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  1. Let's hope the OP's optimism is rewarded with another match thread, he deserves it. UTB
  2. I don't know what the problem is with Gibson? Obviously he's decided not to plough anymore money into the club at this moment. What he'll do next in January is anyone's guess? Will he back Woodgate, or let the slide continue and sell the rest of the crown jewels. There are more questions than answers? as for me I think Gibson's gone senile...
  3. Truly, this is sick bag inducing propaganda being issued by the club.
  4. Yes, and we also have the chance to kick start our season too. I'm just sick of all the negativity on this forum.
  5. So you've already decided that we're going to get beat by the mighty Huddersfield.
  6. I wonder if Gibson is even attending? If you notice the Cameras never zoom into the directors box anymore.
  7. As Tony Mowbray once said, "Players win matches, not formations". This rests fairly on Gibson's shoulders and his decision to pull the plug on at least a couple of loan signings. He must have phoned a friend for some last minute advice, I'm wondering who it is? Now that would be some good info to relay @Smoggydownsouth ?
  8. He can speak for himself. I see you've got your moderating head on...
  9. You're stirring up the pot with all your info and how outraged you were with Gibson's shafting of Woodgate and now you're saying two players make little difference.
  10. Why would Gibson risk the club's Championship place, doesn't make sense?
  11. What was the reason for Gibson blocking the final loan signings then if there are so many broken players?
  12. ^^^ Some fans are starting to get hysterical now, calm down.
  13. One season Leicester took over the Holgate End early on and weren't displaced until about ten minutes before kick-off when all the late comers arrived. Lots of fighting. I can't remember the year though, 68, 69. or 70?
  14. What good is all this going to do now? All he's done is paint himself whiter than white. If Downing had any class he'd have kept quiet instead of churning everything up.
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