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  1. Can't fault anyone in the side, they all put a shift in, a decent performance and hopefully with the new signings we can only get better.
  2. We've played ok, battled well for the ball, some decent passing we don't deserve to be behind, but once again our inability to find the net has let us down, and until we sign a decent No 10 we're always going to struggle to score.
  3. The club is to make a statement with regards to incoming transfers it reads as follows" We can categorically deny any interest in any of the players we are linked with in the papers because we have bugger all interest in any targets, and unfortunately and once again we have failed to bring in our earlier transfer targets, despite 99% of the division not seemingly having the same problem" Yours Faithfully Your Number 1 recruitment team.
  4. Thought 2nd half neither side were causing many problems in the final 3rd, a couple of routine saves from Foster but that's about it. I can't get away with Saville offers very little to the midfield, just my opinion. Same old same old, crying out for a creative midfielder or 2, its like a stuck vinyl record.
  5. 1st game of the season a few nerves on both sides and I'm going for 1-1.
  6. Yes this pandemic has nothing to do with refugees, and its going to be even harder to get rid of COVID when you have idiots holding street parties, and raves, without very little punishment, then you have ignoramuses who refuse to social distance and walk in and out of shops without masks on, and there's nothing done about it. I honestly don't feel sorry for the Brits holidaying abroad who have to quarantine when arriving back in Britain, if a fortnight in the sun is that important to them in the middle of a Pandemic then tough. I cancelled my holiday to Crete, in the realm of things it didn't seem that important to me.
  7. Yes and Wigan will lose in the courts as well.
  8. If your fighting a relegation battle for most of the season then you obviously haven't been good enough, but your relegation rivals getting a helping hand by a decision Stevie Wonder could have made doesn't exactly help the cause.
  9. What about where he started with Bournemouth and how far he's taken them, best footballing side in the Championship by far when they won it, granted relegated this season, but 5 years in the PL better than our one season debacle under Karanka. All down to opinion I'd have Howe here tomorrow, excellent young manager.
  10. Had the so called goal line technology and ref done their job properly in the Sheff Utd/Villa game then Bournemouth stay up, that's the way it goes, but it must leave a sour taste in the mouth, very poor at that standard absolute mockery of the system and no excuses, and an expensive mistake for Bournemouth.
  11. I'm with you on this, McNair started the season well but soon faded, and hasn't offered a lot after the break under a new manager. Saville I've never been fussed on ( nothing to do with the fee we paid )I just don't know what his qualities are, not a great passer, doesn't score many goals, not a great ball winner, one season wonder at Millwall with 10 goals, well below average performer for us. Take what we can and clear them out.
  12. Browne would need to make a huge improvement for him to become a decent player for us, because I honestly felt he has offered very little the times I've seen him play, he's been very poor, I hope I'm proved wrong but I don't see it.
  13. If Karanka has made it clear that part of the agreement of him taking the Birmingham position is that he has full control on which players come and go (which it appears the tabloids are stating) and this is reneged on then he has every right to resign his position, because he's going to be undermined whenever they see fit to do so. With regard to your post about the players you say were gifted to Karanka by Gibbo perhaps it may be a case of once bitten twice shy and that is why he wants assurances from Birmingham.
  14. Regardless of what assurances Karanka has been made at Birmingham with regard to transfers and recruitment I honestly can't see their hierarchy keeping their noses out, but if they do go back on their word I can see Aitor sticking to his guns and telling them to shove it.
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