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  1. He may well be correct mate. Just relaying what I was told.
  2. If its classed as an act of God... like most insurers they wont have a case to answer.
  3. Just a little update of what I have just been told... over half of EFL clubs motioned to have season cancelled as null and void.. I honestly see this happening.
  4. Nothing to report... targets for next season being discussed... also players who are free to go... no chance on woodgate etc. 10 games to go
  5. Morrison has fallen out with Woody already...
  6. We wont have time for a foreign manager it would have to be someone who knows and understands the league.
  7. In a position to know. Not naming player as dont want to get him in any grief.
  8. An ex player is adamant he is going... still not convinced
  9. Definite talks but their is no sign of change.. or so I'm being told.
  10. Trying to get confirmed but told crunch talks were held last night.. think he maybe on his way... please note I have not got confirmation
  11. My head thinks Boro want to Woody to resign.. saves a payout for remainder of contract.
  12. Was told he was going to be... that said I personally dont know.
  13. I was told that ppl around the club weren't expecting a sacking to happen.
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