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  1. A..Cardiff v West Brom A..Huddersfield v Blackburn A..Hull v Blackpool A..Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd H..Preston v Stoke D..QPR v Birmingham A..Barnsley v Nottingham Forest D..Derby v Reading D..Fulham v Swansea H..Luton v Coventry A..Millwall v Bristol City H..Peterbrough v Bournemouth
  2. So unpredictable is football at present . I have now put my predicting into the hands/paws of my JR she will tell me by using one bark for a home win and two barks for an away and a growl for a draw. Here's hoping my season starts improving soon otherwise I may have to sack her and get me a budgie. πŸ˜„ So desperate I'll give anything a try.
  3. πŸ˜„ Gibson brought Warnock in long after his expiry date had expired. I heard even Tescos and Sainsbury's threw him off the shelf because no bugger wanted him. I reckon come October Warnock will be given his marching order's.
  4. A..Coventry v Peterbrough H..West Brom v QPR H..Reading v Middlesbrough A..Birmingham v Preston D..Blackburn v Cardiff H..Blackpool v Barnsley H..Bournemouth v Luton H..Bristol City v Fulham H..Nottingham Forest v Millwall D..Sheffield Utd v Derby D..Stoke v Hull H..Swansea v Huddersfield
  5. D..Hull v Sheffield Utd A..Barnsley v Blackburn A..Cardiff v Bournemouth A..Derby v Stoke H..Fulham v Reading H..Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest H..Luton v Swansea H..Middlesbrough v Blackpool A..Millwall v Coventry A..Peterborough v Birmingham A..Preston v West Brom H..QPR v Bristol City
  6. We can only dream can't we. Do you think we have the money to fund any one of these 3.?
  7. H..Blackburn v Hull H..Blackpool v Huddersfield D..Bournemouth v QPR H..Sheffield Utd v Preston H..Reading v Peterbrough H..West Brom v Derby A..Birmingham v Fulham D..Bristol City v Luton D..Coventry v Cardiff H..Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough H..Stoke v Barnsley D..Swansea v Millwall
  8. Perhaps a touch of senile dementia brought on by to many headers as a young man maybe the answer. Once again it is approaching October and I am wondering will the musical chairs begin again with our managers job. My money is on Woodgate to make a reappearance, once the pensioner has departed 😁
  9. H..Birmingham v Derby H..Blackburn v Luton A..Blackpool v Fulham H..Bournemouth v Barnsley H..Bristol City v Preston D..Coventry v Middlesbrough A..Reading v QPR H..Sheffield Utd v Peterbrough H..Stoke v Huddersfield H..Swansea v Hull H..West Brom v Millwall A..Nottingham Forest v Cardiff
  10. Oooops 4-6 perhaps I am returning to my old form after such a fine start to the season albeit a short one. Yes well played Doc M . May I say its also great to see Essuuaitch after all the illness of last season making a come back and sitting in 2nd spot. Your doing a great job Youngy I am starting to feel at ease with all these colourful charts of yours. πŸ˜„
  11. To many foreigners is not good for a Championship team they travel and get drained and need at least a week to get over it or even worse get injured and again out for a number of weeks. Which is why I ask where are the youngsters.
  12. Where are all the promising youngsters from the Boro youth teams. Seems like it all dried up after Fry. I was never a Woodgate follower but I must admit when he was in charge of the U23s there was a few coming through that looked good. Perhaps Gibson should give him his job back but just make sure he never becomes Boro manager again until after his 50th birthday then he may have matured. 😊
  13. H..Cardiff v Bristol City A..Derby v Nottingham Forest H..Barnsley v Birmingham H..Fulham v Stoke A..Huddersfield v Reading A..Hull v Bournemouth A..Luton v Sheffield Utd H..Middlesbrough v Blackburn H..Millwall v Blackpool A..Preston v Swansea H..QPR v Coventry A..Peterborough v West Brom
  14. Late late goal by Branco has stopped my run of wins grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ☺️
  15. A..Bristol City v Swansea H..QPR v Barnsley A..Blackburn v West Brom H..Bournemouth v Blackpool H..Cardiff v Millwall D..Coventry v Reading A..Derby v Middlesbrough H..Fulham v Hull D..Luton v Birmingham A..Preston v Peterborough H..Sheffield Utd v Huddersfield A..Stoke v Nottingham Forest
  16. Bit short notice lucky I spotted the date. D..Barnsley v Luton A..Blackpool v Coventry D..Huddersfield v Preston A..Millwall v Fulham A..Peterborough v Cardiff D..Swansea v Stoke A..Reading v Bristol City A..Birmingham v Bournemouth H..Hull v Derby H..Middlesbrough v QPR H..Nottingham Forest v Blackburn H..West Brom v Sheffield Utd
  17. H..Peterborough v Derby H..Barnsley v Coventry A..Birmingham v Stoke A..Blackpool v Cardiff A..Huddersfield v Fulham H..Hull v QPR H..Middlesbrough v Bristol City D..Millwall v Blackburn A..Nottingham Forest v Bournemouth H..Reading v Preston H..West Brom v Luton A..Swansea v Sheffield Utd
  18. D..Bournemouth v West Brom D..Blackburn v Swansea H..Bristol City v Blackpool H..Cardiff v Barnsley D..Derby v Huddersfield H..Luton v Peterborough A..Preston v Hull D..QPR v Millwall H..Stoke v Reading H..Sheffield United v Birmingham D..Fulham v Middlesbrough A..Coventry v Nottingham Forest.
  19. Friday 2nd July Switzerland 2v2 Spain Belgium 2v2 Italy Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic 2v2 Denmark Ukraine 1v1 England
  20. I know its all my fault I may as well let Trekkers through to the next round because I couldn't pick my nose at the moment and deserve all I am getting (nothing) But I do have to say your numbers have me baffled. I turned up I predicted a win for Italy yes they never won in full time but they won in extra time. So the way I see it is I got it right and Trekkers never. Such is life.
  21. Yes welcome back Trekkers I thought you were put in quarantine. Maybe Youngy will start to give me the odd point now you are here.
  22. Nope, I ain't got a Welsh relative but by heck I want them to hammer Denmark tonight. After all they are British . Come On Wales do the Brits proud.
  23. Saturday 26th June H..Wales 2v1 Denmark H..Italy 3v0 Austria Sunday 27th June H..Netherld 3v0 Czech Republic A..Belgium 1v3 Portugal Monday 28th June A..Croatia 0v3 Spain A..France 1v2 Switzerland Tuesday 29th June A..England 0v3 Germany H..Sweden 4v0 Ukraine
  24. Full of entertainment,like some one as already said your IT leave us all in awe. Me personally I could never trust machines ie computers/calculators which is why I suppose I rarely made mistakes . 😁 But alas this is today's world i.phones and Smart phones, tut tut whatever happened to pigeons I wonder. 😊 Carry on Youngy your doing a grand job lad.
  25. A..Turkey v Italy A..Wales v Switzerland H..Denmark v Finland A..Belgium v Russia
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