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  1. I can't see Wilder starting Mowett, it's not in his MO. He likes to break them in gradually.
  2. The only thing wrong with him is we let ourselves be shafted at the price. If we'd bought him at true market value he wouldn't have raised an eyebrow.
  3. Bournemouth were the only club interested and if they'd had a bad start, he might have changed his mind. The club wanted the money.
  4. I don't know why people would think he'll walk away from a multi million contract. He won't.
  5. A small noisy crowd can still make a good atmosphere. It's up to the team to perform.
  6. Interesting, however, agents and the players themselves are probably the biggest moles. They can't keep a secret 🤣
  7. The bookies have us odd on, with generous odds for a Barnsley win. Could go to extra time, or penalties, so another win for the bookies.
  8. Let's have a look at Roberts and see if he's good enough to put pressure on Steffen. If he doesn't play he'll be wondering what he's doing here.
  9. The club should thank him really for setting us on the way to a decent cup run and making them a fair bit of dosh.
  10. Gibson's had his fingers burnt too many times to risk the club over spending. His biggest worry is keeping hold of Wilder to finish off the job he's started, or we're deep in it again.
  11. The club is Gibson. Might as well call it Gibson FC.
  12. I wonder if we'll see Roberts in goal v Barnsley, or will he stick with his blue eyed boy.
  13. Yes, we aren't far off a decent team and will stay that way unless Wilder pulls his finger out and does the best with what he's got at present. He clearly didn't do that today, not the first half anyway. I hope he got his ar** well and truly kicked by Gibson. Just not good enough. If things don't change they'll stay as they as they are...
  14. Watmore would be better coming on as an impact sub, but Wilder knows best, or does he?
  15. I'm shocked Akpom hasn't kept his place with an assist v WBA, plus Watmore's miss.
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