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  1. In my opinion Tav should be the 1st name on the team sheet, you always need a player like Tav in your side, only takes one moment of magic to win a game and Tav has that in his locker in spates.
  2. Scrappy game but we got the 3 points, and if Forest keep Hughton in charge then they're doomed, somethings badly gone wrong there.
  3. I would think a Forest defeat would mean curtains for Hughton, not the greatest of grounds for us, so I fancy 1-1 with Grabban grabbing the Forest goal.
  4. At the time when Bola made these comments, hopefully the teachers will have given him detention and he'll have been grounded for a month with no pocket money, this is absolutely pathetic a laughing stock charge.
  5. If you've ever met Tony Mowbray he's far from miserable or lacking in class a top bloke actually, the club were asked if it was possible if we could supply a few players for a charity raising pub event for a young boy losing his sight, Mowbray brought the full 1st team, signed football shirts to auction, and laughed and joked and interacted with everyone. You can disagree with him, but class is one thing he doesn't lack.
  6. I was in the North stand so was too far away to make a comment on the Morsy challenge, but I hope we never see this ref at the Riverside again, he was clueless. The standard of refereeing in the Championship is and always has been diabolical, unfortunately we just have to live with it. The game, I thought we played some decent football, the midfield, won a lot of challenges, we started the 2nd half well but we're not good enough or clinical enough to take advantage ,poor in the box.
  7. Definitely going to have to watch Ayala on set pieces, big danger, he'll know our weaknesses.
  8. Yes we didn't lose but its got to go down as a disappointing result. With regard to Payero the only way your going to get him up to speed, and let him find his feet in this league and blend in to the team is to put him into the starting 11, not *** about giving him 15 to 20 minutes here and there. The lads signed for us to play football and further his career not to warm the bench. I don't understand managers/coaches, players need to be on the pitch plying their trade not wrapped in cotton wool.
  9. I wouldn't have dropped Hall but Tav in and Howson dropped makes sense, so all in all not a bad starting 11 at all.
  10. I agree, Akpom must be fantastic in training, I'd have snapped their hands off, he's been a bloody awful signing offers the team absolutely nothing.
  11. I think you'll find they do, its where quality teams dominate games, and average teams don't, it all comes from the engine room it always has done.
  12. Dropping Jones the way the lads been playing would be madness, straightaway your taking pace out of the side.
  13. I would love us to have a diamond in midfield all quality teams have one in their side.
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