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  1. Johnson actually had a decent few minutes there.. and then did one of his signature balloon crosses while offside for the double whammy.
  2. Tav at right wing back... oh dear
  3. Seeing Derby and Rooney falling flat on their faces is a huge bonus so far this season i must admit
  4. Can't believe Mark yates keeps on not stopping those crosses coming in, useless
  5. I agree for the first couple of games, but I dont think weve bypassed the midfield quite as much here or vs Bournemouth, which in itself is a positive. The issue is more that weve just been losing the battle here.
  6. Second half has picked up where the first half left off. Worrying
  7. I like work but I also like quality and a good football brain. Saville has never shown either for us.
  8. In the who is your favourite boro player thread a few weeks ago saville was mentioned probably more than anyone. Can anyone please tell me what they see in him? He's right up there with gestede and guerdiora in the conversation of our worst value for money signings in recent years.
  9. Weird game. Dont think we've been terrible, but again no real creativity. Should have had a penalty, we need to be better at taking advantage of their lazy passing in their own half. Qpr will feel disappointed at being only level. They've had all the chances apart from one or two set pieces where we've threatened but not been clinical (or have been offside) asides from our goal.
  10. He signed him and plays him, he clearly sees something in him that no one else does.
  11. Second time we been in trouble on the edge of own box. Need a defensive mdifielder in there instead of saville badly.
  12. Ffs Johnson that was pathetic
  13. Seeing the best and worst of spence. Are some seeing anything from johnson at all? Isn't affecting the game at all.
  14. Absolute joke how easy we are to cut open at the back. Back 4, back 5, it doesnt matter. Get saville of and get morsy on. And keep it that way.
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