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  1. Frank Lampard is mentioned quite often, he could possibly see a job here as an opportunity to get his managerial career back up and running, though I think he is a bit out of reach for us realistically. I'd be very happy if he were to be the next man in, though.
  2. This comes as no surprise at all, I trust our source on here, if the person on FMTTM is just making it up as we know it does happen ... I'd be suprised to be honest. I'm sure more will come out very soon. The constant suspicious absentees on our sub bench, I just can't get the feeling nothing is badly wrong now. I get the feeling it's almost being done on purpose though have no other ideas than NW is looking for his severance package and won't resign haha All that fuss over Payero, I don't believe Warnock was interested at all. Not saying he should have been, he's still not experi
  3. Oph ... heard there was a rumour on here and said there's very few I trust from past posts. Folk who've always been pretty much bang on .. Lurker, certainly consider your posts as ones I look out for in times like this. Now this means I am definitely interested. Last night people were debating are people really wanting him out or is it just a few bad apples, theres been a few hundred cast vosts at least last time I checked and it was more or less 70 percent in favour of him going. FFS, a few bad apples, really?? The fans are being treat like idiots and to be honest it pisses me off, they
  4. Respectfully disagree, honestly. It seemed the damage was done behind the scenes with hierarchy/players and morale was crushed. There was the obvious seething from AK over the Rhodes/Downing signings and *** knows what else behind the scenes, the dressing room was fractured. Bringing in egos such as Valdes which seemed to et everyone very excited at the time was only going to go one way. Negredo is the one forward we had that season though I thought handled himself very well. If I recall correctly, AK seemed he went out his way to behave the worst he could towards the end times or at least
  5. Can't argue with that I suppose, just picking up from what I read in speculation that his next job will be a bigger club blah blah but mostly Celtic has been the one that was being spoken of, and it looked like he was off there for a period of time. I am quite curious as to how he has been out of a managerial role for some time ... but never mind. I felt when Keiran Scott arrived, we're finally creating a model/philosophy and so far NW is throwing a spanner in the works regards to whatever work is going on in the background. I aren't getting the sense he is in tandem with the new d
  6. I know, mate. I say it quite a lot to folk that Eddie Howe would be my perfect appointment here but it would never happen due to ££££ and he will have far, far bigger clubs than us offering him roles. Oh, well. The ex-Sheff Utd boss, Wilder is it?? Wouldn't complain if we reached out for the likes of him. There are plenty of managers without a club that could suit us or maybe there's a hidden gem somewhere. A bit like when Norwich brought in Farke haha Edit - I did notice you did not deny Gibbo is in two minds on what to do right now hahaha
  7. Gibbo's in two minds isn't he?? Fire him now, risk the new guy tainting his rep before the next season if we're still *** or just let the season carry on with Warnock keeping us up by a point 🤣 *EDIT - I hope Gibbo has been talking to Howe about taking over next season, but now considering asking him to come in now. He does have connections to Scott, after all. He would be my choice and think it would all work nicely if we made that kind of appointment, now we have Scott behind the scenes.
  8. AAawww haway, yer can't tease us like that!! For me, I honestly don't understand the point of Warnock hanging around for the rest of this season??? Top six hopes could be salvageable, only by a very small chance though, but it is a chance if we thank Warnock and move him on after today and bring someone else in. We all know there are some great managers available. Personally I'd love Howe but I know there's absolutely no chance that is happening.
  9. That the thread shut? If not just thought I'd say, I have been critical of our recruitment strategy/business in general the past few seasons to say the least 🤣 There's been a feeling of a breath of fresh air with this window, finally. A new era beginning, excited to see how we develop as a club after this season going forward. I still feel we'll fall a little short this season to go up, but the squad is surely just about there now. You never know. I'd love to see Warnock sign off in his management career with a final promotion to add to his record. Hernandez looks beauty. Hav
  10. I'd love that to happen but a lot of folk don't tend to agree with me when I say I'd like Howe in charge once Warnock is done. Hate to say it but I think promotion this season is asking a bit much .. Hopefully, though, NW leaves behind a decent squad and a happy camp. With the likes of Scott then fully at work, I think Howe would be the perfect guy to come in and lead a talented, young and developing squad. Would feel like we finally have a real philosophy, vision, as opposed to us mostly firefighting over the past few seasons, drifting around aimlessly in the mid-range of the Championship, fe
  11. 🤣.... Christ .. within a few hours not checking, we're not getting this Siliki (sp?), now?? No longer surprising, entirely used to it. Just waiting for Sporar to mess up last minute on deadline day now. I'll just pretend it's a few year back and Burke is a decent looking signing 🤣 Perhaps we should just stop punching above our weight and go for more lads from non-league and forget about this window once and for all. It's done my head in. I wasn't optimistic about it anyway, but to expect a top six challenge with what we have right now is crackers really. I'll look forwar
  12. Aaahh right ... oh well, if there's anyone to get him performing again, I think NW is the man to belt him up the ***! Ha ha
  13. Thanks to both. Siliki looks interesting?? Yet another that's popped up on our radar this window I have no clue of so have a quick scan of on youtube haha ... playing CL level football last season am I correct?? If it's true he is coming then surely it is a pretty decent addition at the least, certainly if he has been playing at a high level in the French Ligue 1 That Warnock has said Sporar is the last signing expected from abroad then God knows but I hope both happen. Not saying I've decided Siliki is good enough within two minutes obviously, but we're lacking and he obviously ha
  14. Been off here for a day or so sick .. anyone summarise things for me? I see Burke being mentioned ... I remember thinking he'd be a good signing but that's many seasons back 🤣🤣🤣 Is he a realistic signing in the works?? Whatever is going on, game time tomorrow. Just hope we get three points.
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