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  1. With the game not being available on the Boro website, is there any reliable streaming sites that it is likely to be on?
  2. It's just a lot more complicated than that though. Pulis played with just one striker - ideally a targetman - yet he took over a team with the forward options of (estimated fees and wages): Assombalonga: £15 million fee, £40k a week with 3 and a half years remaining (£7.28 million in wages); Braithwaite: £10 million fee, £40k a week with 3 and a half years remaining (£7.28 million in wages); Fletcher: £7 million fee, £30k a week with 3 and a half years remaining (£5.46 million in wages); Gestede: £6 million fee, £30k a week with 2 and a half years remaining (£3.9 million in wages); Bamford: £7 million fee, £30k a week with 3 and a half year remaining (£5.46 million in wages). So whilst they're back of a packet of fags estimates, that's roughly £45 million in transfer fees and £29.38 million in wages: so £74.38 million combined. I dread to imagine what that would have looked like to our accountant, especially when our parachute payments ran out. To me it's abundantly clear that having the astonishing amount of money tied up in 5 forwards - 4 of which nobody else wanted - would create the financial pressure to sell the one saleable asset who was our best forward, Bamford. It's also important to note that the last of our parachute payments were expiring at the end of the 2018/2019 season with 2 years remaining on Assombalonga, Braithwaite, Fletcher and Bamford, and one year remaining on Gestede. When the parachute payments expired, we simply wouldn't be able to sustain the bloated wages of our many forwards as it would leave us incredibly short in many other areas of the team such as midfield and defence. There was a huge financial gap that needed to be plugged. Bamford was therefore unfortunately sacrificed. Whilst Pulis done an abysmal job in the 2018/19 season, I'm confident that his primary aims during his time here were: 1.) to sort the financial mess, especially with so much long-term budget committed to forwards; 2.) strengthen the team throughout all areas of the squad that he thought needed extra quality added, such as Saville who he was hoping was going to be a box-to-box goalscoring midfielder and McNair at CB. Therefore, whilst I'm gutted about us selling Bamford, I can understand why Pulis did it in the financial circumstances. The blame for selling Bamford lies in Gibson's hands for not acting more responsibly in the way we had a scattergun approach to signing them 4 inferior forwards, which we shouldn't have touched at them prices and wages in our circumstances. It's in them circumstances that a competent Director of Football, like Orta did at Leeds, would have built a defensively solid and creative team around Bamford and not wasted so much money on inferior strikers - which created the financial pressure to sell him.
  3. I see that Tony Pulis is poking his head above the parapet again. I think it's generally unappreciated among fans that he did a good job at clearing up the huge financial mess from Monk's reign. After then, however, he started to create his own mess with paying inflated fees and not getting the best out of a lot of his signings like Saville, McNair & Harrison. One thing that he deserves unreserved credit for is him bringing the best out of Traore; The transformation in him was remarkable. Criticising Pulis for selling and/or not rating Bamford is unfair too. Whilst he was lucky to stumble upon him being our best striker, I can understand the financial pressure to sell him considering how we had Assombalonga, Gestede, Fletcher and Braithwaite all on inflated 3 or 4 year contracts - and unsurprisingly Bamford was the only striker that other clubs were willing to pay some serious money for. Another thing which stands out is that the last season under him was incredibly painful. He seemed like he didn't know what to do to get us to score more goals and he seemed to have hit a brick wall with his unwillingness to sign and play creative wingers. The decision-making from Gibson in the summer 2017 was nothing short of idiotic. The team that we got relegated with had solid foundations that could have easily been transitioned into a promotion winning squad if we kept Karanka's 4-2-3-1 template under a new manager. If we had more of a plan then there would have been no Monk to create the mess, and no Pulis to clear up the mess. We should have done what Norwich done this season: keep the core of the team and build upon the foundations in place.
