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  1. Not his uncle.... more TP and the necessity to ensure we fell in line with FFP.
  2. Picture is Legit... was there last night and today... let's see what next week brings... I'm told he has told Dyche and Burnley only one club he wants to join... if he cant he will stay there until the summer. Cant disclose anymore I'm afraid.
  3. Some truth to the Wing stuff.... bit of a falling out with Woody about playing time. That's all I know being honest.
  4. Would I be surprised if we sold Wing?? NO. Have I heard anything?? NO Just as I said everyone will have a price that the club thinks is exceptional.
  5. Wont be Howson he joined us as he wanted to move back to Yorkshire with his young family.
  6. Bit cryptic this morning so I apologise.... message I have recieved overnight when I asked about ins and out was the the following.. everyone has a price... in and out... cant say much more... YET
  7. Ref lost control... bottled it and called 4mins
  8. Think you may see more intensity on incomings.... even if it's only a slight pull its usually 3weeks min for a hamstring. We are bare bones at the back. Miss McNair in midfield in my humble opinion
  9. Point gained from how I felt at halftime... these younger lads dont give up. That said injuries are crippling us seriously. Lads got 5 days off now R&R.
  10. Injuries were going to come... paperthin squad exhausted.. now we will see just how much Mr Gibson can find down the sofa because we are at bare bones... not a single fit CB is not a great place.
  11. Fancy streaming it Wilson? Actually dont when I went to Forest away there was a fan who literally streamed all 90mins... its lost on me to be honest
  12. All they are challenged to do is create a sellable story.
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