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  1. I'd far rather see tav as a number 10 than wing. I dont think wing has any of the guile or creativity required for that role. Personally i still stick with the 352 that I've been saying since summer is the only one that fits our current crop of players. It's great that woodgate has a formation he wants to eventually play with but unfortunately for him he didnt get the right players in for it in the summer so hes going to have to compromise. Randolph Fry ayala shotton (as much as I'd love him out of the team we dont have much choice) Dijksteel howson tav mcnair johnson Fletcher britt.
  2. Are we though? For starters if this time last year you were told that fletcher, johnson, mcnair, shotton and two league 1 full backs would be in our starting 11 in 12 months time how would you have felt? Out of all those only McNair has proved himself any better than mediocre championship players. Add to that injury problems to fry and howson, wings complete loss of form (lets not forget he was playing non league a couple of years ago), an in and out ayala also out of form and whatever the hell has happened to assombalonga.. really weve only got one player who we can rely on to perform week in week out and it's our goalkeeper. Personally i expected these kinds of struggles before the season started. I'm not saying woodgate is doing a good job or anything, just that the squad hes been given to work with is lower half championship quality, so its logical that that's where we are in the table.
  3. Eze scoring again... at this rate hell probably go for 25mil plus next summer
  4. How did Denmark only draw with Georgia 0-0? Incredible. ?
  5. Sickening. Happens everywhere. Annoys me when english journalists go after the state of serie a (which is god awful too) when the same problems are in pretty much every stadium here too.
  6. The SPL is really poor quality wise and the fact that the two main teams are only as "big" as they are due to archaic bigotry here in NI and in scotland really makes it a hateable league. I never watch their old firm games anymore.
  7. Adomah scored again too, hes doing well for forest
  8. It's the first Time this season I've really seen an effective midfield combination. Wing still trying to play himself into form but I think he was better today. McNair and clayton the two best players on the pitch. For whatever reason the midfield was completely bypassed in the Last 3 games but they were very good today, at least from an attacking perspective.
  9. Great game, really enjoyed it. Pity we couldnt come out with 3 points. Defence is a massive concern but it's a lot of fun to watch!
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