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  1. Didn't mind it, from a perspective of just going to watch it and enjoy it as a film it was decent entertainment there is worse films out there. That said it was hard and some times uncomfortable watching Leto play the joker, maybe because of the who Heath Ledger thing it was always going to be a hard role to take but I don't think it was done well and I didn't really enjoy watching his parts.
  2. Watched Making a Murderer was good! I don't mind a good documentary!
  3. At work this week most the Mackems have been very confident, they think their performance against City was amazing and that we don't have the players to shackle Defoe or people with enough ability to cause them problems. I have a £50 bet with one that we finish higher than them this season the rest wouldn't take me up on it even though their confident! The more level headed ones see this as a tough game think its hard to judge because we've looked good the times they've seen us and they have watched crap for years and don't know how Moyes will do yet. Most seem to think Negredo is a bad
  4. After re-watching the game and having more time to watch over things rather than being caught up in the moment I feel pretty relaxed after that performance there's definitely improvements to be made but not a bad start at all. Adomah got heavily criticised and I believe people only really remember the last few things they see, it's a similar way that players like Carrick and co get rave reviews when ITV or Sky play their 2 highlights of making a great pass or a good run and don't account for the fact they did nothing else all game. Adomah was spot on first half, good runs, he put the cross
  5. Well after all that waiting and build up it is finally here! I thought we were the better team in the first half the first five minutes we gave them to much respect and space but after we settled and started getting into them we were better. Shame Ramirez hit the post because that would of made it very difficult for Stoke, you could see the qaulity they had but they didn't really create much. Imbula was a menace but as the game went on I felt we coped better in midfield. Their was obviously some nerves during that game and mistakes were made by some of our players but it's our first game
  6. So it's back and we're back it seems really weird going up against Stoke and feeling that their the seasoned PL team and we're the new boys just shows how much has changed in the last 7 years, Stoke generally start slow but under Mark Hughes their brand of football has been better and I liked watching them last season it's a tough one but we have to show that we haven't just came to make the numbers up. A packed and bouncing Riverside should make forms good place to play and I'm excited for it, A little look on their forum and surprisingly a lot of their fans are giving us a lot of respect
  7. Well what a few weeks it's been!! Bit of an understatement that really! Works been hectic lately so haven't been able to post on here much only the odd check but I've got to say I'm over the moon with the work done by the club. Whatever people say about the players who've signed the commitment and tanasity shown by the people doing the work behind the scenes is immense and looks to be really paying off. I for one can't wait to be at the riverside next season it's like the Juninho years again :D the interviews by the new boys are really good they come across really well and keen and the Vald
  8. Very true sadly the remains campaign has been to label every one on the leave side as a bigot or a racist these are the people that have slated them for saying they only know what they are shown on the tele about immigration and don't know anything about the EU but have themselves only done what the media has pushed them to do by saying every leave voter is a racist with out thinking that a lot of these voters have their own minds and many will be as well educated as remain, I've stayed out of this topic mainly because apart from voting it's been nothing but a hyped up chest pumping excersise
  9. Completely agree. If we were still in the championship with this squad there would still be improvement needed to get promotion, our options out wide aren't enough, options at #10 are none existant (downing is not a number 10 so don't even go there) and we have only 2 strikers and 1 rb. Wether people like to admit it or not we have a lot of improving to do to get our squad up to premiership quality. We didn't coast promotion but at the same time there was 3 teams going to the wire so it's also a case of was the challenge for promotion more difficult last season. Burnley's style o
  10. I'd echo these comments. I also worry that since AK came in we don't score enough and don't come from behind. That's putting a lot of pressure on a back 7 with virtually no top level experience. As good as they are I'm not sure we can back off teams like we did last season once we took the lead. If the back unit transition into playing at the top then that will be encouraging as not many teams can actually defend. These are kind of my thoughts as the squad stands today. Long way to go until the window shuts. Hard to disagree with any of that. This is the best way of puttin
  11. You would put Adomah ahead of Downing? At right wing? Yeah. On any wing
  12. Southampton are favourites for Redmond according to Sky sports 8mill
  13. I don't feel anywhere near the passion for England as i do Boro, I still like England to do well though and celebrate when we score, it's my country but you put so much in to following your team that it's a natural bond I don't think you can get that with more than one team I know I certainly couldn't. I think like Billy said above that a lot of the fans are lower league teams and its their chance to get abroad and follow a 'big team'. I like the euros and the World Cup as a whole though watching football everyday and some of it can be great football and I'd love England to win one whil
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