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  1. It's no wonder Karanka threw a wobbler. And clear why Steve Round turned down the opportunity to be Woodgate's assistant yes man.
  2. Recruitment will be in the safe hands of the transfer committee. Mssrs, Gibson, Gill, Woodgate and Bausor. Sounds like a firm of solicitors. Oh dear! You couldn't make this up 😉 https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-qa-director-football-role-17912454
  3. Woodgate very indecisive in making substitutes.
  4. Please stop saying, "He saved club". He didn't. Gibson was instrumental in a part of a consortium, he put very little money in. Henry Moskowitz was the largest contributor, who was then ousted By Gibson in a power grab over disagreements concerning the future direction of the club.
  5. Got to win now after Wigan winning, as survival will be out of our own hands. Although results will probably see-saw until the final day, a defeat or draw would be psychologically devastating.
  6. It would be more annoying and most ironic, if the squandered points v Luton, both home and away, were ultimately to send us down. Just hoping that penalty miss doesn't haunt us.
  7. Gibson's a ***, he's running the club into the ground.
  8. We may get our ar$es kicked, but we won't get our asses kicked, even if we are playing like donkeys.
  9. Maybe the club will want it postponed and turn the sprinklers on overnight. Heavy rain and wind is a great leveler and they could end up with a jammy win.
  10. Woodgate will have contacts in Spain, he's fluent in Spanish. Gibson runs the club though and he definitely won't want a another Latin flavour in the dressing room.
  11. A draw looks likely, with us being one of the divisions draw specialists.
  12. Current form can change at any time and give you a swift kick in the goolies. It's also another reason why bookies are rich.
  13. We are Brentford's bogey team, so I see some sort of result in our favour.
  14. Blackburn have always been a bit of a bogey team, so heart says win, head says draw at best.
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