  4. Older targetmen like Rickie Lambert, Daryl Murphy and Glenn Murray etc didn’t peak until their late 20’s to early thirties so I aren’t concerned about Wyke being 28 year old. Targetmen is a role that players just seem to peak a bit later than others for some reason. League One has consistently produced some excellent players, certainly strikers, so Wyke deserves respect for his high number of goals this season. Just because he’s an ex-academy lad, it doesn’t diminish his achievements as he has made a great career for himself since leaving Boro. The majority of released and sold academy players have left us and gone in a downwards - some even dropping out of professional football completely. Wyke on the other hand has been on a steady upward career trajectory for a long while now, so it says a lot about his personality and development for him to now be among the top scorers in League One. Wyke will have been a far better fit for our team this season than any of our current strikers. Being a big, physical presence in strike is a massive boost to being successful in the Championship. Someone like Wyke won’t get bullied out of games or be left isolated and unable to hold the ball up like Assombalonga has for the vast majority of our games. We’ve been crying out for a targetman all season to bring the best out of Warnock’s preferred style of play, so Wyke would be a huge tick in that box.
  5. I don’t want Gibson to sell the club. However, I do want him to delegate his powers to a Director of Football. Much in the same way that whilst Delia Smith is a great cook, she knows her limitations running a football club in an efficient and effective manner so appointed Stuart Webber to do this. Gibson just rates himself too highly to think that anyone could possibly do this better than him. The Evening Gazette and BBC Tees portray any criticism of Gibson as fans wanting him to sell the club, but it’s not that at all. I think the vast majority want him to be our owner, just not the key decision maker as he’s not very good at it.
  6. Yes. That is literally the only possible explanation of this difference of opinion. There are the intelligent people - though not quite as intelligent as you - who share your views, and then the unintelligent people who have different views to you. There's absolutely nothing breathtakingly arrogant or narrow-minded about that.
  7. We've never had any long-term plan so I don't see Warnock being here on one-year deals as anything new. We've only had words from Gibson promising a long-term plan, but in substance there has never been a long-term plan as we go in a very different direction with every manager. It's only a plan if it's followed, otherwise it's just PR baloney like the "golden thread" which lasted the whole 41 games of Woodgate's tenure. At least with Warnock here, there's going to be no illusion of a long-term plan. Warnock built the backbone of his Cardiff promotion winning squad through free transfers who turned into great signings so I'd trust him to build a good team here on a tight budget. Whilst he has had some bad signings for us, I'd trust him a lot more than any other manager to have a wide scope on new signings and selling players to raise funds. Warnock is ambitious and I'm sure that he'll only stay here next season if he thinks he can get us promoted, so I don't think he's going to keep here to tread water like we have this season.
  8. Warnock to have a meeting with Gibson next week in which his future will be discussed: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-steve-gibson-meet-19920911
  9. Mick McCarthy mustn’t be able to believe his luck to walk into the Cardiff job and have that quality of squad who are perfectly suited to his preferred style of play. They look unstoppable at the moment.
  10. With Charlie Wyke competing to be top scorer in League One, us desperately needing a targetman like him and him being out of contract in the summer, I think we're definitely going to be interested in signing him this summer. He'll probably be below the likes of Diedhiou on our target list, but I still think we'll have a substantial interest in him and, if anything, we'll have a far better chance of signing him.
