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  1. Derby bottom of the league with one win, and a crap goal difference, it'll be very disappointing if we can't turn these over especially on our own patch, anything other than a win is a failure IMO, and not acceptable.
  2. I'd play Roberts he's not frightened to take a man on, and he might feel his got a point to prove to Warnock so he'd be in the starting 11 for me, rather than just giving him the last 10 minutes.
  3. The majority on here agree the problem is we don't create enough chances because we don't have creative midfielders in the squad, but lets say for instance we signed a couple of midfielders who create chances are our strikers good enough to take those chances, yes they'll score a few but nowhere near as many as a top quality championship striker would. You take for instance Jarrod Bowen when he was at Hull, he takes the chances created because his an intelligent striker, likewise Bamford. .
  4. I honestly believe we've seen the best of Assambolonga and I think he's gone back over so that's why I regard him as average, and it doesn't look good when a forward who hasn't had a shot on target since 3rd October is keeping Britt on the bench. Do I think Akpom's good enough then no I don't, and his goal scoring career record suggests his not.
  5. When we signed Assambolonga from Forest I thought it was a good signing, but over the past 2 seasons he's looked distinctly average and very hit and miss, and at this moment despite being club captain Warnock doesn't feel he's playing well enough to hold the No1 strikers role.
  6. I believe I stated our strikers were no more than average, not the worst strikers in the League, been average doesn't mean they shouldn't be in this league, its just I don't see them bagging a lot of goals regardless of what we're creating and that is my opinion.
  7. Yes we're all agreed we need to create chances, but the strikers we have are no more than average so I still wouldn't be confident they'd score a lot regardless of what we create, and none of our strikers are skillful or clever enough to create their own space when they do have the ball. You could put any of our strikers in any team in this championship and I still don't think they'd be anywhere near the top of the leagues goal scorers.
  8. Its the same year after year we don't create enough chances, so we don't score many goals, and have to rely on our defence, never seems to get addressed regardless of who's in charge, its like a stuck record.
  9. Quite happy with the starting 11, and we've got options on the bench should we need to change it. At some stage I'd like to see Roberts given a decent amount of pitch time.
  10. Yep agree Britt is too hit and miss for me, he's either up for the game or he's anonymous, and your right he isn't instinctive and never has been, good strikers read the game, and Britt is an average striker nothing more than that.
  11. Its a poor result in a game we largely dominated., and we played some good football, Britt is a luxury striker we can ill afford.
  12. What a disgraceful free kick from Tavernier shocking.
  13. This game should be wrapped up we've dominated it, what a pity we don't have a decent striker who regularly scores goals instead of this Britt.
  14. Its no surprise that we're doing so well, Warnock knows this league like the back of his hand, plus its all about good man management skills and Warnock has had that at every club his managed, he instils that confidence and self belief in his players.
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