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  1. The gift that keeps on giving are derby county
  2. He tried to keep pulis, he learned nothing from that time.
  3. That's exactly what it is mate, and it's exactly what it's been since probably the premier League season under karanka. Even then the signings didn't seem like they were part of any plan, it was a little haphazard. Every season since there's been no long term plan evident. You could argue that we tried with woodgate and the execution was off, but realistically it was another hit and hope.
  4. Adding to this, he's had one successful year in management in the last 10 years. This isn't including the Rotherham or first 8 games of his Boro career as these were short term and not sustained over a course of a season which is what we need. Anything prior to that 10 years can be disregarded in a modern game context because football has changed so much.
  5. Yeah the injuries didn't help, but we still had hall and McNair even when fry was out, both of those are highly rated. Fisher came in for dijksteel for the majority of the second half of the season when he wasn't fit, and he's also claimed to be a good defender (I don't really see it). Everyone is pretty much in agreement that Bola had a good season. So what is it? Do the players not play well together? Is it the goalkeeper issue, not being well enough organised? But then the reason that keeper was picked for the entire season was said to be his communication skills. Warnock himself has
  6. I find it bizarre that we keep hearing about how good our defence is. Said it during the match thread, I can't remember a Boro defence that has let in as many goals directly from awful mistakes and hap hazard defending as a unit as I have seen this season. There's something seriously wrong with it, whether it's the individuals or the way they're set up.
  7. I don't mind good old Boris me, he's very effectively paving a pathway to a united Ireland 😉
  8. Didn't really want to bring it up because I didn't want to start a political discussion on here. But it's embarassing, unprofessional and completely expected. He's done it before at other clubs, doesn't give a damn that he might be alienating half of the fan base. One of the major reasons I didn't want him here in the first place and id actually been pleasently surprised that he'd not gone there. Till now
  9. Honestly, I actually typed that exact sentence out then deleted it cause I couldn't bring myself to post it 😂
  10. He spent 5.5mil on him. Went on to score 10 goals in 53 appearances.
  11. Yep me too. Hoillett has been around since 2009 and has never broke 10 goals in a season and he's only broke 10 combined goals/assists in a season twice (one of which being in 2011). He's got more career yellow cards than assists. I've always thought he was very overrated from the eye test and the stats seem to back that up. The fact hed be 31 when he signs is just an added issue, but his actual ability is the main sticking point for me
  12. The last winger we signed after playing with Warnock at Cardiff turned out so well... Another 31 year old looking a last pay day who hasn't performed in the last couple of years. Couldn't get into an average Cardiff team this season. So utterly unimaginative, like everything else this club does. (If it goes through of course)
  13. Ahh of course, and I suppose were the only team in the league who has suffered from injuries?
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