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  1. We are already threadbare at CB, so if we lose ayala we will certainly have to replace him. To get a player of his quality in well probably have to spend more than we get for him. Otherwise were just weakening one position to spend a pittance on another position which probably wont improve very much. I dont see the point personally unless were at the point where the financial issues are threatening our continuation as a club.
  2. Why do you continue to say things as fact? You've clearly heard something but your source could be wrong. Or your sources source. So they might have an agenda themselves. You and your brother were shown up a bit at the weekend with Randolph coming back in, so youd think youd pull back on this stuff a little bit or at least phrase it in a non factual way.
  3. Is his attitude in training awful like how Randolphs commitment is being questioned? You cant just make things up to suit your agenda everytime you know, people will start to see through it.
  4. Why would it be to spite keane? Surely randolph playing rubbishes all of the rumours from this week.
  5. I think its crazy that the same people who criticise Gibson for being destructive to this football club and making the same mistakes over and over again step now talking about bringing pulis back. We need to move away from this model of trying something and then when it doesnt work reverting back to the complete other end of the scale. Pulis is the last person I want to see managing this football club, woodgate included. Absolute insanity.
  6. It frustrates the life out of me that we refuse to look at europe at the moment. If they're using the premier league season as a reason not to, it's so so foolish. Theyd be better advised to look at what came in the couple of seasons before - nsue, kike, vossen, stuani were top quality players at this level for a lot less than youd pay for domestic players of similar quality. I also think we dont look at the youth teams of top half prem teams enough. There are a lot of players in there that arent good enough for them but could be really great in the championship- there are a lot of players who go this route and get back to premier league level and we never seem to manage to spot them.
  7. Too bold a suggestion that we use the 40k a week gestede is on and the 30k a week shotton is on to bring in a manager and director of football and look to the european market for players? It probably is to be fair but with a minuscule wage bill (and it will be after all those players go) well certainly have a lot of room to play around with our resources and put ourselves in a much better position than we are in this season. Is it a possibility? Definiely yes. Do I have faith that well do it? Definitely not.
  8. I dont think woodgate is going anywhere purely because we cant afford to pay two managers, which is what wed have to do if we sacked him. Gibson is already pumping 1mil a month in apparently, and we refused to pay a couple of hundred thousand in loan fees for players in the summer so theres no chance hell now spend that money on a manager when he already has one. I'm afraid the best we can hope for is to narrowly avoid relegation this season under woodgate and see how our finances look with a lot of the big earners - and britt and randolph in all likelihood - off the wage bill and start to rebuild.
  9. Christ I think the worst thing about this whole situation is that people are now thinking that pulis did a good job. How fickle are we? There was one person on this entire board who stuck by pulis at the time, absolutely no one else defended him so you cant just rewrite history.
  10. Which is my point. Pulis had a much better squad than we currently have now, each of those players (apart from dimi) would improve our starting lineup under the right manager in my opinion. Woodgate has got a couple of kids and league 1 players to replace those players.
  11. So you're saying pulis didnt get the best out of them then? Seems were on the same page then 😉
  12. Mikel, downing, besic, flint, vlp, dimi all had upper championship quality, despite them all dividing fans - each of them are now doing better than our team currently is. That's a massive difference.
  13. Anyone who claims that our squad should doing better than it is just has to look at that lineup. This is around the correct level. And it's going to get worse before it gets better over the next two windows. Scary.
  14. Agreed. I think hell take them to the cleaners over this. Between the investigation into their finances and this, plus their performances in the league and the financial commitments they've already made, they're heading for big trouble.
  15. While the other two get a slap on the wrist and play on? As the ones actually breaking the law and running away... I wonder why that is? Cant for the life of me think of a reason
  16. I'm torn on this. Because I did think that we were much better defensively than we were showing earlier in the season but to his credit woodgate seems to have shored this up in recent weeks. However when I look at our attacking options, I genuinely dont see any possible way to get them scoring enough to drag us up the table. We have a proven goalscorer (albeit completely out of form) and absolutely zero creativity. the same issue weve had for years. It's my belief that no one else can get any more out of the attacking side of the pitch than what woodgate is currently getting.
  17. Talking about where we finished under pulis in his final year is pointless. If you take away the first few months we were much closer to the bottom of the table than the top. This rot has been going on for over a year now, under both managers. The squad simply isnt good enough. I really dont see how anyone can argue otherwise.
  18. I'd far rather see tav as a number 10 than wing. I dont think wing has any of the guile or creativity required for that role. Personally i still stick with the 352 that I've been saying since summer is the only one that fits our current crop of players. It's great that woodgate has a formation he wants to eventually play with but unfortunately for him he didnt get the right players in for it in the summer so hes going to have to compromise. Randolph Fry ayala shotton (as much as I'd love him out of the team we dont have much choice) Dijksteel howson tav mcnair johnson Fletcher britt.
  19. Are we though? For starters if this time last year you were told that fletcher, johnson, mcnair, shotton and two league 1 full backs would be in our starting 11 in 12 months time how would you have felt? Out of all those only McNair has proved himself any better than mediocre championship players. Add to that injury problems to fry and howson, wings complete loss of form (lets not forget he was playing non league a couple of years ago), an in and out ayala also out of form and whatever the hell has happened to assombalonga.. really weve only got one player who we can rely on to perform week in week out and it's our goalkeeper. Personally i expected these kinds of struggles before the season started. I'm not saying woodgate is doing a good job or anything, just that the squad hes been given to work with is lower half championship quality, so its logical that that's where we are in the table.
  20. Eze scoring again... at this rate hell probably go for 25mil plus next summer
  21. How did Denmark only draw with Georgia 0-0? Incredible. ?
  22. Sickening. Happens everywhere. Annoys me when english journalists go after the state of serie a (which is god awful too) when the same problems are in pretty much every stadium here too.
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