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  1. Didn't get nearly enough time to turn it around.
  2. With regards to Burnley, Gary Neville said on Sky sports that he feels any parachute payment money will be going upstairs so it looks like Burnley with so many players coming out of contract they'll need one hell of a scouting network. Burnley will lose Nick Pope and I don't normally like helping our championship rivals, but I know where they can pick up one helluva keeper at a very very reasonable price a lad called Lumley.
  3. Give over we're still 2nd Hartlepool aren't as good as us.
  4. With regards to Ben Gibson I always a fan, but he hasn't had the best of times since leaving here. I have watched Gibson a few times this season and his been poor. I appreciate that the standard in the PL is way above the Championship, but its beenjust rank bad defending from Gibson. I'm also a big believer in not having a former player back, they very rarely capture their previous form or do well, so for me with regard to Gibson we should move on from it.
  5. Everton doing a bottle job at home against Palace 0-2.
  6. If a manager refuses to play you and is trying to send you out on loan it doesn't exactly give you confidence or enhance your career which is exactly what happened. Mourinho did exactly the same to Luke Shaw. With regard to Alli interested in being a celeb I've never seen anything with regard to that so I honestly couldn't comment on it.
  7. There's no doubt he's career has gone down since the start of the 2019/20 season, and that doesn't help when your form is suffering and that egotistic *** the petty one becomes your manager.
  8. Totally agree, not a chance of Dele Alli dropping into the Championship, England international whose not had the best of times recently but class is permanent quality footballer, if he leaves Everton its for another PL club or abroad not the championship.
  9. I still fancy Leeds to drop they needed to win today, I think Everton will take the 3 points at home against Palace, Burnley will get a result against the geordies and Leeds wil lose at Brentford.
  10. We looked to be improving under Wilder but derailed towards the end because we become very predictable, we had no creative midfielder in the middle of the park so everything went down the wings and teams realised that if they cut that danger out we then relied on a long ball game with strikers who were not good enough and strong enough. Wilders signings, Balogun looked like a good signing on paper a young England under 21 coming from Arsenal with a good reputation but for some reason it didn't work out. Connolly was an awful signing didn't create anything didn't score goals a waste of a s
  11. Not a nice club, happy to see them relegated, probably got Rob Edwards as coach so it doesn't cost them as much when they fire him.
  12. Yeh and tell him now lockdowns over the barbers are open.
  13. Well thats the way to do it get rid of one of two of your best players, Tav or Fry going is a loss for us and a gain for another club.
  14. Steady on I can't remember Ameobi having a bad game for us this season.
  15. That could well be, nothing would surprise me, and the next Boro manager is Sean Dyche erm yeah 😬
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