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  1. Looking at warnocks dealings last summer I wouldn't be so sure.
  2. Yeah I've had real problems in particular with any lettering on the kits. Always seems to come off after a few washes regardless of the settings I use on the washing machine!
  3. Yeah that sponsor is pretty ugly. And completely pointless and ineffective imo. A betting sponsor is a betting sponsor, you can't make it more moral by adding a little meaningless warning.
  4. I always thought you were one of the more realistic posters!
  5. Gazette have put up an article hinting that the kit reveal is coming soon so thought it would be good to get the discussion started here. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/hummels-new-kits-what-middlesbrough-18605835.amp?__twitter_impression=true They also a few examples of the kits hummel have already introduced for the new season - I don't think there's a bad one amongst them but I wouldn't like us to have anything like those that are already revealed. What would everyone like to see us play in next season?
  6. Yeah I agree - I don't think Liverpool were ever going to make it to be honest. Their squad is too threadbare to keep up what they were doing for the first 30 games or so. No cover at either full back position, poor back up keeper, central defence options not great after vvd, inconsistent midfield and absolutely nothing on the bench for up front. First 11 is great, no doubt - but even that isn't in the running for the first first 11 imo.
  7. Well no, tav was the best player on the pitch but Roberts was the difference - neither goal happens without him and tavs efforts are for nought.
  8. A goal and an assist from Roberts today. This is going to be an unpopular post, but is it really unfathomable that woodgate could have had us clear of relegation by now if hed had Roberts available? I'm thinking the games like barnsley, luton, wigan, Blackburn, forest etc where we just didnt have that creative spark in the final third. Its clearly going to be shot down but Roberts has made a massive difference today, we could very well have been walking away with nothing but for him. I think wed have picked up enough points by now had we had him for those games mentioned above.
  9. The last couple of games hes looked okay. But realistically all hes been doing is spamming balls into the box - some decent some not so good. Every other aspect of his game is poor to average. Not to mention the 3 years of absolute rubbish weve had of him until now. We can do a lot better, and hopefully will.
  10. Fantastic effort. Makes me wonder how better off we would have been with tav in the lineup throughout this run - he was everywhere. Him and Roberts have to start every game.
  11. He is just adam johnson before he found his end product in 09.
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