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  1. Nothing against Clayton but I think Howson in Clayton's position is a decent shout, good in the tackle comfortable on the ball and far better passer.
  2. They'll take some stopping they've got quality players in this league.
  3. We're better than Fulham we're gonna smash the league.
  4. In my opinion I thought Howson was the best player in a Boro shirt
  5. Totally agree, probably the last Boro keeper who was good at passing it out was Mark Crossley, Guardiola will only have keepers who are good at passing a ball, but then again its also who your passing it to.
  6. Yeh I mentioned this last night as to why Randolph just didn't put the ball up the field when there wasn't much on.
  7. I'm obviously happy with the win but I thought Wigan deserved a point out of the game, passed the ball better than us 1st half and had quite a few shots at times they played as if they were the home side. We had done very little till the goal.
  8. That's not a bad shout, Howson isn't frightened to put his foot in and always looks comfortable with the ball and can pick a pass. I agree Clayton, Ayala and Shotton are an accident waiting to happen.
  9. I thought Howson was the stand out player for us last night and despite Saturday's performance I still feel we're losing out not having him in the midfield, in fact our best midfielder in my opinion. We've got to start giving Tav more playing time never a player who's lacking in confidence, always looking to get a shot off. I'd also prefer to see Walker introduced instead of Gestede,,prefer young hungry striker to cart horse.
  10. Happy with the 3 points but awful game, thought our passing 1st half was atrocious, Browne was very poor correct decision to sub him. The standard of referring in this division is criminal this fella tonight was absolute garbage, doesn't believe in handball or players winning 50/50 balls. We play as we did tonight against Millwall and we'll get turned over.
  11. Yes I agree, because quite a few fans didn't think Woodgate was the right man for the job in the 1st instance, so a win is vital tonight, to give us a boost for Saturday.
  12. Yeh we don't want to get into the habit of not winning, because that's when the tension starts to get to not only the fans but the players as well.
  13. It would be great if we get to see a convincing performance tonight, but 3 points and Woody's 1st managerial win is what its about, gets us up and running.
  14. You none believer, we're gonna smash the league, I've just put our life savings on promotion, ok the wife's filed for divorce citing my insanity but you can't have it all.
  15. I totally disagree,, Gibson's problem has never been competing with billionaires, lets be fair we were never going to be challenging for a top 6 PL place. Our problems lie with the clueless entourage he surrounds himself with and the poor managerial appointments we have made, The PL season under Karanka was a total disaster, Garry Monk was given ample transfer funds to build a promotion winning side and once again we blew it. Pulis blew £20 mill last season on 3 players, Flint, Saville and McNair, hopefully McNair may still prove his worth. The 2 sides that went up automatic last season spent half as much as we did in the transfer market they just invested their money a far lot wiser than we did, and the bottomless pit has now gone. Its ok shouting for new owners, who's buying us some Saud Arabian billionaire hardly likely, or some fly by night who's going to do wonders and *** blunders but does nowt and jumps ship soon as the going gets tough, leaving us all praying that we're still going to have a football club to support.
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