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  1. Ravinelli is a good shout Marco Branca scoring the 2nd in the semi final against Liverpool, and Festa scoring against Sheff Wed, when we realized we'd actually signed an excellent Italian defender.
  2. Played some good football yesterday and should have won by a few more some good chances missed, well worth the win. Early doors but Spence looks like quality skillful and fast into the tackle which we haven't been seeing, and good going forward Coulson another good game and Howson has always had that bit of quality about him. Tav is just getting better game by game always looking to make something happen plays without fear. I thought we were well up for it chasing down,putting strong challenges in we need to keep that level of intensity up.
  3. The City ground as never been a very happy hunting ground for us, we miss too many clear cut chances, I'll go 2-0 Forest with Lewis Grabban showing our boys how its done.
  4. Bola is 22 years old with 80 league games behind him, Dijksteel is 23 with over 40 odd games for Charlton ( they're hardly youngsters) if you haven't learnt the basics of defending by now the chances are your not going to. If the skillset and ability aren't there in the 1st place then I don't care who the coach is, hence the silk purse into sows ear comment earlier.
  5. That's your opinion, got tactically outwitted by Howe, Jokanovic and Alex Neill in the play off final, we got promoted after holding on defending for a draw against 10 man Brighton. we should have been promoted easily with the squad we had. The season under Karanka in the PL was a disaster, a manager who refused to change tactics even when defeat was staring him full in the face, so he did a decent job in my opinion no more then that. Not the 2nd coming that some on here might have us believe.
  6. Everyone to their own, Karanka not for me, was well backed financially in the championship, different scenario this time, he was average, no better than that in my opinion and very petty in a lot of situations.
  7. A couple of years ago this club would have been an attractive proposition, I just don't know if Houghton who has managed Newcastle and Brighton in the PL would want to start al over again trying to build a squad on a small budget. That was the idea of bringing Bola and Dijksteel in to address the fullback problem and its nothing short of disastrous, 2 of the worst fullbacks I've ever seen in a Boro shirt.
  8. In all honesty we're not a very attractive proposition, no money that we know of to spend,would be surprised if Houghton would come here, he needs his head looking at if he did take it, but stranger things have happened, as he got the coaching ability to turn 3rd rate full backs into something half decent or even Saville into something resembling a midfielder. Silk purse into sows ear comes to mind.
  9. Don't worry folks Gibson knows what his doing, Woodgate will stay in charge for the rest of the season, its us the supporters and fans who don't know what we're talking about, the results and performances are just a mirage. we're not actually seeing it as we're supposed to. The managers of the teams below us will be on their prayer mats hoping Woody doesn't go.
  10. Well come on CT you can't just leave it at that, put us in the picture, spill the beans man.
  11. The irony is that Bruce Rioch is 72 and he'd still do a better job than Woodgate, he couldn't do much worse.
  12. If what's been said is true and Gibson is putting in a million quid a week of his own money, then perhaps he should go the extra mile, and pay to bring in a manager who knows what he's doing. This now is purely about survival thank god we've got some crap sides in and around us. I will pray with not much hope that Mondays news is Woodgate leaves post, I was one who was willing to give Woodgate a chance but its just not happening, all the football clich├ęs in the world aren't going to help him, the writing looks firmly on the wall if he stays in charge.The chairman wants *** over the running of this football club, its disgusting and an absolute insult to the supporters, what a shambles.
  13. That's probably the best we could have hoped for, in any case I prefer Howson to *** Steel at RB regardless of injury.
  14. Leeds will look to exploit us down the wings and I think that's were we'll come unstuck, I have no confidence in our full backs defending, they seem to get caught out of position too many times for my liking. I don't think we'll get hammered because we rarely do but unfortunately a 2-0 win for horrible Dirty Leeds.
  15. I thought Tav was definitely man of the match, always looks confident on the ball, not frightened to take players on, or to shoot, Howson another solid game, Wing needs to up his game, and the keeper Pears doesn't instill me with much confidence, spilled a couple, hope I'm wrong about him. The game like the weather was rubbish but we should have won comfortably in the end, missed a few decent chances yet again. At times we were trying to play the ball out in awful conditions, losing it and putting ourselves under needless pressure, sometimes you just need to put your foot through it and get it out of harms way its common sense football. Our set pieces were once again lacking in quality, didn't test the keeper in *** conditions haven't really got a clue what we work on in training.
  16. Lose tonight and I can see the fans turning against Woodgate big time, you can only put up with so much and our patience is wearing thin.
  17. I would imagine if relegated, Gibson would probably say what he has the last 2 seasons, very little, but hopefully he's sensible enough to know that fans aren't going to part with their hard earned cash for a season card for Div 1 football.
  18. Well 36 goals against I would suggest they're very open at the back, so if we play well enough it won't matter how they try to defend. I'll go 3-0 Boro, Tav, Fletcher and Britt.
  19. If Buzz Lightyear was with Woody instead of Robbie Keane I'd be very optimistic.
  20. Barnsley haven't won since 1st game of the season, averaging over 2 goals a game against, 36 in total, we've got to be looking to play with the same level and intensity that we did 1st half against Hull and blow these out the water. we're at home on our own turf, in front of our home fans so I don't buy into this nervousness crap, you go out and get the job done no excuses.
  21. We've got to be beating Barnsley, if we can't win this one then I honestly don't know were the next win is coming from. Would only make that one enforced change from Sunday, Coulson/Bola ( take your pick) in for Johnson, the rest as you where. Anything other than a win and Woodgate in principal should shot the towel in, but he won't because as he says he's enjoying it, haven't got a clue what the *** his enjoying mind.
  22. I honestly believe its just about staying in this division this season, and seeing what we can do in the pre season.I know we talk about the team not being good enough but surely a different manager would get a lot more out of Fry, Ayala, Coulson, Howson, McNair, Tav, Wing, Fletcher, Britt, and even Johnson, lets be fair non of those mentioned are bad players, you bring in a Neil Warnock type manager and I don't think we would be anywhere near a relegation battle. I've tried to give Woodgate the benefit of the doubt but its just not working, and the backroom staff clearly aren't good enough to give him the right tactical advice when its needed, he's a rookie manager who's picked the wrong people to help him, I really haven't got a clue what Robbie Keane does.
  23. I said I thought that anything other than 6 points from the 2 home games would be a failure, I'll stick by that, talk about a must win game on Wednesday.
  24. Totally agree had it been the other way I'd have been screaming blue murder, awful challenge.
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