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  1. Apparently its 6 month before Pochettino will be allowed to leave PSG, I reckon that's who they're waiting for.
  2. It was Paddys fault for getting whacked by Bamba's clearance he should have jumped, ducked or dived out of the way.
  3. Some of these owners are delusional they think they're a bigger club than they actually are, and then they bury their head in the sand when given a reality check.
  4. In my opinion we're not good enough to go up we're a bang average Championship side, if I'm wrong great shoot me down in flames, but for me Wilder should have been appointed a couple of month before the season started and I'd gamble half of this squad wouldn't be here. He can't bring players in till January and I think that will be to late.
  5. I quite agree, the team at the moment is basically an average Championship side, Wilder for me needs a huge overhaul of this squad and I'm assuming Gibson has promised Wilder the funds to do that, not many in this squad that if they left I'd lose any sleep over.
  6. I was happy with the appointment of Wilder but it will be a tough ask for him to get us into the play offs with this current squad. When Wilder brings some of his own players in it will give us more of an idea on what style of football he'll be looking to play. While I think we'll miss out on the play offs, I'd be happy with a strong finish to the season, then build the squad in the summer for a next season promotion push. With regard to the squad it doesn't help the manager when he has 2 CB's Fry and Hall that seem to spend a hell of a lot of time on the treatment table over a season,
  7. No like Pulp, but Oasis absolute class all about opinion though.
  8. Tav hasn't been great in recent weeks it will be interesting to see what type of role Wilder wants him to play, hopefully a new manager gives him a new kickstart.
  9. In answer to your question we are really bad at picking managers, there are not many Boro fans I know( if any) that wanted Southgate, Strachan, Woodgate, Pulis or Warnock in charge and we've all been proven right. Its Gibson and his entourage who most of the time couldn't pick their own noses and that's why we are where we are, basically they didn't have a clue, lots of years in the game but poor judges of football.
  10. If Forest do make a bid for Spence, this is were Steve Gibson (not Warnock) puts his sensible head on and tells Forest sorry he's not for sale whether Warnock likes that decision or not.
  11. I wouldn't give Warnock a penny, I'd tell him to go and find a loan signing rather than let him squander any money which I'm sure he'd do.
  12. Absolutely spot on, we should have brought in a Sam Allardyce type manager just to give us at least a fighting chance. Agnew was another one of Steve Gibsons awful decisions, I would imagine a bollocking from Agnew would be likened to being mauled by a lamb, we might as well have brought in Mary Poppins as his assistant.
  13. What quality did we have to stay up we got promoted by the skin of our teeth we had championship level players. going into the PL.
  14. In my opinion I don't think we had anywhere enough quality to stay in the PL, De Roon was our biggest signing and was never a player who's style of play was to boss a midfield, Adama was an unknown quantity and a green as grass player with pace and no end product and was a like for like signing with Adomah going the other way, Fischer was a player who had lost his way after a promising start at Ajax poor signing and not a big signing, Gaston signed from Saints good skillful player with a poor attitude, Valdes free signing and Chambers and Negredo coupled with 2nd rate Spaniards. All in all we
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