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  1. I'd guess Big Al as one of them as he also played upfront. No idea on the other.
  2. It's a decent away day, good atmosphere and walkable from the train station. Having said that, on my 2 visits we've lost 2-1 and 1-0. 😭
  3. He's consistently terrible and seems to get a lot of the TV games too. Hard to fathom.
  4. Apparently the virus has a 15% mortality rate for people over 80, drops to 8% for people between 70 and 79, and 4% for people between 60 and 69. For people under 50 the mortality rate is 0.4 percent. Pre-existing medical conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes also increase the mortality rate to 10.5% and 7.3% respectively. I think what boro_fan_in_brum is saying, is that it's hardly the Black Death version II, but you wouldn't know that from the way the media are going on.
  5. Think CT is far too critical of the club/manager to be Vickers. 😂
  6. It's TalkSport drive time mate - they are a couple of wind up merchants who say outlandish sh*t to get people to phone in and air their disagreements.
  7. Personally hoping for a Chiefs win, but it's dependent on stopping the 49ers' running game. I think Mahomes will be able to do a lot more against the niners' defence than Rodgers managed in the championship game.
  8. Thought he was coach of the Packers.
  9. Head of Recruitment Operations Executive Management Team & Board Responsible for defining long term football strategy and process of developing a culture and identity that runs through all MFC teams; Exec Management of Scouting & Emerging talent process. With CEO managing Player contracts offers with clubs and agents. Management of MFC outward loans with Head of Academy & Loans Manager Monitoring of players when on loan international duty. Developing club relationships. Closely working with CEO, First team management, Head of Academy; Medical & Sports Science.
  10. It took Sheffield Utd 5 seasons to get out of League 1 - bouncing back at the first time of asking is no guarantee as you say.
  11. I can probably think of players who were worse, but Kevin Thompson arrived with plenty of fanfare and was injured more than Gestede has been. 😛
  12. John Egan at Sheff Utd was pretty good last season.
  13. Alan Willey in a 2-1 home win over Sunderland, 11th September 1976. Last game before I was born was a 1-0 home win over the Geordies lol.
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