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  1. Hell I'm a compassionate man, deduct Wigan 12 points relegate them, then give them the 12 points back next season on appeal, thus starting League1 12 points clear, that's always been my problem too big hearted.
  2. Well the league doesn't lie so we'll finish where we deserve to be, and if that's bottom 3, no excuses the blame lies firmly at Gibson's door.
  3. Where does that leave everyone, does that mean every other club that's struggling can go into administration and appeal on grounds of Covid its wrong we're all going through it.
  4. It should be though LS, rules should be the same for everyone, all clubs are having to go through this pandemic.
  5. With Brentford 2 up its getting better.
  6. Stoke 3 up, just shows you what a good side we are
  7. The player who's disappointed me is Dael Fry, yes he's had injuries but for a big lad 6ft 4 he's not very commanding in the box or strong enough for my liking. You hear it Dael Fry's getting fouled in the box, he should be knocking strikers all over the place, wants a boot up the *** in my opinion and start showing some of the potential we thought he had.
  8. Yes its a bit hard to judge Dijksteel we've not really seen enough of him.
  9. We'll murder the bums.
  10. Well if QPR have done their homework then they attack down our right, they'll be hoping either Johnson or Friend are left back, ones crap and hasn't got a brain, the other ones past it, so bit of pace or skill and we're in trouble.
  11. There are no positives, if we do get relegated we would get rid of the high earners but we would be offered a lot less for the players than their market value, beggars can't be choosers. Season ticket prices would have to fall, but fans may start to think the chairman has pulled their pants down once to often so I see a fan backlash. I think it would be a complete financial disaster, and who honestly would want to invest financially into a club where the owner has shown how incompetent he is time and time again. We would struggle to come back up we should be a lot better than this, its criminal that we have to talk about it but its a possibility..
  12. Or as the majority of us thought Gibson shouldn't have made Woodgate head coach in the 1st place and we more than likely wouldn't be in this mess.
  13. I think I'm of the same mindset, confidence booster against Stoke, Hull in shocking form, no nonsense manager who seems to find the way and get the best out of the players, and I've definitely had my bubble burst today. So can Warnock polish a turd we're about to find out. Prediction for Sunday, I haven't got one because I don't bloody know what will turn up,
  14. I agree with Fletch over Britt, but if we go with 1 striker I think we play right into QPR's hands they'll be happy with that given how poor we are in attack.
  15. Yeh well if your out of form and you need a confidence boost come to the Riverside satisfaction guaranteed. In all honesty this game has knocked the stuffing out of me, would have been disappointed with a draw before the game, but same old same old ,but I should be used to this by now.
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