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  1. I'm just wondering with no VAR in the Championship should it be mandatory for the linesmen to wear binoculars strapped to their heads.
  2. Lovely point, now 6 points from our next 2 home games and lets open the thread can Boro make the play offs LOL.
  3. No danger of him quitting either, with his loving the pressure of the job quotes. think you'd need a stick of dynamite.
  4. I was one of those fans who didn't want Pulis here in the 1st place, if Pulis did come back could he turn things around, I think that's debatable, yes we would revert back to defensive football, harder to score against, but I don't see how he suddenly turns our strikers into goal scoring machines. The football has been awful, but even Woodgate can't compensate for his strikers missing absolute sitters. Perhaps Woodgate may also need to look at his backroom staff and ask if he's actually got the right team assembled, because for a young rookie manager in his 1st season experience is key, an old head alongside him could sometimes make all the difference.
  5. Don't know if Walkers fit, but if he is I'd give him his chance against QPR, its impossible for him to do any worse than the other clowns we keep persevering with.
  6. I'll go 2-0 QPR, who knows we might even manage to get more than 1 shot on target, not holding my breath though, but hell its a transitional period so we're led to believe. so we must be patient or some BS like that.
  7. I'd bin both Fletcher and Britt in January and what ever money we salvage try and bring a couple of strikers in who are actually capable of hitting the target. Its pointless having a striker here who looks like he doesn't give a *** no matter how much he cost, and Fletcher I've jut ran out of patience with him, he's woeful.
  8. I'll settle for the ball hitting someone on the *** and going in, any goal will do they all only count one.
  9. I can't see Fulham not scoring with their fire power, Mitrovic has scored as many goals as our entire team, and along with Caveliro, Knockaert and Cairney, and a few others I could name, me thinks we're in a bit of bother. So I'll go for a comfortable 3-0 Fulham win and pray I've got it totally wrong
  10. I've said time and time again, Gibson is happy surrounding himself with yes men , he doesn't want someone to come in and rip up the Boro script book, he doesn't want anyone to change it, and there lies the problem. Been chairman of a football club doesn't make you a good judge of football and I believe Gibson comes into that category.
  11. If we are going to have to rely on Britt and Fletcher to score the goals for us then we're ***, we're going to have to pray that Tav and Wing start cracking a few in. Fletcher wants horse whipping after the miss of the season, cost us a few points this fella, he's excellent header against Cardiff being another one, garbage.
  12. Nothing wrong with your optimism, I hope your right I certainly want to see Woody succeed, it would be a great success story for a local lad.
  13. I would have taken a chance on Danny Cowley, I don't think you would have been talking a mega bucks contract to get him here either.
  14. I detest everything Ashley stands for inside and outside of football, an horrible *** specimen, I'd never go to another Boro game if that fat *** was in charge.
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