  11. The perfect scenario is to create a new long-term club structure which involves appointing a director of football and head coach. I know this will be absolutely unfathomable to Steve Gibson, but both appointments need to be based upon merit. When appointing the director of football, we'd need someone external like Peter Kenyon to oversee the process and for Gibson to actually listen to their advice, and then Gibson take a step back and let the director of football work without him breathing down his neck. Then the head coach would need to appointed by the director of football to fit into his template; Much in the way Norwich appointed Stewart Webber and then he appointed Daniel Farke. Norwich's owners, including Delia Smith, recognise that they aren't football experts so delegate these key decisions to Stuart Webber. Gibson just rates himself too highly to do this unfortunately. I'm sure there'll be some excellent candidates for the director of football role from the lower Championship teams and League One. Considering the job Orta has done at Leeds and, in comparison, the complete lack of a plan that we've had since 2017 with Karnka to Monk to Pulis to Woodgate to Warnock, we'd have been by far better off keeping him. Gibson should look back at his own mini-Brexit of "taking back control" from them damn pesky European's as highlighting his own unescapable failings at making key strategic football decisions. However, whilst that's the perfect scenario, it's absolutely beyond the realms of possibility as Gibson doesn't have the ability to hand over power and let things operate outside of his control. All the new, exciting, attack-minded football promises have shrivelled and died after a very short while. Monk's was 26 games and Woodgate's was 41 games so I dread to imagine how long the next over ambitious promise lasts for. For the time being I'm happy to give Warnock as long as he wants as I'm terrified of the mess Gibson will make after him. There's going to be a mess created after Warnock leaves, regardless - I'd just rather we got promoted under Warnock first.
  12. The past three games sums up our season in a nutshell. Just as we start to look like we start to look like we've clicked, we slump to an unforeseen embarrassing defeat. It's that inconsistency that has underpinned our season. Last season we were consistently bad, whereas this season we've fluttered between good and bad results. While we're disappointed and frustrated, we really don't need to rip everything up and start again. Sign a new goalkeeper, CB who is a leaders and genuine target man then we'll be good enough for promotion. We need to let Warnock build the team to suit his style, not rip up the foundations yet again. We've need to stop going around in circles like we have since relegation in 2017.
  13. What a massive win that was. If we can keep performing at the same level until the end of the season then we should scrape into the last play off spot. The injuries to Tavernier and Fry seemed to really knock the stuffing out of us for a good few weeks, but we seem to be over that now with Fry returning to the team and further boosted by Fletcher and Hall coming back from their longterm injuries. The team spirit seems the best it has been in many years. You can tell the players are really enjoying themselves in the current environment. Even if we don’t get promoted this season, we’re really well placed to improve yet again as we’re heading in the right direction under Warnock.
  14. I picked Burnley as they were the best fit for my point based upon the foundations currently in place, our fairly average Championship budget and Gibson not wanting to hand any control over to a Director of Football or Sporting Director. Obviously the likes of Leicester, Leeds, Brentford & Norwich would be preferential options, it goes without saying, but considering Gibson’s clear limitations, they’re a pipe dream. My ideal vision is having a Director of Football, settled attack-minded style of play and a head coach to fit that. But that’s not going to happen under Gibson as he’s got his head in the sand to his own shortcomings. Therefore, unfortunately, I think the best we can realistically hope for under Gibson is for him to stop knee-jerking between managers with contrasting styles. That’s not a lot to ask for and it would solve the primary reason for our under achievement of the past decade and more. The past decade and more we’ve been like a dog chasing it’s own tail: going around in circles and making no progress. Whenever we’ve aimed to go into an exciting new direction, Gibson over promises and under delivers, which leaves us in a vicious cycle of very rarely being a competitive Championship side. I’m sick of years drifting away whilst we’re consistently in transition due to unavoidable poor management from Gibson. He isn’t running the club based upon his achievements within football; unlike someone like Stuart Webber at Norwich. The past decade and more of Gibson’s failings shows that fans understandable aspirations of us being like Leicester just aren’t realistic with him holding all the power at the top of the club. That’s why I’d just settle to be run in a cohesive and well run manner like Burnley. It’s not the sexy or popular option, but in my opinion it’s probably the best thing to guard against the fundamental weaknesses of Gibson.
  15. Birmingham lost 2-0 away to Millwall tonight, leaving them staring down the barrel of relegation and Karanka highly likely to be sacked. I can't help but feel sorry for him as he's really struggled everywhere since he left here. He's an excellent coach but it seems like his confrontational man management is his achilles heel. It's surely his last managerial job in England. His options will probably be try again to be a number one in Spain or become a number two in England if Mourinho wants him.
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