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  1. Same old people who have zero idea what the term moneyball means, wouldn't even engage.
  2. We conceded 53 goals the entire season when we were in the premier league with karanka!
  3. At least he's safe in the knowledge that the burnley job will be coming up again soon
  4. Can I be the first to say... Hhahhahahahahhahahahah wilder
  5. Wish I could say the same, he haunts my nightmares. Worst manager in our history all things considered imo.
  6. Payeros played 20 out of udineses 27 games in serie A & stand larsen has scored 9 in 27 in la liga this season. Not outstanding but certainly good top flight campaigns for both
  7. Have to disagree with this. Payero has come good at a higher level to us - same with muniz and strand larsen. Vasquez who moved in jan is having a nice start at his new club. I think there's good signs with both ELL, bangura and engel, though are still acclimatising to the league. Glover, while derided I think is fine for what he is - a back up goalkeeper. Silvera I'm not sold on at all. Hoppe obviously a failure. VDB a huge success. Appalling is really harsh, I think that's a pretty decent record all round - though obviously we weren't able to get a tune out of payero when we got him her
  8. The only problem I have with that statement is we went from wanting more flair and pace to Tony Pulis in 6 months, followed swiftly by the likes of warnock and wilder. Just shows how reactionary a period that was for the club. Awful, set us back years.
  9. We played the same way last season, but we were able to flip the switch between possession play and going for the throat in a matter of 1 or 2 passes. We don't have that this season, due to both personel and this mental fragility that has permeated throughout the entire team. The mental side of things is the most troubling part to our performances imo
  10. No, what he said was - "That was always going to be unreplaceable, yet we're still here, with the same system, without the necessary adaptation." And my point is no, they're not unreplaceable. Those players were great in our system but there's no evidence since to say that they're at a level that's unobtainable. I agree that we haven't replaced those players adequately, that wasn't my point. My point was that it's not impossible to find players who can fit the system just as well, we just didn't do a good job of it.
  11. Brighton another excellent example of what I'm talking about. So many of their players have moved on after looking like world beaters in their system but out of their depth when they've moved any higher up. The system is do important for players and ours happened to get the best out of out team last season.
  12. One of which is back down here (Giles), 3 of which aren't playing (akpom, Archer and ramsey) and one of which is off on early retirement (steffen).
  13. The evidence so far since those players have moved on suggest that Carrick made them play above their abilities. For akpom there's years of evidence of this before he came to us too. They were good championship players, that's all. Not these amazing world beaters that carricks critics like to make out. Same thing happened with karanka. You'd think he had this super squad of players that he needed to get promoted when the reality is only one or two max went on to show they were any better than championship level You need premier league quality players to get promoted from this league
  14. None of those players have gone on to replicate the form they had here with their new clubs. So does that not say the system we had got the best out of them as well as the other way around?
  15. I think he's an intelligent person with a good knowledge of football. He generally comes across well. He's shown that if he has the right players he can get a tune going. He plays attacking football and his philosophy is one I can get behind. After years of defence first percentage balls style football, I don't want us to go back to that which is always a risk if we get rid. Whether he can recapture that magic is aanother question but I'd like to give him a bit more time to do that. That said, I wouldn't be as upset as I would have been 4 weeks ago if he does go.
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