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  1. 442 I for some reason unbeknown to me think he will play friend at CB
  2. Stojanovic Spence Coulson Fry Friend Clayton McNair Wing Tav Gestede Britt
  3. Nice to see Warnock sees we have no leaders...all of us have seen this.. we dont have a true captain.. 4-4-2 tomorrow. Britt Rudy up top I'm thinking.
  4. Neil Buchanan I can go with , least i know the tactics board will be used
  5. Just my opinion.... everytime we have tried to play a better brand of football we have failed dismally... go all the way back to McClaren we were built on being solid. AK we were solid TP we were solid... only Robson we played expansive and got rewards in promotion. Mogga Monk Woodgate all tried and failed. Maybe it's just our DNA
  6. Warnock if we stay up... dont see it being offered to anyone else.
  7. Training at Boro till end of season.
  8. Yeah I have been in a dressing room where a manager has punched a player twice in the face at half time and then at full time player punched the gaffer. Very weird
  9. Leo, Coyne staying. Blackwell as Assistant. Woody - Scouting? Keane - out of here
  10. Brutal watching that... I see 11 individuals all with no 0 interest today. Robert's second half showed something. As soon as I saw the team I think we all knew what was coming... laboured , lacklustre , lg1 standard. Honestly dont think Swansea got out of 1st gear. Got far too many passengers at our club. We arent fixable over a week month or year in my opinion.
  11. Cheers Lurker I just read the headline last night
  12. FFP rules to be suspended for 12 months according to the telegraph.
  13. No woodgate said he would pick and choose his games as he wont be able to play all 9
  14. Robert's is fit but will pick and choose games he plays
  15. I dont see it personally. Bought a new big house on outskirts of stoke. On a decent wage as well... think he will move on as I do all apart from Howson ( if we stay up)
  16. We also have the option of extending a year but not sure if we can activate that after July 1st...
  17. The gravitas of this is the club have to offer less money even over that short period as their income has been significantly reduced as have all clubs. Easier to negotiate with a player without a club than one who has his last big move in his career. Club knew the risks. Whilst I think it's a positive that we are no longer being dictated to by players I just hope we can scramble through next 9 games and stay up. If we do the financial outlook for MFC will be a lot better than 80% of championship clubs
  18. I am gonna bet something like this.... Daniel was offered a short term contract on significantly less money than his contract one. He felt the club were not showing enough loyalty to a player who has been there 7years. He decided to decline and JW has told Ayala he will not be selected for the 2 games prior to contract expiry...
  19. I think everyone else extends if I'm honest. Some of the free agents don't have clubs so it's in their best interests
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