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  1. Well that's all down to Gibson being a tight wad. He's gone from being reckless with his money to running the club on a shoestring.
  2. They've been overwatering the pitch for yonks. This should nave been picked up long ago, player constantly losing their footing, add Tavernier missing that penalty too.
  3. Not much point in crying over spilt milk now. We have an opportunity to make some amends v Rotherham and get this performance out of the system.
  4. Let's hope Gibson gives Warnock the green light.
  5. The true story of Magic Lamp. Herbert Chapman, Huddersfield's most successful manager who was later lured to Arsenal and defined Arsenal as the most successful team of the 1930's. And probably one of the greatest managers of all time. In 1922 Chapman took the team to the final night of the Aladdin Pantomime at the local theatre. After the performance the players were invited backstage to meet the cast. As a memento the players were given the Magic Lamp prop used throughout the production for luck. With the FA Cup looming all the players took to rubbing the Lamp in the dressing room before each Cup match. Football history was made as Huddersfield recorded their one and only FA Cup win in 1922. Herbert Chapman won two First Division Titles at Huddersfield, before even greater success came at Arsenal. Mr Football himself.
  6. It was a superb performance, end of. That's all that needs to said.
  7. Magic Lamp stiffens up 😀
  8. Forest must be confident. They're busting a gut to keep it on and they've put a tent over the pitch. Be lovely to disappoint them though, after all their hard work too.
  9. I didn't actually. Time zones and strange kick-off time play havoc with you.
  10. Bournemouth having a wobble one down at Derby.
  11. It depends which Boro turn up. We're due a win though. Maybe Britt will be firing on all 4 cylinders this time instead of being as nervous as a kitten every time we play them. There's no crowd to put him off. WE need a long run off you Erimus 74. Do your stuff... 7: For those planning to visit Australia when this Covid pandemic ends Burger King in Australia is called Hungry Jack's, due to © issue in Oz They're both crap but Burger King is less crappy, or slightly superior to Macdonald's, which is more popularly known as Macca's here in Australia.
  12. Stop worrying. We're sitting in 4th place on current form in the Sky Bet Championship – Form Guide – Last 6 Matches. Fans should be reasonably happy and yet they're not. This after what I would call a disappointing blip.
  13. Another huge over reaction to a very disappointing result. We've only lost twice at home once to the league leaders and we we're somewhat unlucky not to come away with a point. As for today it's best forgotten and should be regarded as as a one off performance. Very unusual circumstances have surrounded the club since the Rotherham postponement in a highly irregular season. Looking forward to the Forest match now, who seem to hitting a bit of form. A great chance for the team to get this out of their system. So were bound to win.
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