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  1. Well, I laughed! Shame for him he didn't go to Italy. Would have been good for his development and the Italian clubs are pretty good with injuries. God knows how many careers have been extended over there.
  2. The sponsors look wonky in the photos on both shirts, or is that just me? The home one is somehow growing on me. I usually like it when we have a white band, but that one and the blue are putting me off. Still, like I said, somehow growing on me. Away is lush - I prefer not to get away kits though. Might see if there's a nice training kit or something then.
  3. I do hate all the "phases" of the offside rule, but as it stands our goal wasn't offside. Can see why Brighton are upset about the red card too - I don't think it was malicious, but it was high, studs showing and you could say reckless. Whether he won the ball or not (obviously he did) doesn't matter - there's no rule that says you can't foul someone just because you also won the ball. I'd have been annoyed if he only got a yellow, but can see why Brighton fans would disagree. No need to have a go at Ramirez though - he's quite clearly been injured by it whatever your view on the red card.
  4. Absolute best of luck to Brighton in the play-offs. I thought we were the better team today but over the course of the season you've been excellent and more than deserve to go up. Wish we could have had the double promotion party today we were hoping for a few weeks ago.
  5. Would have liked to carry on there - half time is only going to help Brighton. That said, they're going to have to go for it so hopefully we keep defending well and take some chances on the counter.
  7. Nugent I can understand, not so much Stuani, but regardless they're all playing for the same thing so I'm still behind the team the whole way. Come on Boro!
  8. WTF is with that team? You better know what you're doing AK, 'cos I sure as *** don't. Stuani... Jesus.
  9. Got some sleep, but have felt sick all morning and just been pacing about the house waiting for the clock to tick down. Have to start the search for a good stream in an hour or so, otherwise I'll be listening to the radio and I don't know if I can take that - listening to the radio is somehow worse on the nerves than not listening at all.
  10. Been looking at the results over the season for us and Brighton, specifically our records against the other teams in the top 6 (10 matches in total, obviously only 9 played so far). Here's how it breaks down if anyone is interested. We've played 9, won 6, drawn 2 and lost 1. We've scored 13 and conceded 6. Breaking that down further, we've had 4 games at home and 5 away. Starting away, we've won 2, drawn 2 and lost 1, scoring 8 but conceding 6. At home we've been better - winning 4, scoring 5 and conceding none at all. Brighton's record against the top 6 looks like this: Played 9, won 1, drawn 7 and lost 1, scoring 7 and conceding 8 in the process. At home, that's 1 win, 3 draws and a loss, scoring 4 and conceding 5. It's their away form we're interested in though, right? Well, that's like this - played 4, drawn 4, scored 3 and conceded 3. However, only one of their away matches against the top 6 has come after January when they improved their squad even further, and that was the 0-0 at Hull in February. Their other results since January have been 3 home draws against Sheff Wed (0-0), Burnley (2-2) and Derby (1-1). If we expand this to the current top 10, Brighton's away record is improved only slightly, to 2 wins, 5 draws and 1 defeat, scoring 9 and conceding 10. Their total record, home and away, against everyone in the top 10, is won 5, drawn 9 and lost 3, 19 for and 18 against. Since January, when you'd say they've been improved by their signings, their overall record against the current top 10 is won 2, drawn 4 and lost 1, scoring 9 and conceding 8. They've actually only played 3 games away against the current top 10 since January though, winning, drawing and losing 1 apiece. Our record against the current top 10 for comparison is won 10, drawn 6, lost 2, for 24, against 11. At home, it's won 6 and drawn 2, scoring 11 and conceding 2. What does any of this mean? Probably, in a big one off game like this, absolutely nothing other than my misses is out and I've got nothing better to do than stew over this one sodding game!
  11. Are we actually confident of beating Brighton? I know no one is taking it as a formality, but it gets mentioned casually like "we only have to beat Brighton and we're up!" I'm very nervous about it. If we need a win, are we going to score, or score enough? And if we only need a draw, are we just going to defend solidly for 90 minutes the way we try to do with 1-0 leads? And would we be good enough against Brighton to do that successfully?
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