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  1. Didn't mind it, from a perspective of just going to watch it and enjoy it as a film it was decent entertainment there is worse films out there. That said it was hard and some times uncomfortable watching Leto play the joker, maybe because of the who Heath Ledger thing it was always going to be a hard role to take but I don't think it was done well and I didn't really enjoy watching his parts.
  2. Watched Making a Murderer was good! I don't mind a good documentary!
  3. At work this week most the Mackems have been very confident, they think their performance against City was amazing and that we don't have the players to shackle Defoe or people with enough ability to cause them problems. I have a £50 bet with one that we finish higher than them this season the rest wouldn't take me up on it even though their confident! The more level headed ones see this as a tough game think its hard to judge because we've looked good the times they've seen us and they have watched crap for years and don't know how Moyes will do yet. Most seem to think Negredo is a bad singing and is past it and would rather have Rhodes and they think without Ayala we will struggle until he is back. Its one of them if they win its a derby and they will gloat if they lose its not and they will say it doesn't bother them either way I think nerves for both sets of fans are kicking in because they know they need to beat us or risk having another mediocre season and if we are serious about being in this league regardless of this being a derby Sunderland have been one of the worst teams in the Prem for the last 5 years so we really should be at least getting a positive point.
  4. After re-watching the game and having more time to watch over things rather than being caught up in the moment I feel pretty relaxed after that performance there's definitely improvements to be made but not a bad start at all. Adomah got heavily criticised and I believe people only really remember the last few things they see, it's a similar way that players like Carrick and co get rave reviews when ITV or Sky play their 2 highlights of making a great pass or a good run and don't account for the fact they did nothing else all game. Adomah was spot on first half, good runs, he put the cross in from the left side for the goal he was running and covering N'sue, he tired in the last 30 mins and made mistakes which he will know himself he has to cut that out especially at this level but apart from that he played well. Tried to watch De Roon but he wasn't really involved much a few short passes and a decent tackle early on but was chasing Imbula about mainly and was turned a few times by him although Imbula was their best player by a mile. The whole team in general played well a few times N'sue and George where caught out. A few times N'sue could of made a few more runs but either was told not to or seemed reluctant too. I think Stoke where a bit caught off guard in the first 5 minutes we seemed a bit nervy and reluctant to get at them but as soon as we did we started playing our own game instead of trying to counter theirs and I think it shocked them they were expecting us to sit and we went at them and it caught them cold abit. Long balls we will be pretty good with Stoke found that out and second half they tried to play through the middle more which is where we will struggle most when we come up against teams who will directly run at us. We haven't had that much in the champ and when Imbula or Shaqiri got the ball and ran at us we looked uncomfortable and it looks our biggest weakness Stoke didn't offer much upfront but other teams will and that's where ***nal and Liverpool and the likes might have easier games with us. We don't really have any one like this bar Ramirez and Forshaw to an extent. Downing was my biggest disappointment I thought he would step up to this level but he offered very little bar in the second half he covered George well when he was tiring but first half he didn't seem to want to be involved at all there was once he only had Bardsley to beat and he stopped and turned back and passed to clayton and stopped a go chance to attack and in the second half Ramirez was driving over to the left and Downing actually stops at the half way line forcing him to try turn right as he had no one to pass too. Impressed with Negredo too he holds the ball brilliantly and is actually quite quick when turning hope that goal gives him confidence and he gets many more for us!
  5. Well after all that waiting and build up it is finally here! I thought we were the better team in the first half the first five minutes we gave them to much respect and space but after we settled and started getting into them we were better. Shame Ramirez hit the post because that would of made it very difficult for Stoke, you could see the qaulity they had but they didn't really create much. Imbula was a menace but as the game went on I felt we coped better in midfield. Their was obviously some nerves during that game and mistakes were made by some of our players but it's our first game and people didn't really expect us to be world beaters until at least week 5 did they? In fairness to us Stoke looked abit shell shocked first half and second half they wernt amazing and we still had the better chances but this is were we need to learn they had one shot on target and scored we also need to learn the refs are different as has been mentioned and the way that players will go down and get free kicks for everything it's not the championship we can't go flying on to everything. Impressed with most players. Didn't think Valdes could do much from the angle I was sat so not gonna condemn him just yet, Adomahs cross was the reason for the goal so that's that. Downing was my most disappointing player and I will be very surprised if he is starting games after the international break. Ramirez fantastic and Negredo too really enjoyed watching them two. Defensively we were pretty good few obvious mistakes but expected from a newly promoted team. N'sue got a bit of a run around and might struggle this season some good wingers he's gonna come up against. Was a pretty enjoyable game to watch especially after they scored really opened up. Big well done to the fans aswell thought the atmosphere was brill and got behind the team roll on next week
  6. So it's back and we're back it seems really weird going up against Stoke and feeling that their the seasoned PL team and we're the new boys just shows how much has changed in the last 7 years, Stoke generally start slow but under Mark Hughes their brand of football has been better and I liked watching them last season it's a tough one but we have to show that we haven't just came to make the numbers up. A packed and bouncing Riverside should make forms good place to play and I'm excited for it, A little look on their forum and surprisingly a lot of their fans are giving us a lot of respect albeit most going with their slow start and our first season syndrome but most of them seem to be expecting a tight and tough game which is what I think it will be but as long as we give a good showing of our selves and have the Mackems thinking twice about the week after then I'll be happy with that!! Come on Boro!!
