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  1. Failing "microphone warrior" criticises "keyboard warriors" who highlight his failings.
  2. A naïve comment from an inexperienced guy that's out of his depth in a managerial role. His instinct is to turn it into insults instead of trying to act like a manager who should try to bring everyone together, especially at a time that we're in the relegation zone and in awful form. Maybe he got too excited and arrogant after we picked up one whole point today instead of losing again. He has won 2 wins in 16 league games so anyone reasonable would consider any criticism, whether online or in a stadium, as completely understandable. He's just a bit of a pillock.
  3. Is there a working stream?. I could do with a laugh.
  4. Randolph's transfer history before he was 26 is Charlton, Welling United, Accrington Stanley, Gillingham, Bury, Hereford United, Motherwell and then Birmingham. That is similarly uninspiring if taken with great weighting. Archer kept 18 clean sheets during Millwall's 2017/2018 season in which they finished 8th so he can't have performed all that badly. Good scouting and recruitment buys players at low points and sells them at high points. Just because Archer's stock is pretty low right now doesn't mean he can't become a good goalkeeper in future.
  5. Goalkeepers are a position that really don't require a huge amount of money spent on within the Championship. When we signed Dimi nobody could have predicted him being our number one during a promotion season. Cardiff got promoted with 27 year old Neil Etheridge who they signed on a free transfer from League One Walsall. I can't see how anyone can rationally write off Jordan Archer.
  6. It’s worth noting that Jordan Archer is still only 26 year old, which is pretty young for a goalkeeper, so if he continues to improve then he could turn out to be a shrewd signing. It's worth noting that when Randolph was around 26 year old he was playing for Motherwell and just before he signed for Birmingham City on a free transfer. He has only continued to improve massively since then and is now the best goalkeeper in the Championship. Archer has 133 appearances at Championship level so he surely can't be that bad and, whilst I don't have much faith in our coaching or recruitment team, if he has the right attitude to improve similar to how Randolph did from the age of 26 year old then I would be pretty happy with the signing. We need to start recruiting far more shrewdly so hopefully Archer can turn into a good signing, if we actually do want to sign him following his trial. Fans won’t like to think about it but Randolph is out of contract at the end of next season and it would make sense for us to cash in on him at some point instead of allowing him to leave on a free transfer.
  7. p_mards

    Steve Gibson

    We look a very unattractive club for young players to come to right now. Them three (Dijksteel, Bola and Browne) aren't getting game time, and probably more indicting upon Woodgate is the fact that Wing and Fry have also really struggled under him after previously excelling under Pulis. Even Fletcher, who had significantly improved his confidence under Pulis, seems to be really struggling again. We're in the relegation zone and it will be clear from the outside looking in that we're playing Pulis tactics again so I think we're going to really struggle to recruit any promising youngsters, especially within the January transfer window. If I was Steve Gibson I'd be very concerned about the results and performances on the pitch, but also the fact that Woodgate's ineptitude is hindering all of the apparent strategy behind the scenes of us moving towards becoming a far more sustainable business model by buying young players for low fees and improving them.
  8. Gestede looked a risky signing when we signed him in January 2017 so it's little wonder how badly the move has turned out. £6 million fee and probably £30k+ a week wages for three and a half years makes for scary thought. That January 2017 window was when things massively fell apart. We were pretty solid in most games but needed some creative spark adding to the team. Instead blown loads of money on awful and expensive signings like Gestede and Gueudiora. It was as if we had money burning a hole in our pocket and we just wanted to spend it despite us not particularly needing them players. The only signing which made sense in that transfer window was Bamford. He should have been build around after relegation. However, despite us already having Bamford and Gestede, 6 months later we decided to throw £15 million at Assombalonga, £7 million at Fletcher - both inferior strikers to Bamford - and £9 million on Braithwaite. All them signings created the financial pressure to sell Bamford, the best striker of the lot, just 18 months after signing him. The lack of joined up thinking is simply bonkers. Gestede and many other high earners are thankfully out of contract in the Summer so the end is thankfully in sight at least.
  9. p_mards

