Watford v Cardiff City
  14. D..Cardiff City v Huddersfield Town D..Birmingham City v Barnsley H..AFC Bournemouth v Preston North End A..Derby County v Coventry City A..Queens Park Rangers v Bristol City A..Rotherham United v Brentford WEDNESDAY 2ND DECEMBER D..Blackburn Rovers v Millwall A..Luton Town v Norwich City H..Middlesbrough v Swansea City A..Nottingham Forest v Watford A..Sheffield Wednesday v Reading A..Wycombe Wanderers v Stoke City
  15. A..Birmingham City v Millwall H..Blackburn Rovers v Barnsley A..Cardiff City v Luton Town D..Derby County v Wycombe Wanderers A..Huddersfield Town v Middlesbrough H..Norwich City v Coventry City A..Rotherham United v AFC Bournemouth A..Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City H..Watford v Preston North End SUNDAY 29TH NOVEMBER A..Nottingham Forest v Swansea City
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