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  1. When was the last time we won the first game back after an international break? It seems to me every time the team have a break we take a bit of time getting going again.
  2. While a 6-0 win would suit me fine, reality suggests any win. Fulham must be having doubts now (nice run of results and now 2 defeats in a row), a defeat would put some real pressure on Villa also. The longer they don't score the more the pressure builds
  3. Well we'll see but, and I can't believe it's me saying it, I think people are being a little to pessimistic about our chances. Assuming we finish 5th then the two teams above us will be disappointed at having missed out on automatic promotion. Unless we're crap in the next two games then we'll go into it feeling pretty good. Pressure does funny things to people, it might not be about who the best team is but who handles the situation better. And I am one a committed pessimist. However, week by week we seem to be improving. Maybe we have left it too late but we are adopting a winning attitude.
  4. Got to give Brentford a pat on the back. It looked like they had no chance of the playoffs although they were digging their heels in. Still there. Only just but still there
  5. Good performance Boro. Sounds like we bossed the game in a manner we all hoped but didn't expect. Let's hope we can maintain Millwall's misery next week :) Now, when I get back to work I am hoping to bump into the Derby supporting duty manager who gave me so much grief late last year :):)
  6. Overall, neither are we. We've only had one away win since the start of February, I believe. I'm not convinced we'll get beat, but I don't think we'll get a win here. But that's the barrier we've got to overcome to even get into the play-offs, never mind compete in them. We have to be able to get results in these tough situations now. Fingers crossed! Yup. The problem for me with last night's result is that we may have to play Fulham for promotion. Unless there is a huge turnaround promotion looks unlikely. Let's hope for an imposing display against Derby
  7. timlloyd

    The Run In

    It seems we could be king makers (us) and king killers! Blades and Bristol City are already 4 points out of the top 6 (us). Another defeat from them/win for us would effectively end their seasons. My mind says get into 'em early, hopefully score and hope their spirits drop. Not sure how easy that will be. I am concerned about the Millwall bandwagon.
  8. I don't get to see many games these days so good to get the feedback from this site. I am feeling quite positive at the moment (as positive as a Boro fan of long standing can be :)). Some of the comments here are really getting down to finer points - mistakes made in a 3-1 win, should he have passed or not! I am hoping that the boys are taking note of the mistakes they made against teams we are running a steamroller over. We won't get as many chance in a lot of our upcoming games so good to make the mistakes when we have the 3 points in the bag. But don't do it again.
  9. Well done Boro and Bamford especially. Hopefully the guy can get a good run and build his confidence and form. Let's hope this victory is significant. This season we have struggled against organised teams. Not sure how well organised Leeds were but maybe we are beginning to click. With the playoffs approaching this is the time.
  10. Perhaps they told the players at half-time he was gone. :rolleyes: :) That was the first thing that passed through my mind
  11. Some of the kids at work (who all support Man U and Liverpool) criticised Boro last year as being the most boring team in the premier league. So yeah, let's aim for promotion but back up solid defence with an eye for goal. Assuming Gibbo has already made up his mind so let's see. Always remember that if you are going to make the big call make sure you get it right! I am wondering also how much player power there is at the Boro? Karanka had his issues. I wonder if Monk's face didn't fit
  12. Hi, months ago I came across a thread regarding kodi plugins. Is this thread still open? If so can someone point me in the right direction? Cheers
  13. I was thinking this too, last two games we've started well but ran out of steam but this time we had two decent halfs, in fact we were probably better in the second this time. agreed. I knew the score and read a few posts here before watching the game so I was surprised how positive we were in the 2nd half. I thought WBA were awful in the 2nd half and we could have nicked a win. While the strategy was not perfectly executed I think there is reason for optimism.
  14. my ISP in Oz won the premier league rights so we get the games free for one year. I recorded the game and watched it through this arvo. A decent result but I think we could have done better. It looks like Mark Hughes put a rocket up Stoke at half time and they were more motivated (point taken though - no shots on goal in open play). I thought Boro were a bit stand offish in the 2nd half. The glaring miss was Uncle Albert's trot down the right and then into Downing and ???. That was just before Stoke scored and would have won the game IMHO. A few more occasions where we were a bit lazy on the final touch. Can't grumble though. Stoke are a consistent top 10 team and we bossed them for 45 mins. There is a lot of work to do but we started off in a positive mood. If we can maintain enthusiasm then the future is looking bright.
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