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  1. We need to score more. We create more than every team we play so far (almost)
  2. With Pulis we created less. Doesent mean we dident score more ;). Also with Pulis Randoloh saved us a lot of points. Now I think they could have put me in goal and we wouls still have the same outcome 😛
  3. Warnock ball still create more chances. And also warnock ball concede less chances
  4. I thought we had went back to just 3 subs overall?
  5. If we practise penalties we will win the cup. Because we will not concede another goal this season. Problem is we will not score another either.... 😉
  6. According to Flashscore we had 55 dangerous attacks and Brentford only 33 Not sure how they count though. But it doesent paint the picture we play Pulis ball anyway.....
  7. Read somewhere that Warnock havent won at Ewood Park Bloody time then....
  8. I was gonna say its time to bring back the promotion snake (or what we call it). But then I remembered it always go to hell when we do... Lets hope warnock don't win manager of the month anytime soon either.....
  9. One word for our football this season Shape..... 🙂
  10. Well we create a hell lot more then them even if its boring to watch. How fun was it for a coventry fan today? 😉
  11. Think we need better players for that. With this squad play off would be amazing. Nobel prize to Warnock in that case....
  12. Its looks good or well better than I thought, even if it looked ok end of last season too I just wish Warnock would hav gotten more players that he wanted, think we might have been an outsider for promotion then actually, Now I dont know, depends on if we can stay fit I think
  13. Contact doesent mean penalty though... Its a contact sport... or it used to be
  14. So Denmark gonna be is seeding pot 1 for WC qualification. Realy hope Sweden get them....
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