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  1. I was expecting us to not being able to pass the ball more than 2 times to eachother and have 1-2 half chances and around 30% possessions. Like the last 3 seasons. So for me we actually looked exciting... See it all comes down to expectations.... 😉
  2. Did you actually think we would be near play off? In that case I can understand why people complain so much. I have us at 16 as best.....
  3. Well at the same time I dont think we are direct enough at times....
  4. Think its much better. I actually think we been good. But then again I seem to have more normal expectation on this team than most. Relegation battle is what I am set for. But if play like this I am pretty sure we will be safe
  5. People in here realy have weird expectation on this team lol. If only read here you would think we where being outplayed and the scoreboard showed 3-0..... We are playing way better than I expected so I guess its all down to what one expected.... 😉
  6. Think we been pretty good in second half so far.
  7. Dont give away free kicks, corners and penalties and maybe we can keep a clean sheet sometime this decade....
  8. I am actually born in Bergen (Norway) moved to sweden pretty early though.....
  9. Not so bad bench realy. Lots of talent atleast and academy based ones 🙂
  10. whats the best we can hope for this season? Mid table?
  11. I think the welsh ancestry line is based on a viking line from the start though 😉 one of the norse barbarians seem to have settled down and got married....
  12. Keep me out of it..... I did find out I have an ancestor from Wales though.....
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