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  1. He's always been like that. He gets protrayed as a loveable smiley German who loves football and he is - when they are winning. But when he loses he is one of the worst sore losers in the game. The stupid excuses he comes up with. The grass is too long. It was windy. It's the same for both sides. I dislike how the media lap him up when he is one of the most salty people around. People just don't see it very often because of the success he has had. He knew when the replay was to be played. If he really needed the players to have the time off then pick a better team and show his opponents a bit more respect.
  2. Yeah I'd say that would rule Watford out of any deal.
  3. Could have the opposite effect if they are concerned. Before they might have been prepared to wait for him to recover but if this is serious they might want a keeper that can play instantly.
  4. Fabianski just gone off injured for West Ham....
  5. As a lot of people are probably aware - Woodgate was asked his opinion on the recruitment side of things when Bevington was in charge. He paused and said something like his silence is deafening and says all you need to know on his opinion on that subject. It was reported in the Echo, Gazette and Hartlepool Mail. Since then all of the articles have removed that comment and even posts on FMTTM that quoted that comment have been removed. Anyone know what's going on? Was it supposed to have been said off the record and the club have requested everyone to remove it? It seems a bit strange that it has been wiped from public knowledge.
  6. I think he's suggesting he's stil hanging around down there to sort things our and not come back because of the problems with his medical as some have speculated which makes it look like everyone still expects the transfer to be completed. Not AWOL.
  7. And Pickford for over £25m but again it's just a technical one as he never actually played for Sunderland in the Championship. I think Sam Johnstone is the only actual one who had been previously playing Championship football with Villa before his move to WBA but he was only on loan and still a Man Utd player. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/transferrekorde/wettbewerb/GB2/plus//galerie/0?saison_id=alle&land_id=alle&ausrichtung=&spielerposition_id=1&altersklasse=&leihe=&w_s=&zuab=0 That includes arrivals and departures to / from Championship clubs for goalkeepers. But you can filter to just one selection if you want.
  8. They have a long term lease on the name. A bit like Virgin Media and the other Virgin group of companies.
  9. You do realise Sky don't own SkyBet don't you? Sky Sports might make up *** to get clicks and post any old transfer rumour but I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with them trying to get people to bet on transfer stories.
  10. I know. Obviously it isn't a perfect window but people need to look at where we are financially and be realistic about what they can expect. We tried to bring players in but we can't match the wages / fees that PL clubs want. That's the reality that people need to get used to. We could have bought more from the Championship and League One but some of the fees quoted are outrageous - like Toney for example. It's hard to convience people from abroad to come here unless we offer huge wages and look where that has got us recently. I like reading some of this thread because there is a lot of good information about potential signings but there is so much moaning that makes it really tedious to read as it's just going over the same old ground and you have to go through it all to get to anything useful. Be back in January. Hopefully we will have a good half of the season and there won't be as much moaning in the next transfer window.
  11. Barry Fry confirms we are NOT one of the teams bidding for Toney. And that they'd only sell for silly money like £10m. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/football/posh/peterborough-united-dismiss-middlesbrough-link-with-10-million-ivan-toney-1-9022153
  12. Don't forget his drunken antics with Lampard after 9/11. As for the Bridge thing - didn't the wife / gf / whatever receive damages from newspapers regarding the publishing of those rumours? I dislike Terry as much as most people but some of them are just rumours. I have no idea what he is like as a manager. Whether he is good at tactics or has a footballing brain. But one thing I do know he is and that's a leader. If he demonstrated a good footballing brain then I'd accept him as manager if people vouched for him as a better person than he presented as in the media. Can't really excuse the racist comments.
  13. I can never understand that. Why is their recent form more deserving than a team who had a better first-half of the season? The team who deserves it most is the team with the best form over the 46 game season. Hope it's a Derby - WBA final but that's looking really unlikely now. WBA seem to have blown it with their attacking suspensions.
  14. Even if clubs weren't money grabbing - they'd still have a problem with sponsors. I can't see a new sponsor being happy with the club selling a shirt with another sponsor on after they've just paid money to have their name on a shirt. I know some seasons the sponsor remains the same but now you can have sponsors on the arm, the front or the back it will nearly always need to be different from one season to the next.
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