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  1. That that's your reaction to a 1-0 win says alot about how you view the game! Good result and other games went for us too, excellent afternoon.
  2. I've not been watching but it sounds like weve played well. In a season of few positives, to produce a good performance and 3 points with Spence, pears, Coulson, fry, tav and Walker all on the pitch has to be seen as a massive positive. Over half the team is currently academy.
  3. Currently sat in 19th, 3 points off the relegation zone and a decent goal difference. Would be a pretty good day and we could start looking up the table rather than down.
  4. Difference us pulis had a choice! All we have is kids and were already playing 5 of them!
  5. So how much of that well backing got us promoted? Dimi (free) Nsue (free) gibson (academy) ayala (300k) friend (150k) Leadbitter (free) clayton (1mil) Stuani (2mil) ramirez (loan) adomah (1mil) Kike (2.5mil) Yes we spent big money on downing and Rhodes. Neither of which karanka cared about and neither of which were the difference between getting promoted or not. This retrospective bias against ak is purely media and gibson driven. He did a remarkable job.
  6. Why highly probably? Its certainly possible. But not highly probable. Were 9/4 to go down, so the bookies clearly arent convinced. there currently are 4 teams below us and a few within touching distance above us. People are in hysteria because weve been poor without even considering that there are likely to be 3 poorer teams than us in the division as the results have shown so far.
  7. By what measure is time rapidly running out for us? There are 27 games left and there are currently 4 teams worse off than us. This panic is unfounded. Its concerning yes but were hardly cut adrift.
  8. I think we need to move away from thinking this project has been a failure. The implementation to this point has been a failure. That includes recruitment, coaching, management and results. But for once i want us to stick to our guns and follow through with the ideas we had, because generally they were good and positive ideas. Appointing warnock would just tear the whole thing up and start again. Again. If were to replace woodgate we have to get someone who can carry the project forward or were back to square one and will be years behind.
  9. Moral fibre. Pulis had none and ended up rinsing us by all accounts of his deal. I'd prefer the same thing not to happen again.
  10. Remember it was warnock who took flint off our hands. That's the style and caliber of players well be seeing coming in under his control.
  11. I also dont want a man with this kind of attitude anywhere near our club tbh, though that's just personal choice- https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2019/jan/12/neil-warnock-cardiff-city-brexit-leave
  12. Rather stick than twist to be totally honest, if what were twisting to is warnock. Dont like him as a manager, cant stand him as a person. I also feel that it will just add to the long term suffering of the club. Give him a january and hell sign more players to fit his style of football who well then struggle to shift once again once it inevitably goes wrong. Personally I'd rather give woodgate the time to keep us up and start fresh in the summer either with him as our manager if he proves successful in the second half of the season or with a new manager who wont just continue the panic cycle weve been in for years. However if we can bring in an experienced manager with a track record of delivering on the promises woodgate made in the summer right now I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  13. Not sure why anyone would be shocked that warnock would be our option to replace woodgate - we tried our best to keep pulis so why would we not want the next best thing at the first possible opportunity. Christ man, this club.
  14. Harrison sets up bamford... Not good enough for pulis of course, poor man didnt get any resources to do his job, unbelievable that he finished 7th.
  15. Bonkers. People see what they want to see. 1st half both teams were rubbish with us having one or two clear cut chances that we should have put away. 2nd half we were good and should have scored a hatful. Well deserved 3 points overall.
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