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  1. Just what's being reported... 2 CBs this week which I think makes us a lot stronger than this time in the summer window.
  2. Even I dont think we will have a better window than we are going to have 😉
  3. My magic 8 ball said you would know it as well... amazing
  4. We know nothing mate.... I just wing it from my magic 8ball 😉
  5. Think it will be loan with summer purchase mate.
  6. Begs the question... how bad are the Fry and Ayala injuries?? McNair possibly got suitors??
  7. Yeah as they will be on a new insurance I believe.
  8. Lots of chat saying Gibbo had phase 1 of medical... I have asked but been told not agreed as far as source is aware
  9. That is a very valid point.... unless a deal has been struck
  10. I cant confirm that but he has been doing rehab at Rockcliffe and Burnley are aware
  11. Britt would need replacing but dont see him being sold. Wing wouldn't need replacing with the amount of midfielders we have.
  12. I think the lack of rumours Is because we only want 2 more.. seems pretty common knowledge who one player is...if we only get that one in think we are stronger than we were at xmas
  13. Not yet.... let's see what tomorrow brings 🤐
  14. Rumours going to go through the roof this week. Enjoy the ride... whilst I do not think we want to sell I still see one first teamer could go. Be quite pleased when it's all done and hopefully we can kick on.
  15. Not his uncle.... more TP and the necessity to ensure we fell in line with FFP.
  16. Picture is Legit... was there last night and today... let's see what next week brings... I'm told he has told Dyche and Burnley only one club he wants to join... if he cant he will stay there until the summer. Cant disclose anymore I'm afraid.
  17. Some truth to the Wing stuff.... bit of a falling out with Woody about playing time. That's all I know being honest.
  18. Would I be surprised if we sold Wing?? NO. Have I heard anything?? NO Just as I said everyone will have a price that the club thinks is exceptional.
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