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  1. Point is the least we deserved. Defensively a lot better. Need to create some chances now because Britt looks sharp. His first touch and hold up play is so much better.
  2. So unlucky with the goal. We pressed so well for the entire half. Still not creating enough (any) clear chances but definitely defending better as a team. hope we can keep pressing and increase the tempo sometimes in the middle.
  3. Dijksteel was brilliant. Britt closed players quickly and held the ball up better than I’ve seen him do before. Johnson didn’t do much (if anything) wrong defensively but didn’t get forward much in the first half. When defending 1v1 out wide our players mostly came out on top, but there was too many gaps through the middle. Spence was too slow to get back and defend, always the wrong side and looked reluctant going forward. Yet somehow he always seemed to be shouting at other players. Bettinelli didn’t have much to do apart from their goal. We got balls and players in the box but didn’t really create many chances, but I do think Watford’s defence looked very good. Was a close game, not as bad I was expecting tbh. Definitely things to build on and I think one big issue has potentially been addressed with Morsy signing. Just worry at our lack of options/cover.
  4. I want to see us show some composure at the back, positive signs going forward and hopefully not get smashed. More positives than negatives and something to build on 🤞🏼
  5. Must be seriously unfit or another problem showed on medical. We take an age to complete transfers so in the time it takes for us to sign someone else Sanogo will probably be match fit 😂
  6. Scott Wilson said no other signings apart from Bettinelli expected before Watford game
  7. Think we really need to act quick to get Morsy done. Derby are now linked with Byrne and surely there are only so many players that Wigan/admin need and want to sell.
  8. Few Barnsley fans seem to think Brown going to either Stoke or Birmingham, both had bids accepted apparently. Unless we’ve snuck in last minute.
  9. We need some composure and control. Our defending is a constant state of panic. Hopefully Fry and Hall can form a good partnership and create a bit of that between them. at least we can now score goals
  10. Hasn’t Sanogo supposed to have been to Rockliffe a few times? It couldn’t be him if that’s true.
  11. Sanogo just wanted to spend his 2 week quarantine at Rockliffe 😏
  12. I agree with not being held to ransom, but at the same time if you buy cheap you tend to pay twice. At some point you’re going to sign some players and I would rather we pay that bit extra (within reason) and get a player that fits with what the manager, scouts etc think is right for us. Otherwise we just get a lot further down the list only to end up sending them on loan, trying to sell them next year or hoping they’re better in league one 😆
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