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  1. 1% chance of playoff, 21% to go down if you belive these guys https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/
  2. Does we still have the biggest win against Mourinho in England? Or I guess someone has to have beaten his side with more than 3-0 by now? It was away aswell so I think thats somekind of record.....
  3. I love our young players, we should play them more, cant realy be worse than it is anyway 😉
  4. Allright 🙂 wozzie is a mix between a wookie and wuzz I still think its hard, but with todays rules its a red that I can agree on
  5. Doesent matter as many has pointed out, you get a red if you show your studs in a tackle. Modern football 😛 Most seem to think its the way to go so not gonna complain anymore
  6. Absolutely non, but I am not a PC wozzie like you, I stand for my belives 🙂 You are all wuzzies, its why Engand cant play Handball to physical for you, its a wonder you actually can play Rugby 😛
  7. Actually yes 🙂 And she was not sent off, was 20 years ago 🙂 These days you get a red if you tackle the ball with the studs, I do think its a silly rule, football is a physical game, sliding tackles are wonderfull, now you are not even allowed to tackle from behind even if you tae the ball first..... football is not what it used to be, its showing with more and more primadonnas
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