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  1. Hell I'm a compassionate man, deduct Wigan 12 points relegate them, then give them the 12 points back next season on appeal, thus starting League1 12 points clear, that's always been my problem too big hearted.
  2. Well the league doesn't lie so we'll finish where we deserve to be, and if that's bottom 3, no excuses the blame lies firmly at Gibson's door.
  3. Where does that leave everyone, does that mean every other club that's struggling can go into administration and appeal on grounds of Covid its wrong we're all going through it.
  4. It should be though LS, rules should be the same for everyone, all clubs are having to go through this pandemic.
  5. With Brentford 2 up its getting better.
  6. Stoke 3 up, just shows you what a good side we are
  7. The player who's disappointed me is Dael Fry, yes he's had injuries but for a big lad 6ft 4 he's not very commanding in the box or strong enough for my liking. You hear it Dael Fry's getting fouled in the box, he should be knocking strikers all over the place, wants a boot up the *** in my opinion and start showing some of the potential we thought he had.
  8. Yes its a bit hard to judge Dijksteel we've not really seen enough of him.
  9. We'll murder the bums.
  10. Well if QPR have done their homework then they attack down our right, they'll be hoping either Johnson or Friend are left back, ones crap and hasn't got a brain, the other ones past it, so bit of pace or skill and we're in trouble.
  11. There are no positives, if we do get relegated we would get rid of the high earners but we would be offered a lot less for the players than their market value, beggars can't be choosers. Season ticket prices would have to fall, but fans may start to think the chairman has pulled their pants down once to often so I see a fan backlash. I think it would be a complete financial disaster, and who honestly would want to invest financially into a club where the owner has shown how incompetent he is time and time again. We would struggle to come back up we should be a lot better than this, its criminal that we have to talk about it but its a possibility..
  12. Or as the majority of us thought Gibson shouldn't have made Woodgate head coach in the 1st place and we more than likely wouldn't be in this mess.
  13. I think I'm of the same mindset, confidence booster against Stoke, Hull in shocking form, no nonsense manager who seems to find the way and get the best out of the players, and I've definitely had my bubble burst today. So can Warnock polish a turd we're about to find out. Prediction for Sunday, I haven't got one because I don't bloody know what will turn up,
  14. I agree with Fletch over Britt, but if we go with 1 striker I think we play right into QPR's hands they'll be happy with that given how poor we are in attack.
  15. Yeh well if your out of form and you need a confidence boost come to the Riverside satisfaction guaranteed. In all honesty this game has knocked the stuffing out of me, would have been disappointed with a draw before the game, but same old same old ,but I should be used to this by now.
  16. Against an out of form team that hasn't won at home since December, only we could mess this up. Out of the teams left we have to play, does anyone know any stats of their players who maybe haven't scored all season or a keeper that hasn't kept a clean sheet since January, because we will be able to put that record to bed for them that's certain.
  17. Got to agree given how many goals we've scored this season we're not good enough to play with only one forward, I feel we should have started with Britt and Fletcher.
  18. Our passing in the final third is shocking, and I find it criminal that our players can over hit free kicks time and time again, and when we do get into a position to cross a ball we constantly hit the opposition player, I'm starting to wonder if they're all *** colour blind. Johnson is just one of those players who's not very intelligent he just can't help it, gave a stupid free kick away for the Hull goal then decided to try and do the same again, I hope Warnock realizes that the lads just a liability, I was also wondering if Johnson has any family from Hull because he's been an absolute god send for them in the 2 games against us. Roberts started well and then lost his way, skillful but over dribbles at times, Coulson was poor, Britt trying to hold a ball up just doesn't work, not strong enough, Wing did nothing when he came on, Tav had a go, thought McNair and Howson had average games, but I thought losing Spence was a huge blow Hull were struggling to cope with his pace. Well if Warnock thought it was a big job, he'll realize just how big now. Moukoudi has got to play against QPR, Howson back at right back and I'd sooner have Aynsley Pears at left back than Johnson.
  19. We've never looked like scoring, absolutely disgusting performance, Hull are *** and they've taken 3 points. Players are shot shy apart from Saville and Tav who have tried to have a go. Britt or Fletcher are not good enough to play as a 1 man striker.
  20. Looks like Warnock's gone for pace with Spencer, Coulson and Roberts in the 11, quick counter attack.
  21. In what way were Stoke unlucky, missing chances isn't unlucky, we also put some excellent blocks and tackles in, to keep them out. Spence made some excellent runs going forward, Saville should have scored, and Britt arguably should have had a penalty bundled over with no attempt to play the ball. We played some good football for the 1st time in a long time. I think your the only Boro fan I know who doesn't think we deserved to win. Their player was also sent off in frustration after they ran out of ideas. Everyone to their own opinion but we've obviously watched an entirely different game.
  22. Warnock will be giving our lads the direction and confidence they were lacking under Woodgate's poor leadership.The performance on Saturday was chalk and cheese from the Swansea game. If players aren't putting It in Warnock won't hold back, but judging by the effort in the Stoke game I don't think he'll need to. I fancy us to turn Hull over. I honestly believe with Warnock in charge this team is not a bottom 3 team, I really can't see us going down, that's from the head not the heart.
  23. Should Villa part company with Dean Smith might be worth just having a word, see where his heads at,.decent manager in the Championship did well at Brentford.
  24. I hope the players mentioned in the Gazette decide to stay on for us, frankly Gestede should have been turfed out of this club well before now along with the idiot who gave him such a lucrative contract. I'm sure there's a 1st division club waiting to sign him and he should be able to bag them at least 4 or 5 goals in the season. Up there as one of the worst Boro signings ever, good riddance to a garbage player, absolute ***.
  25. Battled for the ball and some superb clearances and tackling, give credit were credits due George Friend certainly put a shift in. Nice to see Brit looking like he wanted to be here put himself about, wrongly penalized a few times as well.
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