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  1. This realy cant be the same Boro I saw some games ago?......
  2. ahh Fletcher dident get any curve on that one, to bad, very good oppurtunity
  3. Need to change leadership or we will go down I know we have injuries and stuff but the way we play is outrageously poor.....
  4. 1% chance of playoff, 21% to go down if you belive these guys https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/
  5. Does we still have the biggest win against Mourinho in England? Or I guess someone has to have beaten his side with more than 3-0 by now? It was away aswell so I think thats somekind of record.....
  6. I love our young players, we should play them more, cant realy be worse than it is anyway 😉
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