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  1. Bloody hell, Do people on here get wound up so easily in the real world I wonder. I know the answer to that and so do you.
  2. Take your points but If I was him I would not be leaving sunny Monaco for sunny Middlesbrough in any kind of a hurry. I'd see out my contract unless a better option came along.
  3. Exactly, if something is said that you don't like or agree with you can choose disregard or ignore it. I'm going to say it again. "We are nameless, faceless individuals that inhabit an internet forum" that gives all kinds of people entertainment.
  4. Risky business the transfer market. Rhodes cost (well we don't know the total really) If he scores goals in the PL his value will increase financially and his value to us will mean we won't want to sell him. However if he flops his value will signifantly reduce. Mind you, you could argue that he has already repaid the outlay for his involvement in the promotion campaign
  5. I think Reach has the skill and potential to be a success in the Premiership, However I thinks its unlikely to be in a side managed by Karanka.
  6. Although I realise that its important to have a wage structure for various obvious reasons. Steve Gibson though has a history of paying way over the odds for the right players. He has become more frugal over recent years through necessity. But we are back in the money now. I don't see him losing out on a prime target for the sake of £1m or £2m.
  7. Welsh ladies are lovely. A perfect example is the delectable Leanne Wood. Lovely sing song welsh accent. Back to football though. The only way we will compete with more established PL teams for the most desirable players on our radar in the transfer market, is to offer more money. After all what else is there for us to offer.
  8. I'm looking forward to us being seriously linked with a premiership player. I realise that they are probably more expensive than our continental cousins, by heh you get what you pay for. Its a risky business relying on so many foreign imports. Lets learn the lesson from Stuani, CDP and Kike. As good as a scouting system is, it relies on identifying layers that MAY have the potential to fit the bill in the PL. MAY is an unknown factor. Previous experience isn't.
  9. To give Downing the benefit of the doubt. Its not always easy for Premiership players to adjust to playing in the more physical Championship. Lets face it he's always been a powder puff. As one poster correctly put it in my view, He did not always have options and outlets for his distribution. Kike and Nugent where by no means Premiership quality strikers and Rhodes god bless him needs the ball at his feet with at least a yard of space.
  10. I don't buy any of the supposition put forward on this forum by posters that no nothing. Is Ayala happy at Boro? Does he have Premiership offers? Will he wait to become a free agent in 2017 to enhance his agents bargaining position for 2017. What I do know is what I would do in his position, but of course that would also depend on what offers are on the table for him now. European football for instance. Ayala will do what's best for Daniel Ayala not for M.F.C.
  11. I suspect that if Ayala wanted to leave, he will have Premiership options available to him. Maybe not this season, but for a very lucrative contract next year as a free agent.
  12. Yeah but we're looking at better options than Bamford so he'll have to settle for the barcodes haha Do you see the £9m+ PL add ons Jordan Rhodes being our number two CF then.
  13. Surely Bamford would prefer to play for Boro in the PL, rather than opt for Newcastle in the Championship. I suspect that with a decent run of games and in AK's preferred system he would provide more goals than Rhodes.
  14. Whilst speculating on Norwich citys players futures. Jonny Howson good solid no nonsense midfielder. Anyone having that?
  15. Wouldn't he? Professionlism and personal pride does exist in football. I would credit Ayala with having those qualities. Shop window. If he hadn't already, his performance in that match would have only enhanced his reputation to any interested parties.
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