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  1. I dont know what our scouting department have been doing the last 2 and a half years to be honest. Every one of our signings could have been picked out by anyone with a casual interest in the top couple of divisions in England. Wing has probably been the only signing that would have required any work at all.
  2. This is... something 😂😂
  3. Marcus Edwards is someone I'd like to think were asking spurs about if the rumours are true. Couple of years ago poch compared him to messi. Flopped a bit when he was on loan with Norwich due to injuries and apparent attitude issues. Went out to Holland and got his career on track last season and was being raved about over there - most dribbles per 90 in the eredivese and 2nd most fouled - plays on the right or in number 10. Could be a good traore replacement finally.
  4. This conversation - CT - I dont know why you changed your stance Everyone else - because of these reasons CT - your reasons are wrong, you're not allowed to interpret things differently than I do. Why ask for reasons if you're simply not going to accept them?
  5. The golden thread is the thought that every age group will play the exact same way as the first team to keep a consistent approach so the youngsters can move through the age groups more seamlessly.
  6. If what Gibson said about our finances is true, I'd love him to stay. If we sell him wed likely have to pay as much to replace him and highly likely with someone with less quality. At the start of last season he was like adama - he dragged us through our first few good results of the season almost single handedly. Then his head went when pulis changed his tactics. Hes a professional and should get on with it, but hes also a human and it's very difficult to show your best when you're being asked to do things that arent in your skillset.
  7. Well we can all just agree not to talk to or acknowledge you, would that help?
  8. Shh were not allowed to talk about Ben Gibson. A) hes a former player and b) we cant afford him. Moving along.
  9. On the other side of the coin, what happens if derby struggle and finish bottom half next season? He could struggle to get into this position again in his career.
  10. To me, I'm willing to give most of our players a second chance now. There are a couple who I dont want - gestede and downing for sure - but most of the rest have shown either for us or under other managers (that arent pulis) that they have something to offer. Even Johnson I wouldnt dismiss instantly, though it's highly unlikely that he will succeed with us. I want to see what woodgate can get them to offer the team before dismissing anyone else.
  11. Yeah Keane and Leo out for bauser and Kenyon would be the best guess. Woodgate will represent the coaching staff.
  12. Neves was worth 20mil more than that when he signed, it was only due to wolves contacts they got him so cheap. Gayle has been priced at 15 to 20mil. No way in hell were signing one 15mil player never mind 2. And you've also got us signing 2 lbs, meaning wed have 3 left backs and no right backs, hardly sorted.
  13. It doesnt have to be bad mouthing though. A good response would be "I learnt a lot from Tony about xyz but we have a different footballing philosophy and I am looking forward to implementing it this season". Remember there are still people out there who dont trust woodgate as a manager purely because of his association to the previous regime. The more explicit distance we get between him and what came before the better.
  14. I hope someone asks him how he really felt about the football we were playing last season. Would be a great way to even the most cynical of us on his side.
  15. So what could this press conference be? Is there further news to come? Or is it just a chance for Gibson and/or bauser give an update on the business side and give woodgate their full public backing etc?
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