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  1. I thought he'd been out more than that, maybe it's because it's more obvious when he's not playing that it stands out so much. Anyway, the point still stands, when he's substituted off he's not replaced with Roberts generally - it's not a one or the other situation and hasn't been all season.
  2. Not sure why people are convinced Roberts will have a chance to prove how good he is now, Tav has been out of the side on plenty of occasions this season and Roberts doesn't tend to start then either. Maybe he'll get an extra 5 or 10mins on the pitch but cant see anymore than that
  3. He came on in the 81st minute and looked sharp but didn't get given the ball in any good areas. The one time he did he won a free kick for us. The neutral commentators commented on how sharp he looked in his brief cameo.
  4. Although it seems like he very much lost the dressing room. Apparently his pre match instructions were to "go out and express yourself" - he didn't give any tactical instructions. If that's true he probably did deserve to go.
  5. Shouldn't have gotten the job in the first place but should have been afforded more time when it was his. Typical Chelsea really from start to finish.
  6. Would have been crazy to send him out on loan without a replacement anyway. As yesterday showed, one injury to fry or McNair (historically injury prone) and were down to nothing it he isn't here.
  7. The fry incident should have changed the game in our favour and we would likely have won if it had gone in our favour. However, it didn't and the game stayed as it was - 11vs11. Arguably wood coming on put us at a relative disadvantage due to his current ability Vs Fry's but this didn't cost us the game or directly influence key moments in the game. So we had the same task to do as we did prior to the game and we didn't manage it. The decision didn't make us miss the chances we had to take the lead. It didn't make us go to sleep for their attacks in the second half. It didn't make us go absolutely to pieces after they scored. We were playing good football until they scored in the first part of the second half, we should have won the game whether the decision was made our way or not.
  8. I didn't blame anyone, I just said it was a bad signing because he hasn't been able to get on the pitch.
  9. Genuinely forgot he was a Boro player. What a terrible signing
  10. The worst response I've seen to us going down all season. Truly awful.
  11. Less than 10 mins for Roberts to come on and then be criticised for not scoring a hattrick.
  12. If we lose both Tav and fry here were in big trouble.
  13. It's what he's told to do. Same with wood there, that's why no one showed for him and why he got in trouble when he tried to play it along the ground.
  14. Thats horrific. Undeserved in so many ways but when you defend like that you really can't complain.
  15. This. If we don't win this we will definitely have a whinge about the incident but Blackburn are very much there to be beaten, If we turn up we should still be able to take the 3 points - if we don't the majority of the blame will be on us and not the ref.
  16. Was thinking that, looked out on his feet for the last 10mins.
  17. Much better from paddy there. Think tav could have done a little better tbh, though a hard one to control.
  18. I know we're all angry at what should have been, but Christ our end product has been awful so far. Saville and McNair very wasteful in the last couple of mins. Need to get our heads in the game again.
  19. Is it just me or has mcnairs deliveries taken a big dip in the last few games? That was so poor. Really wish we'd gotten hourihane, we get so many frees in those wide areas that we need to take better advantage of.
  20. Hope wood has a really good game now. Can't get over that.
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