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  1. Didn't you call Burnley a pointless club a week or two ago?
  2. Putting aside my obvious misgivings around Warnock as a person, what if we lose 8 or 9 of our last 12 games and end up in the bottom quarter? Why is the decision being made so soon? Warnock showed at Cardiff that he struggles to turn his side around once he's on a really bad run and had to walk from that role admitting he . I know people would say it's better to know and be able to prepare early for the summer but do we really want stuck with a manager who has us in freefall? Hypothetical of course but it highlights why we really should have waited. By all means, if we're intent on keeping him tell him that if we finish top 10 or top half at the end of the season he's got another year, any less than that and it will be reviewed. Feels like Gibson is bending over backwards for him, just like he did pulis.
  3. Saves me 140 quid on the streaming service at least.
  4. *** sake. On my birthday too.
  5. People talk about Warnock being a miracle worker with all the resources he has here. Barnsley are showing how it's done. I hope they go up if we can't
  6. For some reason I read that as herold goulon and thought surely not! Prompted me to look up where goulon is these days, in Malaysia apparently
  7. Who scored has everything but the beer! Just had a brief look at the individuals stats, don't have time to go in depth and a couple of things stood out - bettinelli has the worst pass success rate in the entire league, akpom and Johnson are also in the top 30 for that unwanted stat. Akpom is also 8th for least amount of passes made per 90.
  8. Some of the ages on that list make me feel so old
  9. I can't force myself to enjoy it though, I wish I could. Until we have a change of style, which won't happen under Warnock, I won't be able to enjoy watching Boro play. At the moment I just don't care when we score or when we concede. It's soul destroying!
  10. Vs reading we played 170 passes, 83 of them were long balls. 36% possession. Vs Brentford we fared slightly better, 189 passes and 67 long balls. 39% possession. Nearly half our passes are long balls mate.
  11. I have said plenty positive when there's been something positive to me, which has been few and far between! We just watch football in different ways. I know you like defensive football with solidity before everything else - imagine we played every game with 2 defenders, 8 strikers and we lost every week 5-4. Having to watch this football is as frustrating for me as that would be for you. I hate being called negative and being negative about boro, because previously I have been one of the more positive fans on here. During moggas time I stuck with him until the very end when everyone else had turned on him. Even the same with Strachan. Woodgate and monk I wasn't exactly happy about but supported them till the end. But watching this football has destroyed my spirit. It's so boring to me. It might not be for you, but it is for me and it's ruining everything I enjoy about watching Boro. So excuse me if I'm down on the current state of our club. But I wish people would be more accepting of my view in context of how I view football to be played rather than branding me negative.
  12. Absolute rubbish. Only one team plays more long balls than us per game. We have the least percentage of possession in our third of the pitch in the championship, showing we get rid of the ball as far up the pitch as possible as soon as possible. Were 17th in the table for possession. Were 21st in the table for successful pass percentage Even getting away from the stats, 90% of our games this season have been scraps, all because that's what our tactics are. We are the reason every game is a head tennis match, not the opposition.
  13. Every time howson has a decent performance the gazette does an article on him. Completely ignoring how poor he's been for weeks now. Become even more of a PR piece for the club since the lay offs.
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