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  1. Feels like a decent window, but absolutely no idea if Payero, Siliki and Sporar will be good championship players🤞🏼Looking forward to seeing what we can do. Hopefully, Hernandez, Siliki and Sporar will be up to it straight away and shot straight in. And Warnock to back Payero.
  2. Normally do it after ins & outs done, so I imagine they’ll wait until Spence is confirmed either way.
  3. If Spence goes that would mean no LB or RB cover wouldn’t it? With Fisher out for a while. can only see us playing 3 at the back now, otherwise Bola and Dijksteel will need to play 90min every game.
  4. I don’t see what we gain from Spence going on loan tbh unless we have someone else coming in
  5. With other players linked I got the feeling that Bennett was the back plan tbh.
  6. So far it sounds like we may get Sporar, Siliki and McGrath. Anyone else? Maybe a LB? Burke? Another striker?
  7. Are we delaying to make multiple announcements? Or could we be in for someone else and about to mess Sporar about? I know we take ages to announce things, but I think this is still unusual for us.
  8. Don’t really see why we need to get rid of Morsy to bring in Lea Siliki. Howson won’t be able to play every game for a full season. If we do bring in Lea Siliki and have an option to purchase in loan deal, we’ve already got a permanent replacement for Howson when his contract is up at the end of the season.
  9. We played brilliantly. Only reason we weren’t ahead earlier was some very good last ditch Blackburn defending. Only reason we didn’t win it at the end was because Blackburn started making it scrappy. Genuine question, if Norwich player comes in and we play that formation do you swap him for Watmore or Dijksteel?
  10. If we can control possession I think we could do alright. But as soon as we start lumping it forward and lose control we’re in trouble. Need a fast start ⚽️
  11. I watch Sheffield United a lot (partner a Blades fan) I don’t think it’s high expectations tbh, he’s just been a poor signing, quick but not shown much else for them. Which I think was basically what West Brom fans said when Sheff United signed him.
  12. Max Lowe gone to Forest, didn’t Swansea want Lowe in before Bidwell could go or the other way round?!
  13. It doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It’s a running joke on this thread of how shocking we are at getting deals over the line. And that won’t be simply down to the manager, if we get players to the point of the press saying they’re coming and then the deal falls through or they go elsewhere to me that says the managers job was already done and it’s the financial/contract stuff that we are bad at.
  14. Not fancied by the new manager only played 8 minutes of 16 games since he took over in March.
  15. Reported in July that Brest had agreed to sign him for €3m wonder why it fell through. Also that Valencia CF tried loan with option to buy but Rennes wanted permanent. End of the window must have changed that
  16. This was what I was going off. Even if the 450k isn’t right, us only offering 150k still suggest us not willing to spend a lot on relatively proven domestic players
  17. Interesting that we seem to be willing to spend millions on players from abroad but not domestic players. Seems like we’re definitely moving in a different direction but still surprised that we apparently won’t pay the 450k for Bidwell. I like Warnock and respect what he’s done previously, but just feel this summer would have been a good time for us to get in a new manager that can sell the potential signings a long term plan. Warnock has said he doesn’t want more than 1 or 2 players from abroad, which I don’t think sends out a great message considering we’ve already got Payero.
  18. So what are we expecting to happen today… Sporar to sign? Van Bergen update? Akpom to leave? Spence to leave? All or the above or nothing? 😆
  19. Warnock wants players that he can shout instructions to, say ‘ya with me’ and then they try to do it. One last season doing it the way he always has and with the same sort of players he’s always had. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it could get us promoted or at least on a more positive track going forward. However, we still need him to quickly integrate the (potentially 3) foreign speaking players otherwise they will hate being here, never live up to expectations and Boro would be worse off for it. Because I think Payero, Van Bergen and Sporar look like they could be very goo
  20. Don’t know if it was mentioned earlier but Bolasie was at the QPR game today, maybe nothing in it but 🤷🏻‍♀️
  21. If we bring someone else in thats 6/7 players fighting for 2 spots and whoever we bring in you think will either be lower league or a free agent lacking match fitness, when Tav and Watmore should be back soon 🤞🏼
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