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  1. The quotes from Wilder post-match are encouraging if he is as confident as the words come across, and make my previous posts about struggling for numbers look foolish, admittedly (not the first time 🤣), Hopefully that means the players he wants will arrive, they know what to expect The likes of Strand-Larsen I thought we'd fail to land purely as the club he is at won't budge so moved on after reading reports .. but perhaps we're willing to work out something that gives them what they want now, and it is back on. It was either a statement of reassurance there's just a little mo
  2. I didn't mean it to come across as making stuff up. Just a gut feeling and something feels off, I aren't alone there. The Larsen quotes, if accurate, he makes it clear he'd be glad to be here but it didn't seem to me from what I have read we are willing to pay what they want, or they just don't want or 'need' to let him go anyway ... anything else it is just usual regular transfer gossip we have seen as the weeks have gone by with a fair few players, but nothing materialised I would be delighted if we managed to bring those players in, I hope we do but as I say, I am just a bit worried i
  3. Definitely It feels to me, like we're underestimating the hole Tav has left to fill .. considering where we are expecting to be challenging! I know we are not going to sign like-for-like replacing Tav, but Christ .. there's little to no news about what we're doing about it and the window will be shut before we know it .. and additionally, we're still crying out for a couple who can put the ball in the net .. more than a handful of times a season I bet Colin *** will be feeling smug, no doubt have a few things to say on Talksport about the situation here if we get panned by hi
  4. Agree We need players, at least another four/five ... a project signing in Hoppe arrived today. Good luck to him, but something does not feel right After what felt like an air of optimism and big expectations in terms of players we can attract to have a right go after selling Spence, then losing Tav but making money on top of the Spence funds .. it's started to feel like we were given the impression plans were in place and now we're just going for this 'shot in the dark' approach to competing for top-six Not arsed if I am flagged by the 'doyle police' 🤣 but something doesn't fe
  5. Another thing that still niggles me too. I am hoping for a bit of stability for once, as Wilder said 'mid to long-term' is his aim here when he joined, but if he doesn't get what he needs, long-term we can forget for sure. I thought finally we are in for a decent era and behind the scenes the structures are in place for recruitment or improved at least. Still to see how that goes, it was even rumoured Burnley wanted to take Scott with CW!!! Haha. I don't think Wilder would want to take him where ever he goes next, though. I don't care where it is as long as he leaves us in a healthy
  6. Muniz and then one more ... that lifts me a bit after seeing the team sheet today, it seemed gaunt for a club with ambitions such as ours this season .. if we steer clear of injuries and get the balance right, add maybe another one or two elsewhere after Muniz+1 ... once the window shuts I will be glad. Providing we do make these signings where we need them! A win in our next game would be very welcome to lift the mood. I am glad at least Forss scored on his full debut today, but still to be seen how much he will really bring to the team. Well done though, shame his first goal was in a
  7. Nicely summarised - my feelings exactly I know there's time left in the window but I just don't trust the club to get the work done that needs doing in terms of player recruitment to be challenging where we all wanted to be this season When I looked at the starting XI and bench today I thought Christ, we're looking light. Not sure McNair and Fry missing out helped anything but Wilder picks the team and sees what goes on in training. 😂 Deary me ... what a sh1te day
  8. The translation in that Spanish article had me 🤣 ... a ringing endorsement for the lad, for sure. Have to say if we end the window and our only 'upgrades' up front are Forss and Hoppe, my confidence in the team finishing top-six is dwindling .. Hoppe is still very young so that is the only reason I feel we may be in luck and he comes good under Wilder and co's stewardship but really, underwhelming is putting it mildly. I think most of us are and were expecting better following the Spence sale, then the blow of losing Tav but at least getting a decent fee, I thought put us in an even
  9. wtf is going on. Is this really on or off?? I give up reading about 10 pages ago craziest window gossip for a few seasons for sure 🤣
  10. Agree, tbf. I almost didn't bother for that reason, but just had to get it out my system 🤣 As I said, I hope it turns out I needn't have been concerned all along .. haha
  11. Exactly my feelings about the upcoming season Try to remain hopeful but although we have additional profit should we lose Tavernier (which looks the case) I think it is a big hole to fill to say the least, in a short space of time and I just don't feel comfortable losing him going into a campaign where most of us were/are expecting a promotion battle. Certainly do not feel like we are anywhere near an automatic-competing squad as it stands .. but you just never know, I guess. Someone mentioned other day about Wilder seeming tetchy in his post-match interview the other night, and I p
  12. I worry it is the latter Lenihan, Giles .. Steffen .. thought it was a real solid start to our window Now I am concerned we are not going to make the level of improvement we need up top to really compete, though you never know regardless who signs ha ha .. even following the Spence sale, are we fumbling at the last minute again as usual?? I get it isn't easy for a side like us that has been out the PL for so long attracting players .. but I thought the chance to work under Wilder when we already have a solid foundation to build on would put us front of the race (bar rele
  13. Would be very happy if we land Armstrong... ?? That a hint KM?? 😁 If Steffen/Armstrong sign then we are in business, a couple more signings and I'd feel confident for the coming season
  14. True. Ha ha Hopefully the same won't be said about Lenihan in a couple of seasons' time
  15. Totally agree re; strikers Had confidence we were going to be improving significantly in that area a few weeks back, had a good feeling about things but now I don't know what to think Even when the Spence deal goes through, we'll have money but that doesn't mean we just wax the whole lot and attract anyone we want, I know that. I know the window is always tough but I wonder what Wilder's thoughts are currently as things drag on... yet the first game is going to come before we know it! 🤣 It is going to be a very difficult season and finishing top six will be harder this time aro
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