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  1. Every footballer has several options available to him every time we play the ball There is no such thing as 'that's the only ting you have available to you'
  2. Like the last Watford game, this game has a real big feel about it. I think the bottom 3 will still be relegated
  3. Deulofeu excites me if he comes. He's been inconsistent at Everton, but Karanka is known for getting the best out of players
  4. Although brutal 1:1 he is a goal machine
  5. Apparently it was an "ounstanding" ball from de Roon to feed him in for that one on one. Still needs to improve 1:1, he should be doing drills after training cos he is brutal 1:1
  6. Would have went but ill be in Mexico - should be a game we get an idea who's likely to start.
  7. It looks like it, I think he can cover CB but it seems a bit unfair on the lad to be played out of position when he will want to be proving himself. Think i've read that de sart was a CB first of all before moving into midfield
  8. Me too, didn;t he get a run out last season?
  9. First time I've read this thread, find it interesting people are saying we dont come from behind. Plenty of points picked up last season after going behind.
  10. Not sure £15 Million would get an upgrade on Rhodes. WHo only need to socre 8-10 this season to beocme a £20 million Striker himself.
  11. Lets hope AK can bend JM ear then, given that JM wont be playing them.....
  12. Timothy Fosu-Mensah - seen him play RB agaisnt spurs last season and was impressed, what would thoughts be on a loan deal for this guy?
  13. I personally hold Steve Gibson in the highest regard, as much I can for someone i know. He has turned this club right round etc etc. No ones perfect, and we all make mistakes and mistakes let people down
  14. Gordon Strachan and the transfer policy at the time The ticket pricing structure for the new season With regards to the Strachan era... Gibson did what any good chairman does and stuck with the managers ideas!! Season ticket structure ultimately wasn't thought out overly well! That said the renewel scheme was correct in my eyes but I can 100% see why fans were / are disgruntled. Gibson is human like the rest of us and in the general he is very good. Point I'm making he is open to criticism, he lets us down with the appointment of Strachan, and put the club back years.
  15. Must have been given by the goal line official. No way the referee was certain about that I though Rio was spot on with analysis, and Shearer was off the mark Penna for me
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