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  1. Yes considering quite a few of these players will have started their careers at some of these lower league clubs, short memories or just plain selfish.
  2. I had to go to the local shop Tesco express for a particular item, the aisles where marked out with strips 2 metres apart, and the same at the counter, 99% of customers were adhering to it, but as usual you always get one. If the rule is blatantly flouted after a warning from staff or security, I would love to see that person told they need to leave the premises as they won't be getting served, might make them think next time. Tough love at this sensitive time.
  3. Yes this ( I left school with no qualifications) nice guy self made billionaire has shown his true colours, the mask has slipped, an absolute fraud, who's shown himself to be a ruthless business man with no compassion for others.
  4. That's a contributing factor as to why we have these viruses and diseases, and a lot of it what you said above comes down to greed from people who are prepared to put peoples life's at risk for profit, they should be put up against a wall.
  5. At he end of the day Human life over sport there is no compromise, if you have to shut sport down you do it. Coronavirus isn't new, my wife has a bottle of Dettol at work 18 months old, on the back it states Kills E Coli, Sammonella etc. Cold viruses (Human Coronavirus RSV). So now the medical world are working around the clock to find more about the virus , wouldn't it have been better to try and find more about the virus before it happened in the 1st place before we had this Pandemic. All the modern technology we have, and the millions spent in the medical industry and we still act like we're in the 18th century. It is so sad that people are losing their lives in this day and age, to yet another man made virus that yet again the worlds medical industry can't find a cure for, sorry for being so cynical but that's how I feel, its so *** sad, bugger sport.
  6. Yes we're champions league when it comes to wasting money on strikers.nobody does it better.
  7. Yes you've got to have a level of consistency, you can't just look at a clubs league position, if you've breached the rules then the penalty should be automatic, not when it suits.
  8. Ok where's all the doom and gloom merchant's now, oh *** I've just realized I was one of them.
  9. I honestly didn't think we'd win another game with Woodgate in charge, I stand corrected, I am not worthy, please forgive me Woody.
  10. Its the midfield that worries me, bad habit of going missing for long periods of the game which puts the defense under long spells of pressure.
  11. Rudimentary Gestede scores against Charlton and goes on a goal scoring spree that sees Boro easily avoid relegation, and is rewarded by shrewd chairman Steve Gibson with another 2 year contract
  12. Whoever wins the midfield battle wins the game, we need a vastly improved performance from Tav, when he's on form he can be a match winner for us, no place to hide today for anyone. I'm really not sure about playing Britt, didn't look like he wanted to be on the pitch when he came on as sub, reminded me of when Yakuba wanted away, and that's no good to us in a game like this.
  13. Despite an improvement against Leeds & Forest, I'll go for Charlton to outbattle us and beat us 2-1, please let me be wrong.
  14. Your right Agnew doesn't count at all, we'd have had more success putting one of the ball boys in charge.
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