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  1. 2 is enough if Sheffield dont score in their game. Then we scored more goals then them
  2. Always liked him despite that he is a Tottenham fan. He comes from up north in Sweden from a mining community so probably felt right at home in Boro land
  3. The comentator on my tv said it was a natural position.....
  4. Its so damn boring though so had to zoom out... 😜
  5. Australia is associate members of EBU (but so is most of the world) Their love for ABBA probably dident hurt either, Sweden plays a big role in the Eurovision.... so some kissing our asses goes a long way 😜
  6. I thought England was pretty entertaining during the tournament. After 1-0 in the final though it was dreadfull. Dont know if it was Italy that was that much better or England who just went into full defence mode or a combo...
  7. Still Liverpool has created more than Chelsea against us....
  8. Over before it started..... Chelsea is another level, Man U and Tottenham are not
  9. Forest game in hand is Bournemouth away right? Not like they get any certain points there....
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