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  1. Robbie keane related I think mate.
  2. Cant lay the blame at woodys door me... been hung out to dry just like the last local lad. Squad is so thin and full of utter dross it's all points to one outcome.. even with Jack Ross supposedly coming on board this has been a downhill slope for 4yrs.. hard to stop the slide when the club is investing 0 in playing staff. Until we get a football brain in charge of transfers etc it wont change and likely get worse.
  3. Quite possible with all the unrest in the stands.
  4. Long time no post from me... my contact is under lock and key these days... been told today whilst in the ground that Cleveland Cables had offered to buy the club and pay all of SG debt back to him but he said no.
  5. Browne just looks a little lost at the moment and trying to hard... that's his age and his eagerness to prove to the management he deserves his place. Bola still not 100% settled yet but is defensively more sound than coulson but less attacking. Thought we were pretty poor first half but better second.. think it's a long slog next 2 years... asked about jan recruitment... woody thinks we are 5 short. Be interesting to see how that goes. Fry will be starting before we know it. Woody determined to ease him in gently so hopefully stays injury free.
  6. No problem mate. Like I said just relaying what I'm told. Even I could be getting the PR spiel.
  7. Could be. Suppose time will tell.
  8. CT just to counteract your thoughts... how many of the new players have played for a club that comes with pressure like ours. I'm not dismissing what your saying far from it but you can see how confidence shot the whole team is when we concede etc. I think personally it has a massive effect on the footy we play. Just my own thoughts..
  9. My stirring the pot was me relaying info... my dismay at not getting players is natural as I know we are short... do I think it will cause us to go down... not a chance but then I could well be wrong and we do.
  10. How did you get to this conclusion? Not sure 2 loan players is the difference between success and failure...personally.
  11. 0-1 for me... think its gonna be a rough few weeks as a boro fan. Just don't see any confidence in the team etc. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. I don't want to sound like I'm teaching you to suck eggs mate but it doesn't work like that..
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