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  1. Soon as he came on he was taking their set pieces. He wants the ball and from that little snippet he looks like he’s very good with the ball at his feet and can pick a pass. 🤞🏼 hopefully he starts next game so we can see more of him.
  2. It’s also on nbc sports if anyone has access to those streams but foreign commentary edit: Bein one above is a lot better thanks @notjade
  3. They did a little round up of signings at the end of Kabano announcement so I assume it is
  4. Fulham fans are not happy on Twitter about him leaving. Good sign.
  5. With our inability to get first choice targets signed i would be very reluctant to let anyone of the first team go, especially with how short we are. Add in the prospect of anyone having to self isolate and we’re very short. Im a fan of the smaller squad under Warnock as the players have nowhere to hide in training or on the pitch, but I still think we need a couple of players in.
  6. Watching on Rams TV stream and it’s immensely satisfying with their commentary
  7. Coventry defended for 90 min and we actually managed to break them down. Never would have happened last year, we would have been the team trying to keep 11 behind the ball. It might not have been pretty but a win is a win. unbeaten in 7.
  8. Fry & Howson have been quality. We may still struggle to score but I don’t get the fear every time we defend anymore.
  9. When Johnson and Dijksteel get forward McNair can drop back in to make a 3.
  10. To be fair I’ve just read this from May this year sounds like it was Boros doing "It was actually quite strange," Bamford admitted in a Q&A video streamed on Leeds' Twitter page. "I thought I was staying at Middlesbrough. I originally knew that [Nottingham] Forest had put a bid in, as Aitor [Karanka] was there and he used to manage me at Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough put a stupid figure on it and I think it was double what Leeds actually ended up paying, so there was clearly something going on there. "That was when the first offer came in but it didn't really change anything
  11. Didn’t bamford say in a tv interview that his agent told him Leeds were interested and he told his agent to get it done?
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