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  1. We had it just 2 seasons ago, I'd rather we save that for every 7 or 8 years. I really liked the black and blue horizontal stripes with the yellow luminous sponsor from a few years ago though, would like us to revisit that
  2. No he wasn't. Just another random stick to beat Connolly with not based in truth. He came back from England and started the next 2 games. As did Connolly. After that, Connolly started one more game all season and balogun started one more game all season. Both were kept out by sporar and watmore. If you're going to have a go, at least make it based in truth mate.
  3. This is it. Look at last summer, only crooks you can say came in and definitely improved our starting 11. Everyone else was a bit part player or no better than what we had last season. We need at least 4 players who are definitely better than what we had this season - gk, 2 strikers and a lwb. At that point you can be looking at squad players and or other areas that we could improve in (namely midfield and lcb). But the majority of our budget has to go on those 4 imo.
  4. Mad that it's taken this long for tomori to get recognised after the last 18 months, but he should be your starting CB, he's better than both Maguire and stones, by a distance.
  5. To add to this, Tav is the only player in the league to finish in the top 10 in both tackles and key passes, showing again what an all round talent he is. I really don't know what to say to people who don't rate him at this stage. He's easily our best and most important player.
  6. Think I speak for everyone when I say that that last wasn't required, absolutely no one was thinking that you'd seen it!
  7. Your outlook is so utterly miserable. Have you ever been positive a out Boro in your entire life?
  8. Loads of people on twitter, other clubs fans of course
  9. This whole "look what Boro have started" rhetoric is really *** me off. What did we start? Trying to stop other teams from breaking the rules to get a competitive advantage? And that's bad because ...
  10. I think most people read it as it was meant - I've only really seen people who want to take a dig at Wilder bring it up.
  11. Obviously it's not how his career went, but Gibson broke through as a left back, he actually played about 15 games in that position for us early in his career according to whoscored. Not saying that's his best position but our academy team and early on with mogga I think it would have been we obviously considered him to have some of the attributes to play that position
  12. Some people just live to be negative so they can say they told you so if they happen to be right. Everything points to us spending money this summer. - wilders talk of a rebuild and needing a lot of players. - acquizition of Scott - impending sale of Spence/possible other assets Saying the times of spending decent money on players is just plain wrong. We were the 3rd highest spenders in the championship last season with just over 10mil according to transfer market. Bournemouth spent 0.08mil more but got 25mil worth of sales too. We spent that much without selling any
  13. The only player we've signed permenantly under wilder was from the MLS...
  14. Out of all the decent teams that have been named as being after him, he's probably got the best chance of breaking into the spurs lineup. Royal has been pretty poor and Doherty has done a job for them but is on the decline. He'll also be looking at what Conte did for Victor Moses.
  15. Well they were wrong in the first place, his form may have a dipped a little at times, but he's never ever been a bad player at any point in his career.
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