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  1. I will be so so happy if leeds mess this up. If the games in hand go against them forest will be 2 points off, brentford 3 and fulham 4. Every chance of it happening!
  2. A point deduction for sir Wayne Rooney's club? No chance.
  3. Regardless of what the fee ends up being (well probably never know for sure), the one massive bonus is that it will be an indication that we are looking at the european market again. It's been a massive gripe of mine of a long time.
  4. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/exclusive-middlesbrough-agree-1m-deal-for-randolph-replacement Graham bailey reckons it's done.
  5. Goes without saying that I'm gutted to see him go. One of my favourite boro players of the last 10 years and I dont go along with the rhetoric that it will help make us stronger - I've seen us lose traore,gibson and bamford in a short period of time for next to nothing in return so it's hard to trust the club to use this money wisely or even at all. Losing your best player will always make you weaker, regardless of the spin. Best of luck to him in any case, he deserves to be a level above us.
  6. Some of our corners have been woeful again, straight to the keepers arms more often than not
  7. To be fair hes talking about mejias's mistake. That mistake was nothing to do with the level of the opposition and all about how poor mejias was/is. Hes never been anywhere near good enough for this level.
  8. Rubbish. Another bad bit of defending cost us. This is gutting - if it was due to spurs doing well this would be easier to take
  9. Stuani was used effectively by karanka. We had a weakness in the wing positions and he did a very solid job out there. Yes hes better as a striker but we always had decent central forwards so he played where he was needed and scored a lot of important goals for us despite being out of position.
  10. I think even if your evaluation was true (I dont agree with some of it- de roon far outperformed clayton and leadbitter in the prem, traore showed flashes in the prem and obviously went on to earn us a lot of money) I think any window with 3 decent signings cannot be called "pants". It wasn't enough to survive in the end but there was a hell of a lot more going on at the club than just that window.
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