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  1. Finding good stuff is like looking for a needle in a haystack 👀
  2. Whenever the white band is used its destroyed by using it as a vehicle for the sponsor. I'd much rather have the white shoulders with the sponsor in plain print. Along with white shorts this would identify the team just as well as the white band.
  3. Just stay off England threads then. We have a World Cup coming up, so take a break from us.
  4. You were correct. it's up on the website, plus they're doing a beam back.
  5. On the Boro website it's coming up as no packages available.
  6. Certainly a missed opportunity this season. Next season will be just as difficult, if not more so. There's affectively only be one auto spot to go for, with at least one of the relegated teams bouncing straight back.
  7. The bookies have Sheff Utd strong favourites odds on @ 1.83, with QPR @ 4.25..
  8. What are his plans for Payero. and does he fit in with the shape of his future formations?
  9. You can't overlook that the match was live on Sky. There'll be a decent crowd v Stoke if QPR do the buisness
  10. Oh my God! Now you want to have a ménage à trois with Wilder and Connolly 😁
  11. Wilder is determined not to play Payero. Said in his pressers that Payero had a part to play. Crooks will be back v Stoke, so Payero may get a 10 minute cameo.
  12. Daniels will keep a clean sheet and will be retained as cover for next season.
  13. Thanks. You're right these commentators are awful, regardless of accents.
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