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  1. What would boycotting the World Cup achieve?
  2. ^^^ You spotted my deliberate error 🙃
  3. 3 England games to provide some distraction following the Millwall horror show. England 5 0 San Marino Thursday 1945hrs Albania V England. Sunday 1700hrs. 28th March. England v Poland. Wednesday 1945hrs 31st March.
  4. There's no need to have a go at Warnock. This is the man that saved the club from relegation. So behave yourself.
  5. Here's a taste test for you: Take any cola and let it go flat and it tastes horrible and even more so at room temperature.
  6. There's only a small percentage of Americans go to Cuba. It's mainly Brits and Canadians. Regarding Mexican Coke, a lot of Americans go other the border to buy Mexican Coke in bulk, because it tastes like the original Coke as it used to be yonks ago. In Mexico they still use sugar where as just about everywhere they changed over to corn syrup.
  7. Why would people bother to buy Coke at an all inclusive hotel.
  8. I agree with you . However, it's a profit driven thing and these companies will hang on to SD as long as they can, especially with free to air tv.
  9. It's not weird really. It's more bandwidth needed, plus the the extra costs incurred.
  10. Straight down the middle. He would have saved it if he'd remained his normal statuesque self. He must go at the end of the season. Dud!
  11. Anyone watched The First Team football comedy on BBC. Very funny even if it was panned by the critics, so there probably won't be a second series.
  12. This adoration of Gibson has got to stop. The club is going nowhere with him as owner.
  13. It's a power trip with Gibson. He's a very big fish in a circle of people that control all goings on in Middlesbrough itself.
  14. Gibson will never relinquish control of the club. He's had offers before and refused them. So we're stuck with him.
  15. You should've put a link. It's a real pain sifting through Gazette articles.
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