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  1. The point was that if you thought that it would prove anything then you're very naive. So a waste of time requesting he post messages.
  2. Not sure why people are asking crackers to post messages to prove anything. You can knock up a fake image in seconds. E.g. Whatsapp https://www.fakewhats.com/generator
  3. Hull confirmed we had enquired at the time. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/20250555.hull-city-reject-boro-approach-defender-jacob-greaves/
  4. Just the usual elitist comment whenever someone even mentions FMTTM. Dunno why. The majority of posters post on both sites.
  5. Utd also played yesterday. So there has been a lot of players used over the weekend. And one of their youth sides had been in Northern Ireland playing the Milk Cup. So he might just be filling numbers for now.
  6. A Rotherham fan on another forum I visit seemed to believe that he had been training with them before Boro jumped in.
  7. Why are all these assumptions based on Boro wanting rid? Could it just be as simple as him wanting to leave and Boro not standing in his way if the finances stack up. Maybe to a warmer country or something with a more Latin lifestyle. His preference was to stay in Europe. If that can't happen he might just want to return home.
  8. Work permit must be pretty much done. MLS American commentators during the New York City game last night talked as though it was complete when discussing American goalkeepers. And there was an article in passing talking about the move on the MLS website a few days ago too.
  9. Is that figure a bit misleading? Isn't the figure so high because we got promoted? Extras like bonuses etc to players / clubs for transfers.
  10. I don't understand why the Derby fans keep going on about this losing run as if it changes things. Does it matter when we lost the games? Whether they were in a row or spread out during the season - you still got the same amount of points for losing those games. 0. The season is 46 games. It's not extra points for the last 13. And Derby still gained extra points for being able to buy / loan players that they otherwise would not have been able to recruit. Our form is irrelevant to any argument as to whether we would have finished within the Play-Off places. The whole point is that your spe
  11. I don't see someone who runs a fanzine as a major source of his income and takes part in the weekly Boro media making up a phone call with Gibson. So yes I do believe it.
  12. According to Rob (of FMTTM fame) - Gibson rang him after he contacted him on behalf of a group of Derby fans and confirmed that the £45m figure was correct. A direct quote from a post Rob made "He also told me how he arrived at £45m. It makes total sense - I can tell anyone that asks me privately but is based on an average value of the worth of promotion to the Premier but also divided by the bookies odds if we made the play offs and not Derby." https://fmttmboro.com/index.php?threads/next-derby-owners-face-extra-£1m-legal-bill-as-middlesbrough-and-wycombe-compensation-claims-head-for-ugl
  13. I'm often curious about if their attendances would hold up if they were a midtable side in the Premier League. Bit like the European Super League. These teams have huge fanbases becase they win all the time. Lets see how they do if they just become the also rans like the rest.
  14. At least with Adidas (I think it was) the clubs response in the past was that they had to get orders in months in advance for extra deliveries to get them produced. Which is likely even worse with production timelines if factories are having to close or run on reduced staff due to covid. The next problem is when they order mid-season they'll only order a small amount and if they do they they make less per a shirt due to the bulk order discounts. So if they get the amount of stock wrong they are then left with a load of shirts they have to heavily discount at the end of the season an
  15. Not a big fan of Morsy but don't think it's fair to say no-one but a League One side were interested in him. He said himself that there were loan offers in the Championship but Boro wanted a sale so his options were limited. Don't think many teams in this climate would be making almost last minute moves for a player who seemed to be made available so late in the window when money is so tight in this league in general and budgets have probably been allocated.
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