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  1. Boro are well known for signing left footers. It helps if you're one.
  2. Cagliari sniffing. https://the72.co.uk/243051/serie-a-side-make-late-move-for-middlesbrough-bound-midfielder/
  3. Oh! my bad then. Should have read the thread properly. Sorry about that.
  4. You have nothing good to say about the Boro, or England.
  5. Watched Shot Caller last night following your recommendation. Great film, worth 2 hours of anyone's time, which simply flew by.
  6. Looking forward to the WC now, assuming we qualify. In spite of a gut wrenching defeat we had a great tournament to end a miserable Boro season. The future looks bright for GS and his young team and it won't be a surprise if Southgate's team goes a long way in Qatar. Onward and upward.
  7. Pickford must be fuming. saves two pens and still ends up on the losing side.
  8. Regarding penalties GS is a chump. First thing, they should have taken pens like the 1st 5 Euro 96, if you can't hit the side net you're not taking one,. GS hasn't got the bottle to tell players to take penalties properly, or not bother. Fuming..
  9. A lot of Italians were ripped off and dumped in Scotland. They paid the fare, thought they were going to America and were non the wiser as they only spoke Italian. Anyway they made the best of it. Jockaties
  10. Sad new on the eve of the Final. Paul Mariner died at 68, no age. Didn't know he'd been recovering from a brain cancer operation 8 months ago. Big Jack wanted him, but wouldn't pay the dosh.
  11. Whether we win or lose, we'll never hear the end of it one way or another. So it's win win for us.
  12. ^^^ I see the score prediction in that pic. 2 Sausages to nil
  13. Yeah! It never closes down, 24 hour tv. Also you don't get a test card either to adjust your picture.
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