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  1. Lady Luck shone on us in both penalty areas. Some refs give them and some don't.
  2. We got promoted despite the toxicity in the dressing room and should've gone up as champions instead of leaving it 'till the final match.
  3. The more comments I read the more annoyed I'm getting. Gibson and Warnock's friendship. It doesn't stretch any further than Warnock's fat pay slip, all expenses, plus free board and lodge at Rockcliffe, with flights back and fourth to Cornwall. Gibson's a prize mug.
  4. I'm pleased I didn't renew my streaming subscription with the club. It was £140 last season and it was bumped up to £170 for this season. Not that I couldn't afford it, it's just the principal. I'm watching dodgy links for free and it's all very unenjoyably.
  5. This is the ideal time to get rid of him. Gibson wants his head looking at if he lets Warnock survive this $hit show.
  6. My Fulham prediction for an auto is looking a bit weak. What a drubbing for them, off the team that were thrashed themselves mid-week. No wonder the bookies are rich 🤑
  7. Dat'll be de Gibson's Orish links to the club 😁
  8. Fulham back to winning ways and Coventry thrashed at Luton.
  9. Might as well be optimistic. Looking like Fulham, Bournemouth and WBA will be vying for the automatic spots all season. So 3 places up for grabs. UTB
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkb6NJHpHdk Leo the hero.
  11. Let's hope Leo isn't forced out, like the Karanka/Hignett business.
  12. Enjoyed the match, first one in ages. Special mention for Lumley's save which stopped us having a very nervous final 10 minutes.
  13. This links working: http://www.usagoals.video/c/football/england-championship/28-09-2021/middlesbrough-vs-sheffield-utd/1/
  14. In emergencies pinch a pair of the Mrs' tights. It works 😀
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