  7. Well what a few weeks it's been!! Bit of an understatement that really! Works been hectic lately so haven't been able to post on here much only the odd check but I've got to say I'm over the moon with the work done by the club. Whatever people say about the players who've signed the commitment and tanasity shown by the people doing the work behind the scenes is immense and looks to be really paying off. I for one can't wait to be at the riverside next season it's like the Juninho years again :D the interviews by the new boys are really good they come across really well and keen and the Valdes signing is immense to say the least what ever people think about him, and the Subotic link is unreal it really is if we pull this off when apparently Liverpool and Sunderland are keen then it shows the rest of the league we mean business I hope it all works but regardless I'm looking forward to this season so much now!!
  8. Very true sadly the remains campaign has been to label every one on the leave side as a bigot or a racist these are the people that have slated them for saying they only know what they are shown on the tele about immigration and don't know anything about the EU but have themselves only done what the media has pushed them to do by saying every leave voter is a racist with out thinking that a lot of these voters have their own minds and many will be as well educated as remain, I've stayed out of this topic mainly because apart from voting it's been nothing but a hyped up chest pumping excersise which now will prove with the losing campaign who are so dignified and well educated resorting to name calling and insults.
  9. Completely agree. If we were still in the championship with this squad there would still be improvement needed to get promotion, our options out wide aren't enough, options at #10 are none existant (downing is not a number 10 so don't even go there) and we have only 2 strikers and 1 rb. Wether people like to admit it or not we have a lot of improving to do to get our squad up to premiership quality. We didn't coast promotion but at the same time there was 3 teams going to the wire so it's also a case of was the challenge for promotion more difficult last season. Burnley's style of football is what I think most people get at when they say that they think we are a better team or that they are favourites to go down which don't get me wrong I was never impressed by Burnleys style of play not once when I watched them did they have me thinking their good to watch. But reality is they were a good team and good at what they did. The finished 4 points above us with a far better goals for and a tad worse goals against record so to say we were a better team is hard to define, did we play better football I would say yes most of the time I thought we were pretty entertaining the good and the bad it's been one of the most enjoyable seasons I've seen for a long time as a Boro fan I think people forget the Southgare era and the whole of our time in the championship. But better football doesn't always equate to more success some teams are better at being less attractive and more efficient. Will what Burnley did serve them well in the Prem I doubt it same as I doubt our way both will have to improve and adapt to survive without a doubt. Are Burnley stronger, well they've already lost Barton who was one of their star performers in gaining promotion and many would of deemed him not good enough. So does this make them weaker now? Our hindrance is also like many promoted teams before us is that we have many untested prem players I agree with that and we definitely need to improve without a doubt our sqaud as a whole is not good enough. But it's also a strength of ours because who's to say that they can't jump up to that level who knows for sure we can't compete? Because way I see it during the games in the cups and I know it's different raising your game for one big occasion but I seen good preformances from many of our untested players also many of our players have already made jumps Albert was a league one player he made the jump and in time improved Gibson was a loanee at lower league teams and made the jump same as Rhodes so these players have proved they can go up a level. Burnley and Hull have a lot of players with prem experience but they got them relegated, don't get me wrong they have ex prem players who would clearly be a step up from what we have, Heaton and Huddlestone are 2 that would easily make it in our team but that doesn't mean they would be the right fit or gaurentee survival. Some of the players we have been linked with or people have mentioned are really bad and wouldn't improve us at all, Cattermole for example would be a bad signing not only for footballing reasons but for the club, while Gibson may regret the decision it was the right one. Sunderland fans don't rate him, of course there will be the ones that do just like us with downing, there local paper is a lover of his but the ones I work with say it's the club trying to push it to the fans. They admitted that he was one of the better players in the last games of the season but they have said he's done this for 3 seasons in a row now not turned up until it's almost to late in fact last season the ones at work were almost pinning the blame on him. At work they've all said they would sell him a few said not for that price but they know to improve they can't have people like him in the team. They all love his willing to tackle and he's not scared to get stuck in we all know this anyway is his best trait but they all said he's not a footballer. About the news signing I've seen some statements over the last few weeks and days that has made me chuckle. Am I excited by them hell yeah for all I know we could have the next superstar on our hands how many of you knew Kante was going to be as good or that Marhez was or that Vardy would be so good, Kane, Delefeou, Dele Alli, Rashford many more who were relatively unknown who could of said these are definitely going to work it's always a gamble to sign anyone so yeah I'm looking forward to seeing the new boys as well as some of our current sqaud but I also ain't that blind to not realise that we need more, more qaulity it's as simple as that wether that's from experience or skill or just overall better footballers we need to improve that current sqaud and that does mean getting rid of some because some are simply not going to be good enough some of them I haven't seen enough qaulity in the championship so I wouldn't be keen on having them in the prem.