    Steve Gibson

    I like what the club attempted to do this Summer with the signings of young players like Dijksteel, Bola and Browne who, on paper anyway, seemed good value for money, with potential and on an upward career trajectory. It is the sort of transfer strategy that I have wanted to us pursue for a very long time. However, there's no denying that they have struggled a lot so far. It's unclear how much of that is their fault and how much is our fault as a club for not providing a very good environment for young players to come into. There's no denying that the reckless tactics at the start of the season which led to us consistently being caught out of position and the lack of organised team shape out of possession will have had a damaging effect on them all. Now we have moved away from them stupid tactics we've reverted back to the dinosaur formation of Pulis and stopped giving them game time as Woodgate realised that he is fighting to save his job. If we genuinely have a philosophy that Bevington is trying to oversee then surely it is abundantly clear that Woodgate's ineptitude as a manager and coach is crippling the strategy of buying young players with the aim of improving them. If we had appointed a head coach who knew what he was doing then Dijksteel, Bola and Browne will have had far better chance to prosper here. If Woodgate is sacked I hope we keep to the strategy but appoint a head coach who can actually improve young raw players through good quality coaching and tactics.
  10. p_mards

    Steve Gibson

    Gibson putting in loads of money would always mitigate his poor decision making in my eyes, however, as he has continued to make awful decisions in appointing unfit individuals into key positions of power within the club, that mitigation is now pretty meaningless. It's him employing the likes of Woodgate, Gill, Bevington (whatever he is even doing?), Bauser and co that is resulting in massive inefficiencies. The historic awful decision making that results from the individuals within key positions has wasted many tens of millions of a raft of shambolically expensive signings like Gueudiora, Gestede, Saville & Fletcher. Even under Pulis, the self proclaimed money saving expert, was given too much freedom to rely on short term fix's and allowed to spend £8 million on yet another CM when we were well stocked with CM's and already poorly balanced due to lacking wingers and #10's. If we're ever going to stop needlessly wasting money then Gibson needs to stop giving jobs to his mates and start appointing people upon their merits; like an actual proper business that strives for the best. Only then will we stop wasting so much money and start being properly run. The PR spin from the Gazette is deflecting a lot of valid criticism of what Gibson is doing wrong behind the scenes. I've been saying about him for ages, and he is well out of our reach now, but years ago we should have been doing everything possible to appoint Stuart Webber as our Sporting Director/Director of Football. He has turned Huddersfield and Norwich around behind the scenes and led to them getting promoted on a budget. It's people like him who we should be appointing based on their merits, instead of appointing loads of Teessider's.
  11. We have two tough away games at Derby and QPR before the international break, so I'm thinking that if we lose them two then I can't imagine anything other than Woodgate being sacked as it would leave is deep within the relegation zone and possibly several points adrift of safety.
  12. Bola and Dijksteel would massively benefit from us having a head coach who was a meticulous coach and had a set system that provided them with protection. That's why I think someone like Karanka would bring the best out of them. Woodgate is just out of his depth as he doesn't know what he is doing so how on earth can he tell players what they need to be doing.
  13. Nobody at the club (aside from the academy) does their job to a decent standard. Gibson and Bauser can't run a football club. Our recruitment department is terrible at signing good value for money signings. Woodgate can't put a team out onto the pitch that can perform to a decent standard, nor does he play new signings that are apparently signed to fit his style of play. Any club with such fundamentally terrible individuals within key positions deserve to be relegated from the Championship. Something drastic needs to change if we're going to merely keep ourselves in this division next season. There are no positive hopes left of promotion for this season. This season is a write-off at best. At worst, it's a well deserved relegation which will leave no room for Gibson's awful leadership to hide as no amount of spin by the Evening Gazette or BBC Radio Tees could cover it up.
  14. It may have been because my inbox was full. I have cleared it now so can you please try again?. Thanks!.
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