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  1. Heartbreaker. Paying for all the missed half chances.
  2. He's a stenolecturer 😉
  3. That'll be at least another half million down the drain.
  4. How do you know this? Clubs that are in the iFollow umbrella are offering season passes. Email to me concerning overseas season pass, from the club. "Please keep an eye out on the subscriptions page for more info. We appreciate your patience".
  5. Unfortunately no international stream. Only a £3 radio commentary available for overseas users. I'm guessing. the club have their hands full trying to satisfy UK fans.
  6. And she speaks very highly of you 😉 Ben Gibson will help her run the club as DOF and possibly the joint owner. I would think he'll be in for a percentage of the club at the very least.
  7. He just signed a years extension with Cardiff too, so it certainly looks like a BS rumour.
  8. And of course a million quid is still quite a lot of money, even in these inflated times.
  9. Bristol has a much nicer climate than Middlesbrough. Didn't you know that Mr Lurpak? 😀
  10. Stan Anderson said Nobby was bought to win the ball and then play it someone who could play. He thought he could play and wouldn't play to orders.
  11. Gestede, Saville, McNair.
  12. Pleased for Brentford. Hope they do it in the final. Moving into a brand new stadium next season, so similar to us winning promotion and then moving into the Riverside.
  13. Unfortunately the white band is just a vehicle to carry the advertising slogan. Alongside with Set Your Limits, it's atrocious. The white band identity has been ruined for very little money from a quite dubious source. If the club hadn't squandered so much money they wouldn't even need a sponsor and would probably sell more shirts too.
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