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  1. Why on earth are Portugal giving Gosens so much room he's stood on the wing with no one anywhere near him, the Portuguese No 2 Semedo has been crap.
  2. The strong rumour was that O'Neill wanted to bring his own coaching staff in and this didn't sit well with Gibson and his entourage, which considering our jobs for the boys mentality wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  3. No conspiracy we were crap, we have quality players no doubt about it, but we have a manager who *** himself on the day by going defensive. I bet Southgate's pre match talk is inspirational, I liken it to putting a learner driver in charge of a fleet of Roll's Royce's we will do nothing with him in charge, superb defender poor manager with no tactical nous.
  4. Your right England did get off lightly, if Scotland had a better strike force we'd have been well beat, Scotland's big players (Robertson, Tierney, Gilmour, McGinn, McTominay, Adams,) turned up, while O'Donnell and Hanley were excellent, England players did not. I still think despite last nights result Scotland will still finish bottom because I fancy Croatia to nick something at Hampden park.
  5. England were far too slow getting the ball forward, Southgate favorite Sterling came into the Euro's out of form and struggling to make the Man City 1st 11, watched him get owned by James in the cup final and Tierney last night not good enough. Rice plays DM for West Ham yet still manages to get into the opposition box and score goals so he's obviously being told not to venture forward. Mason Mount persisted on taking the corners despite not being able to clear the 1st man and he's tracking back and putting a challenge in non existent. Kane is playing with he's back to goal most of the time h
  6. Not me, how can a manager sit and watch his midfield and players under perform (Mount & Sterling) and do very little to change it. We are the masters of sideways and backwards passing. Kane was isolated upfront feeding on scraps, Boring Boring tactics, no imagination devoid of ideas awful, it would have been a travesty if England had nicked it. .
  7. I don't see Mount getting dropped, doesn't waste much when he's on the ball.
  8. Gary Neville and Viera were saying Italy won't have enough and will fall short, but 29 games unbeaten and clean sheets in their last 10 games and they score goals I fancy them strongly.
  9. I can see them coming unstuck against one of the better sides in the tournament, not enough big game players for me, but all about opinion.
  10. The Italians are going to take some stopping, they have quality from back to front, and their passing and work rate is superb.
  11. So sorry to hear of your loss Steve, heart felt sympathies to you and your family.
  12. Excellent win, I will be surprised if Scotland can live with an England high tempo, I can see Mount and Foden taking them apart.
  13. Tell you what aren't these doctors and medical staff worth their weight in gold, great news that his stable.
  14. Just heard on the radio about Christian Erikkson bloody awful news, come on lad pull through you can do it.
  15. Yes its unbelievable how anyone could be happy about those 2 signing again bog standard when they were here, talk about being easily pleased.
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