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  1. Except monk got handed 50mil to spend and pulis was handed a squad more than capable of getting promoted pre fire sale. I sometimes think you just completely ignore the concept of context!
  2. I've been saying since day one of the summer that our squad looks far more suited to 532 a la wolves than the 433 woodgate has wanted to play. I get the impression that woodgate was promised the players that would make a 433 work so he started preseason with it and continued waiting for the new players to come in and make it a workable system. Now that it hasnt happened he needs to make a choice between sticking to his guns or switching the team around to fit the players.
  3. He just asked if Wigan could have one final attack... does he think football matches are 80 mins long?
  4. Fletchers finishing has left a lot to be desired tonight!
  5. As a Tyrone man I'd appreciate no such metaphors on this forum or you will be banned.
  6. Lovely dribble from britt there. He is such a confidence player
  7. I hate to say it,but if this form continues I think wing needs dropped.
  8. Missed the first 20mins which sound awful and turned on just as we score 😂
  9. I mean that's up for debate, particularly the morality side of it. But if you surveyed fan satisfaction levels between boro and derby right now theres only one winner and I'd say that's purely down to the ambition shown by them in the transfer and manager market.
  10. I never once said he should. I said he could if he wanted to, like every other owner could if they wanted to. Ffp is a joke, that's the point I was making,not that I want Gibson to put money in.
  11. I dont think we can really say this anymore Derby are showing that there are plenty of ways around ffp. Villa did, wolves did. If someone wants to put more money in there are lots of ways of doing it.
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