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  1. Warnock doesent want to play the ball on the floor though 😉 😜
  2. Can we pls get rid of Warnock? This football is hardly worth watching even if you win. When we dont its worse than torture..... I rather give birth again than watch this a whole another season....
  3. Doubt we will sack him.... its his last season as manager and Gibson is not very rational. ..
  4. Warnock out pls.... Lets give the new manager this season as a learning curve....
  5. What did Assombalonga cost? 15 millions? By that price he would be Messi compared to Payero 😉 Dident Payero cost as much as Saville?
  6. Be glad Warnock is old school, if he knew about xG he wold talk about that and say that we should have won this game comfertable.....
  7. might be but if you score 3 goals with that xG then you havent created good chances..... we have 1.76
  8. 0,43 in xG an score 3 goals. Tells me our keeper have a nightmare without watchng the game.....
  9. He is not a Warnock signing so dont think we see much of him this season....
  10. xG right now is 1.70 -0,37. realy tells the story.....
  11. they being one man less not gonna help, playing football is not realy our thing.... 😛
  12. Dont think both Tav and Watmore would be at the stadium if it was covid related....
  13. With a manager that can play more modern football it wouldent be so bad lineup. With Warnock.... 0-5..... On a sidenote Leeds got trashed 5-1 so decent start to the afternoon...
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