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  1. Think part of that was because we couldent find a matching partnership
  2. The only ones who cares are those small football countries like Denmark, Norway and Hungary... 😜
  3. Swede since some years (22) first 20 was Norwegian.... Became a swede at 20 but lived in Sweden from I was 14.
  4. 2 is enough if Sheffield dont score in their game. Then we scored more goals then them
  5. Always liked him despite that he is a Tottenham fan. He comes from up north in Sweden from a mining community so probably felt right at home in Boro land
  6. The comentator on my tv said it was a natural position.....
  7. Its so damn boring though so had to zoom out... 😜
  8. Australia is associate members of EBU (but so is most of the world) Their love for ABBA probably dident hurt either, Sweden plays a big role in the Eurovision.... so some kissing our asses goes a long way 😜
  9. I thought England was pretty entertaining during the tournament. After 1-0 in the final though it was dreadfull. Dont know if it was Italy that was that much better or England who just went into full defence mode or a combo...
  10. Still Liverpool has created more than Chelsea against us....
  11. Over before it started..... Chelsea is another level, Man U and Tottenham are not
  12. Forest game in hand is Bournemouth away right? Not like they get any certain points there....
  13. One more and we are 6th... 😜
  14. I wonder if its in the loan contract that some loan players have to start? Or why is not Watmore starting more games?
  15. Why are we not even trying to play the same away as home? Seriosly its only mental.....
  16. Time to get the show running away from Riverside too
  17. Leeds lost 6-0..... not all waste of an evening I suppose
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