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  1. Probably starts with the side that finishes that last game. Watmore and Roberts will probably be wrecked after their first game time in a while and he likes to rotate the striker.
  2. I'm not a massive fan of the second way and it is the way we've set up more often than not this season. But even with that general tactic I feel like there's better ways of exploiting it and we actually managed it in parts tonight - to me the key is set pieces. It we get the ball up early, do our high press then give the ball asap to Roberts, spence and tav in particular then they will draw fouls and corners. We just need to then be better at capitalising on these opportunities when we get them. It's not pretty but I do think with a couple of tweeks, the major one being more adventurous wing play, we can score a lot more goals in this system than we are.
  3. Reckon he'll be a decent successor to Warnock when he retires after getting us promoted. Gibson will want to interview the playing staff first of course, make sure the best man for the job gets it.
  4. This is immensely satisfying given all that's gone on between the clubs recently.
  5. Me too, but his runs have earned us a few free kicks and corners today. We've not capatised on them but that combined with his role in the goal shows he's been good value despite not having the best half.
  6. All came from Roberts defending from the front! I thought he wasn't capable of that..
  7. Yeah! Bit of a surprise but I prefer that to 433 so looking forward to seeing how it works
  8. To be fair, I'm very happy with the lineup, but it means nothing if we're still set up to go out and knock the ball long to Britt and the others sit too deep. Personnel is only part of the battle, tactics and intent along with confidence to bring the game to the opposition is just as important if not more so. So let's see how it plays out before anyone can claim we've got what we want yet.
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