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  1. A payero set piece has ended up as a goal!
  2. If we don't win this game people will say we're unlucky and will point to the missed chances, but it will all be the fault of the approach we've taken in the last 15mins or so. You dont deserve to win a game when you try to shut up shop for the last half an hour, especially one of the worst teams in the league at home.
  3. It would be funnier if it didn't mean that in 5 games time he's going to be missing for another 2 matches
  4. Who had 72nd minute for peltiers booking?
  5. Payero setting up another chance for watmore. What a difference he makes to our midfield. Has to be first name on the teamsheet from now on
  6. Good vision from sporar, another wild shot from tav
  7. So lucky there. Lumley what are you doing
  8. Unlucky payero! Would love him to break his duck
  9. Crooks has been awful so far this half after all my praise haha
  10. Big fan of crooks and payero in midfield together. Feels like when we had an injury crisis in woodgates reign and he stumbled on a winning streak. Just hope warnock doesn't go back to type the second he has a chance.
  11. Awful start but we've dominated since, decent football at times. Should be more than 1 up
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