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  1. I thought it was a fiver for a home game and a tenner for an away game? And all the Tuesday games were on the red button? Has it been so long since I watched football that I've gone mad?
  2. A tenner a pop to watch the kind of quality stream that's been used to date on that service is a bit of a joke, without even taking into account the probability that the servers will never be able to handle it. Anyone know if other championship teams are following the same pricing?
  3. AK was my favourite, robbo was the most exciting, McClaren was the most successful. In the end you have to go with results. 7th place finish, UEFA cup final and a trophy in the bag is hard to argue with. He was immensely dislikable though which is probably the reason theres even a debate.
  4. Its Adama for me. Zenden was a good player for us but he wasnt exciting. Traore stands out as a player with world class qualities, some of which you rarely see in players that play at the very very top. To have probably the best dribbler in the world playing for us in the championship was always mental. My second favourite boro player ever.
  5. Cooper by a mile for me too. Quality player throughout his boro spells and I'll always remember the sight of him coming onto the pitch at 39 years old in the 85th min for his last appearance in that famous game vs fulham to play alongside all the local kids. Stuff of legends.
  6. Kinda goes against the rumours that bridges have been burned between ak and Steve gibson! I seen Ben still calls him gaffer too, maybe the dressing room atmosphere wasnt as bad as people like us to think!
  7. The reason there is no effective opposition either here or in the US is down to the way the left is portrayed in the media and how gullible large sections of society are to believe the lies. It's nothing to do with policies, it never is. Democracy is depressing - who can lie best with little sound bites that dont ever reflect the true picture
  8. Assombalonga is still undoubtedly our most talented striker in my opinion and with this break form goes completely out of the window and we should be picking a lineup based on talent and what shape the players have kept themselves in. Stojanovic Moukoudi Ayala fry McNair howson wing friend Roberts assombalonga coulson I prefer mcnair as a right wing back with howson inside but can be interchangeable really. Coulson instead of friend with tav taking the left forward spot is a possibility too but I'd like to see Coulson keep the position he had when we finished.
  9. Imagine we had kept hold of karanka and gotten rid of the couple of players hed fallen out with instead. Wed probably have bounced right back up with the war chest that was given to monk and been living the high life in the premier league ever since.
  10. Funnily enough enough as far as I remember that 8-1 was the only game that entire season when we scored more than 2 goals. I may be wrong but it's what I remember, didn't bother checking haha.
  11. I went for the city one but in all honesty I'm very unlikely to watch it. They're too recent.
  12. All very true. I found it funny that bernie talked the whole first half about how we had 5 forwards and not one can do anything in the air. Cue two great headers in the second half!
  13. How did I forget the 8-1, Jaysus.
  14. Boateng was incredible from the 30mins mark. BUT he and rocky put in a 2/10 performance up until then- I've never seen so many misplaced passes in my life! What other games would people like them to show now they've done the big 3? I cant think of many more. The brighton game, I don't think I could watch that again. Maybe the utd 4-1 or beating mourinhos Chelsea 3-0?
  15. Johnson is a bottom half championship player at best and average league 1 player at worst. Will be happy to see him go. Friend, if he has as positive an influence on the dressing room as were led to believe might be worth another year on really reduced terms to be ready to come into the side when needed ala woodgates last year or two.
  16. The devastating impact of our governments short lived herd immunity policy is now showing its effects in the latest death figures. Getting worse every day, only a few days out from spain and Italy. Compare the figures to Ireland's, which albeit is a smaller sample and you can see the difference the speed and extent of reaction has had.
  17. I think woodgate will be thinking of his last season with the club where he re signed as a player but was clearly a backup there for his knowledge and influence. If he thinks george can do the same thing then im for it, so long as the money is reflective of his position in the squad.
  18. None of it has happened yet and that information is based on his feeling, not actual information or facts - no point taking a dig at the club yet.
  19. I've seen this on offers a few times for 550ish, is there any particular reason you think itll tick my boxes? Sorry, completely useless with translating specs to actual performance
  20. Was hoping someone with a more technical mind than I could help out with a laptop recommendation as I'm useless at this stuff and extremely indecisive. I've broken down my priorities in the hope that I can find my perfect laptop Priority 1 - a laptop that can run football manager 2020 and beyond at a high performance level for at least the next 4-5 years. I'd like to be able to select 8-10 countries to load all leagues on and use a huge database. Priority 2 - size, durability and mobility - something slim and portable, sleek design and will last for at least 4-5 years. Priority 3 - ssd size/upgradability. I'd like something with a decent sized ssd to begin with or at least the possibility of adding to it with ease. same with ram. Priority 4 - screen quality - dont know much about this to be honest, but I'll probably be watching movies and tv semi regularly so a decent screen would be appreciated but not top priority Priority 5 - also not a major thing but it would be a bonus if it could also handle other gaming for the next couple of years on medium settings. Price wise I'm fairly flexible but it would take a deal of amazing proportions for me to go past £650, though ideally I'd like to get the cheapest possible that hits my first couple of priorities. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  21. Wishful thinking. Every bit of evidence suggests this is getting worse rather than better. Looking at other countries as well as our own governments estimate, the peak of this wont hit for another 7 or 8 weeks. Were more likely to see more restrictions rather than fewer.
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