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  1. Well Allsvenskan is also on the level as league 1.....
  2. Yes because north England was viking land 😉 ofc the norwegian was first but we where a bit more cultured than the danish brutes 😛
  3. To be fair, he is a dane so he dont have a first one... 😉 Ill stop now...
  4. Danish is not a language. Its drunk swedish....
  5. Every match will be on telly for me as we gonna be in PL 😉 😛
  6. He dont play potter football though. Will not be a change to what we have. He is a typical brittish manager....
  7. Thanks, thought so 🙂 we do have an Isaac Fletcher so was not 100%
  8. Ok my livescore services are f*cked up. One say Isac Fletcher scored and one say Isah Cornet.... Which Fletcher is playing? lol
  9. Leauge 1 level right now... Think the netflix boys would run circles around us at the moment....
  10. I am glad we had a good first half of the season. We should be able to avoid relegation.. .
  11. Well they got a new owner now...He makes Gibson look poor.... without salaray cap they can probably buy themselves out from that leauge now.
  12. Still came at weird stage of the season that loss. We are 4th in form the last 10 games.
  13. Just don't bring out the promotion snake. Always turn out bad....
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