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  1. I also think Thiago considering his supposed to be an integral part of their midfield is a good player but also a lazy t**t the times I've seen him play, not great at tracking back when he loses the ball, you can't afford that in the PL.
  2. Yes i agree something definitely wrong, and if your going to have a player out with long term injury then the one player you don't want to lose is one of the best defenders in Europe Van Dijk.
  3. Big result for Fulham today, who are hitting a little bit of form, I think we may be playing the geordies next season. Don't know what's happened to Liverpool can't score goals with Salah, Mane and Firminho in the side something going wrong off the field in my opinion.
  4. Good thinking they'll never suspect us till its to late.
  5. Well if it means we can play 12 players in order to get 3 points against Swansea to secure the 3 points, then I might be in the minority but I'm all for it, and would ask the ref if he would turn a blind eye and allow it.
  6. Swansea don't let a lot of goals in aside from 2 poor results against Bristol City, and Huddersfield in February, so we're going to have to be on the top of our game when it comes to any chances we create.
  7. Yes some of Howes signings in the Championship were superb, sold Grabban for £3 mill and bought Calum Wilsom for £3mill, Matt Ritchie for half a mill just to name 2. You can only ask the man if he's interested, give him a few of the clubs positives, great scouting and recruitment team, on 2nd thoughts just stay quiet and ask him if he'd like the job.
  8. Definitely should play ball to feet and target Flint who's an absolute carthorse.
  9. I think it'll be a back 4 with McNair playing deeper to protect the back four.
  10. Its got to be Howson, McNair and Tav in midfield surely.
  11. Yep there is not a cat in hells chance that Akpom would be here if Warnock didn't want him, ok we all know our recruitment team couldn't pick their own noses but I totally agree this one is down to the manager, Akpom's just not very good and his career goal scoring record would suggest that there will be very little chance of a significant improvement either.
  12. If Akbum starts today and has another poor game then don't put this on NW's head its the recruitment team who identified him on the internet according to Warnocks comments in the Gazette, damn that pesky recruitment team.
  13. Although has a team we have been inconsistent, at least we can say the goalkeeper has been very consistent😀
  14. I can't fault you if its something you enjoy doing then do it mate.
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