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  1. I said a 36 year old who has started 1 game in 2 and a half years is a crap signing. I want us to have appropriate back up so whatever happened at the end of last season doesn't happen again. That's all I have said. I've also said on numerous occasions that I won't judge until we see what the makeup of the squad is at the end of the window but that I'm worried if he's our only signing for that position. I never once took a swipe at the club or Warnock during this discussion, and I've been extremely positive about some of our other links this summer, stop being so bloody dramatic. H
  2. It's not low. See my response to Wilson because I couldn't be bothered typing it out again. Getting 2 or 3 injuries at that end of the pitch is a frequent occurrence for us.
  3. I'd assume Spence would be replaced by a winger though - that's where he played most of the back end of last season. We have peltier and dijksteel as right backs, so I don't think we're getting any more cover there. But anyway, yeah I'm making a lot of assumptions and I don't have as big a problem with bamba being signed if he's only going to be used in a crisis. Problem is, for the squad to get into a position where that is the case we will need to sign at least 2, maybe 3 that are better than him. 2 players being unavailable from a defence is not unfathomable, we missed fry and d
  4. Like I said, neither of them have signed, bamba could well be considered an alternative rather than an addition. Well have to see what the makeup of the squad is at the end of the window.
  5. Say we lose dijksteel to injury and fry gets suspended for 3 games. Were playing someone who plays 3 at the back so we want to match up. Immediately were looking at Peltier hall McNair bamba Bola (assuming Spence is sold and fishers injury is as bad as it seems) A back 5 with a 34 year old and a 36 year old who haven't been playing. With no one on the bench. We might well sign another but for right now, that's not the case. Who's to say bamba isn't the back up to one of those other signings if they don't go through and he's the only one we end up with? That's what I'm worried
  6. No mate, but the season in question we had ayala, Gibson, Kalas, r Williams as well as woodgate. We also had fry coming through and de laet who could play CB from January. We also only played 2 centre backs.
  7. There's a big difference between him being able to manoeuvre his way through a training session and look good and him being able to play 3 90 mins games in a week at the championships pace. Anyone we sign should be signed with the knowledge that it's possible that they will be needed to do this at some point during the season.
  8. Well we do, because our defence was bloody awful at the end of last season when we were missing 2 players. We need capable back up if promotion is the aim
  9. Did you see what happened to our defence when fry was out for a while last season?
  10. Apparently that's not possible. We can try to sign a couple of unknown south American for 12 odd million but we can only find crocked 36 year olds to fill other positions. There's something so bizarre going on at the club right now.
  11. Well, he won't be. The main issue is if we get him in and just go "ah that's back up sorted then". Then we pick up two injuries in defence and suddenly were relying on a 34 year old and 36 year old who have barely played in recent years to play Saturday Tuesday Saturday. It's just not smart at all, our back up players need to be fit and ready to play 3 games a week if and when we need them.
  12. Sorry, but a 36 year old who has started one game since march 2019 is not a good signing in any way shape or form. It's completely lacking in imagination, a waste of resources and if he hadn't played under Warnock before no one would be happy with this.
  13. I reckon one of the signings could be resigning Johnson tbh. Warnock seems desperate for left footers atm and we know he wants versatility. I don't want it to happen but I can definitely see it.
  14. Some blasts from the past in there! Both in player names and usernames.
  15. We need the best person for the job. That may well be someone who we've had before, though I'd say that's less likely since we've not really had very many former players go on to have a successful off the field career.
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