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  1. I'd be surprised if we pay more than 800k for Gayle never mind 8 mil!
  2. I don't remember this, got a link? Would seem unusual man management to come out in public and tell everyone what someone is earning relative to his colleagues. Though to be fair, sounds like just the kind of deflection Warnock was king of. Move didn't work out, try to rationalise it to make himself look better.
  3. Btw Jordan hugill scored 4 goals for them. It's not like he couldn't get past Messi to get into the team.
  4. He started one game for Cardiff and he got dragged off at half time... People are clouded by the fact he scored a couple of goals off the bench at the very start of his spell, he had a stinker overall.. he won't be playing championship football next season, been saying it all year - not unless he's sat on a bench for a couple of mins here and there.
  5. 3 managers of varying styles and ability didn't want him near their starting lineup this season... He's probably on decent championship wages so L1 clubs will probably come in looking for a bargain at the end of the window when were more desperate to get rid.
  6. Is anything really? Maybe save percentages, but that would need an asterisk beside it given he has faced much better finishers than he will face at this level. Basically, stats are useless for this circumstance as we don't have a comparable season to judge him on in terms of quality of opponent. All we can go off really is his pedigree, which is about as strong as you can possibly ask for at our level. Does this guarantee he will be a success? Of course not, but that doesn't exist in football, especially not in lower levels where you are always signing players with flaws. But all the sig
  7. Think at this point well just want his wages off the books so will be looking to give him away on a free. I know it's not the best thing to go by, but football manager has akpom on about 30k a week - they don't tend to be too far off
  8. Imagine being so desperate to discredit a signing to go and seek out any tiny little thing they could find to criticise him, most of which are behaviours you'll see from every keeper at one time or another. That's embarassing. (The original post, not you posting it here)
  9. Oh yeah absolutely. Daniels was a better shot stopper which was what we needed at the end of the season. But it also disrupted every other area of the team because we couldn't maintain possession. So I think it was the right call bringing him in for the end of the season, but also don't want to see him start another game for us.
  10. Think Daniels was more guilty of the latter to be honest, lumley had 53% pass success and Daniels had 46%. Not a lot between them, but lumley definitely had a better grasp of how wilder wanted us to play, just wasnt very good at it.
  11. I don't think we loan two strikers - Armstrong and archer are the only two loan rumours aren't they? And I highly doubt we get both
  12. Derby got into the play offs entirely due to their loan signings a couple of years ago despite being hampered by the useless Frank lampard. They're an extremely important part of the championship and I'd be surprised if you can find a team that's gotten promoted in recent years that didn't have at least 2 very important loan players in their starting line up. They're also easier deals to complete so you'll see more permenants coming through the door as the window goes on. 2 permenant and 2 loans for the first 4 signings is fine by me.
  13. This. It frustrates the life out of me when people uses this as a criticism. The only criticism can be if they are bad at punching it. Otherwise, it's as effective a way as any to clear the ball. If it's a catch he knows he can make, make it. If not, make sure it's clear, it's goalkeeping 101
  14. Worth pointing out that he is the number 1 keeper for USA ahead of a goalie who arsenal just signed for 6mil. And hes younger.
  15. Reckon we just really wanted a Manchester based reserve keeper. 40k to the first that says yes
  16. 27 years old too. Resale value if he has a great couple of seasons. That is if we get him on a perm, hopefully we do.
  17. Wow. Anyone saying they hope not to this one is crazy! Hell have been trained in playing football on the ground and has been considered Good enough to be number 2 at the best team in the country for a while now. He would be a coup and a half
  18. I never take anything anyone says as 100% fact regardless of the poster - the information is always coming from a source with some bias so it may just be a viewpoint instead of just fact. But I never put anyone down for posting information, unless it's clear trolling and/or DZ.
  19. Bola would be a fine backup and has shown to be a good performer at this level in the right system so I'd be hoping we'll be getting 3mil plus for him tbh. No point selling him for much less when we'll need to replace him.
  20. Reading signed another goalie today, that has to be a record for realising how completely useless the first keeper they signed was.
  21. I'm not madly fussed on mcgoldrick, but I don't think he's a bad signing either. It will really depend on the other two strikers brought in, if we end up with two more in his ilk I'll be pretty annoyed.
  22. There's a future manager in there, whether for us or someone else.
  23. Fry for 7mil is the worst valuation since someone on here said Tav for 4mil during last season, Jesus wept
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