  10. I'd echo these comments. I also worry that since AK came in we don't score enough and don't come from behind. That's putting a lot of pressure on a back 7 with virtually no top level experience. As good as they are I'm not sure we can back off teams like we did last season once we took the lead. If the back unit transition into playing at the top then that will be encouraging as not many teams can actually defend. These are kind of my thoughts as the squad stands today. Long way to go until the window shuts. Hard to disagree with any of that. This is the best way of putting it in my opinion. Although too much is made out of "premier league experience" not that it's not important but it has to be the right experience too many teams go down because they rely on the wrong experience. A lot of teams that have stayed up in recent years haven't recruited many prem players in the first season but the likes of qpr and villa are examples where bad recuritment of prem players can cost you. It baffles me that so many people see the premier league as this all powering unbreakable secret society that only the elite can compete, I don't believe the gap between the bottom 10 of the prem and the top 6 or so of the champ is that much difference many of the bottom teams would struggle to go straight back up. I massively agree though that people are relying on our defensive capabilities to save us which when you look at what we achieved and the stats it's easy to see why but for the ones who are as concerned as me I can only assume that they could see the cracks as well, we simply cannot allow the teams in the prem the chances we did last season because this is where I believe the prem is far superior to the rest of English football so many games are won by the one finish that one chance. The prem is far more clinical than the championship. Errors we made last season wernt punished this season I think they will be. We are not going to be as dominant in games which also is a big contribution to our excellent record this year we aren't going to be as dominant so counter attacking is going to be our style for a lot of games especially away from home. If that is so the players that we have for selection at the minute don't fill me with much confidence, we are not a fast attacking team and we won't have he time to build up slow attacks to try to pick apart opponents at home against the teams who will settle for a point mabye but the players in our current sqaud while some of them I would still like to see here and I hope some get the chance to prove themselves because I think some will prove people wrong I don't have the faith many do that we are going to be a potent threat. I'll be happy if we get Ramirez but more qaulity is needed it's doesn't need to be expensive it doesn't need to be marquee it needs to be the right players and the right amount of qaulity. My hope is for survival and hopefully comfortably expecting anything else is just madness in this crazy game. My faith though comes from the fact I think that we will do the right things and that will keep us up. The work has been going on behind the scenes for a while and I believe this will serve us well. we are a club on the up and we are well run. One thing for sure there's gonna be ups and downs and I can't wait!
  11. You would put Adomah ahead of Downing? At right wing? Yeah. On any wing
  12. Southampton are favourites for Redmond according to Sky sports 8mill
  13. I don't feel anywhere near the passion for England as i do Boro, I still like England to do well though and celebrate when we score, it's my country but you put so much in to following your team that it's a natural bond I don't think you can get that with more than one team I know I certainly couldn't. I think like Billy said above that a lot of the fans are lower league teams and its their chance to get abroad and follow a 'big team'. I like the euros and the World Cup as a whole though watching football everyday and some of it can be great football and I'd love England to win one while I'm alive but I'm never to fussed when we get knocked out but when Boro lose especially at the play offs or the cup finals I'm devastated. The build up to the Brighton game was one of the most intense of my life pretty sad our lass would say :p but it's in the blood. I don't think I'd be like that for England even if they where in the final Way I see England is just a team to support when Boro aren't playing.
  14. Wants to come home I've heard, but money talks. I'm not in th know by the way just a few lads from work from Darlo and they reckon they know people and he wants to come home quite badly apparently
  15. You won't be disappointed! It can get slow but it well worth watching
  16. "Boro please come and get me" :D
  17. So close! Payet assisted the first and scored the second. Would've been a bit sick if I'd put money on that... Lottery numbers?
  18. The main problem is not a lot of people know what their voting for people have an idea mainly their own idea or an idea from the little the papers or news or debates have given them but people don't know what it would actually mean to leave or the power that we are given if we remain, the remain campaign are playing mainly on fear and hoping people buckle much like the scots, the leave campaign is playing mainly on immigration and that makes it easy to attack because your a racist if you believe that. But no ones actually telling you what the effects are what deals we will get what rights we will lose they arguee a*** each other with no answers so you come away not knowing. I've tried to get as much info as possible but with out much luck the govt website is terrible and most of the Internet is filled with opinions and guesses rather than actual facts. For any goverment it's a win win though we are on the verge of another financial crisis possibly worse than the one in 2008 so either way if we remain they will blame it on the EU and 'immigration' and if we leave they will blame it on the leaving.
  19. It's all just a farce really isn't it, they just argue in circles so nothing really gets answered and no one is any closer to knowing anything.
  20. A lot of the upgrades are to do with promotion it clearly states that others are just making the place look better especially for tele. I must admit the gazette's piece on it seems like a justifying piece as if to say here this is what your money is buying. A lot of it isn't going to benefit us the fans at all it's all to do with sky and the prem like the tv boxes and the new dugouts but it will be nice to see the seats and he stadium looking upto scratch.
  21. I can't wait for the transfers to actually start happening cause all this comotion is getting a bit silly now
  22. Bids from them on two of our players or the other way round? Have you been told which players? If it's us for 2 of theirs then I am frieghtend!
  23. Well said Uwe, Rip Ali
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