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  1. misses sitters every game, very costly.....
  2. Monk working wonders with Sheffield.....
  3. Barsnley managing what we dident, score on their chances 2 up now
  4. My first and only (so far) Fulham away 27 september 1986 2-2
  5. well if you create chances but not score vs you dont create chances and dont score. Which is the best scenario to start getting goals? "A loss is a loss no matter the excuse! " Well a win is a win no matter the way you play also, so with that statement we should have kept Pulis then 😉
  6. Today I dont think we desreved to lose, we are realy wasteful infront of goal W crated a lot of good chances against the top team, thats atleast a step forwards from the last matches
  7. how on gods green earth havent we scored this game?
  8. Bola realy must be bad at training to lose out to shotton.......
  9. yes I agree with that, and I dident like Pulisball, but to say that this is better would be a lie....
  10. well he was probably ordered to sell players And I dont think the squad last season was that much better than what we have now
  11. I would say that woodgates football the last games are way worse than Pulisball.... I rather watch a team that has a plan and everyone atleast work as a team than what we are seeing now....
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