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  1. Someone on fmttm said they may as well just replay one of the last few press conferences, it'll be the same drivel as usual from Woodgate about the Forest game. How sad that Gibson has just let this carry on. Too late to bring in a new manager anyway, probably. We're going to get relegated and all season it's just been silent from the top. The club has lost its soul, total mess.
  2. zero chance he's resigning 😡
  3. I thought that was odd, too. 2.00pm? A conference before Forest that soon? Wishing it's his resignation but won't be. 😒
  4. You may as well not bother staying up. He's going nowhere.
  5. He's going nowhere regardless of the threat of League One? 😒 Truly miserable at the club now. We'll lose even more season ticket holders as Gibson just appears uninterested and fine with Woodgate and his crew. This is shocking.
  6. Rare I like Vickers' articles, but he has it absolutely bang on there. Looking at our remaining fixtures, I am very worried we could drop down to League One now. Gibson should be taking the risk and getting someone in who at least has a clue how to get the squad playing and gain enough points to keep us in the league, but he won't. To me it just feels like the club aren't concerned about relegation. Time is running out fast, if a change needs to be made, it has to be now. Could be very ugly in the stands vs Leeds this week. Expect they'll crush us. Won't change Gibson's mind though, won't budge on Woodgate. Hate what we've become as a club and where we are. There's got to be a way around it. The appointment of Woodgate from the start was an atrocious decision but seems Gibson had that planned all along, once Pulis had left the place. This team isn't responding to Woodgate any more. Throughout the fixtures in Xmas the players/youngsters were saying spirit was good despite our awful start to the season and struggle until Christmas, but I feel that has changed now. Very concerned we're heading down as it stands.
  7. I hope it's true that Woodgate has been sacked, to at least get someone else in to give us a chance of staying up. With the next couple of fixtures coming up, we could see ourselves sucked into bottom three with games running out. I don't think it's true though. I think Gibson isn't going to budge even if Woodgate takes us down. Depressing times at the club at moment. 😒
  8. Stood outside Boro bust station, eating a packet of crisps last I heard. Smiling and winking at everyone who asks 'are you signing??'
  9. Ah, that makes sense then. Started to think my mate was bit hasty in saying three will be announced. I never got a message back since that's all, when I asked for info on the third player we're trying for. Will wait and see!
  10. Oh aye? May there be a third after all, then? haha 🤔🤔
  11. Looks like my information was incorrect! Never mind, apologies. I rarely post 'ITK' snippets, think I'll stay out of transfer gossip for now ha ha 🤡🤡
  12. Nothing else, just the message I got that the signings will be unveiled together later on. If I do get any other snippets I'll post. I asked if there was info on the third as I guess first two are Morrison and the lad from Ligue 1 🙂
  13. Ha ha don't add me alongside the usual crew, I'm not worthy!
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