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  1. 3 up. But only matters if Wigan actually lose 12 points...... its not written in stone....
  2. Think it would be karma if we stayed up via a technicality...... we did go down by one 97....
  3. Well we dont deserve to lose this. We not been good but still the only team who actually tried
  4. We are going down.... derby matches against the netflix boys next season.....
  5. Yes but guess they see it as it come from a boro player.....
  6. I still we think we play pretty decent, if its one team who deserve to lead this game its us... but thats football for you.....
  7. would rather have Coulson on the left than Johnson. But thats me......
  8. well I think we did actually, we did look pretty good untill we missed the penalty and both injuries. Then I think they tried to ride the game out second half, but that cost them
  9. will be nice with some rest now. We dont play until 1 feb right?
  10. Thats Boro for you, once you get some hope you get kicked on the tits.....
  11. Did we have any say in not scheduling this game now? I mean I understand they play FA cup in the weekend, but damn it we have had a crazy busy time lately......
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