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  1. Bola has struggled in Wilder’s system despite being, on paper anyway, a good fit for the LWB role. With Giles signed, Bola isn’t going to be first choice so it makes sense for us to cash in on him now.
  2. I've already said that I think our signings so far show they're underpinned by a long-term plan; Certainly with regard to a set formation, balance of left-footers and right-footers, focus on leadership and dressing room characters, relevant attributes for each position, and become far more efficient in the transfer market. We're one and a bit transfer window into a huge long-term rebuild, and it seems like we're trying to build a team fairly similar to Wilder's Sheffield United - though there will obviously be variations in there. After next summer's transfer window, we should start getting a
  3. I appreciate that optimism will be very difficult for you to understand so I'll try my best to explain mine for our recent signings. As one of Steve Gibson's biggest critics due to his complete lack of long-term vision, I'm delighted that he's brought in Scott to run things behind the scenes. I'm excited because of the long-term vision that's underpinning our recruitment, which I can see it in the signings so far this summer and even in the January permanent signing of McGree. Though, I was undoubtedly too optimistic in January regarding Balogun and Connolly as I thought they were exactly what
  4. Excitement appears to be a lot of fans sole barometer of whether a signing is considered good.
  5. I'm quite happy with us supposedly being close to signing David McGoldrick. Unexciting signings are unfairly considered bad signings. He's a perfect fit for Wilder and his system, provides much needed experience, is a physical presence and will be on a modest wage. It's the epitome of a low risk signing so it really doesn't warrant any extreme negativity. We've got to be sustainably run and don't have money to throw about at every signing so there was always going to be the sorts of unglamorous signings. As others have already said, it will help free up budget for us to bring in better 1st an
  6. A random thought... If Wilder signs all the strikers that he wants then I wouldn't be particularly surprised to see us sell Watmore. He's out of contract at the end of the season and we're planning on signing better strikers this summer, so he's highly likely to just be an impact substitute from the bench for us this season - albeit a good impact substitute. Assuming he doesn't sign a new contract, Scott would surely much rather cash in on him now for £1 million and reinvest it into the squad than him to leave on a free transfer next summer. Sunderland, for example, could well be willing to pa
  7. We've got two top signings in Giles and Lenihan as they're perfect fits for what we want at LWB and a leader at CB. It's incredibly promising that we've been able to sign two players so highly sought after by many Championship clubs. It will further help us attract similar promising players as we're looking to have some momentum behind our squad build. GK, LCB, DM and two strikers are next on the list.
  8. Great news about Giles. Out of all the names linked for the LWB role, he's among the top tier targets so I'll be delighted if that's as close as rumoured. Jones and Giles both at wing-back is going to provide an incredible amount of creativity to the team.
  9. It seems like Tottenham are predictably doing their best to get Spence's price as low as possible. We're clearly desperate to cash in on Spence as soon as possible and want a bidding war to drive up the price, but are unable to do so as Tottenham have scared their rivals off by making it clear that their his first choice and Spence's agent seems to be very closely aligned to Tottenham. Tottenham are likely waiting for rivals like Forest, Brentford and Arsenal etc to sign alternatives, and therefore completely drop out of the Spence transfer battle, leaving us in a significantly weaker neg
  10. Kritstian Pederson has signed for FC Koln so that's another one to tick off the list. Going from what others have said on here it sounds like Ben Gibson is our number one target for the LCB role anyway.
  11. Lumley's agent has done a fantastic job of getting him a move to a Championship club. I'm relieved that we've managed to move him out so early into the transfer window as I feared he'd have no appealing options so would dig in to stay here. It's one less piece of mess to tidy up in the transfer window and opens up room in the budget for us to bring a better goalkeeper in. Off the top of my head, the remaining deadwood is: Daniels, Fisher, Hall, Ikpeazu, Ameobi & Akpom. We're probably going to need to take a hit on most of their wages, but all should have suitors except for the seeming
  12. I'd be delighted if we sign Ryan Giles for LWB as he'd be a brilliant fit for our system. Him at LWB and Jones at RWB on the flanks should tear up the Championship next season as oppositions will really struggle to contain them both. Wilder aims to get our wing-backs on the ball high up the pitch in the final third so our system should suit him perfectly. He's like a younger, injury free Robbie Brady as he's got a great left peg on him. Hopefully we can get a purchase option on him so that we have a good chance of keeping him if he impresses.
  13. I'd be much happier with us getting virtually no signing on fee and a high clause of 40% of future profit than, say, £250,000 and 5% of future profit. Maybe even with a buy-back clause too? As we've seen with Spence, all it takes is one very good season in the Championship and you can be worth around £20 million. The football price changes bubble is crazy. Wood has always struggled with physical strikers when he has played in league football, and it's likely this that has held him back from getting game-time here or out on loan. Swansea are a club that put a lot of effort into developing
  14. Someone said the other day that Wood was refusing to sign a new deal as he wanted first team football, so we’ve likely had to sell him reluctantly. We’ll have surely put a good sell-on % clause into the deal so that we gain financially down the line if he does well. He’s still incredibly young for a CB and has a huge amount of potential so it’s sad to see him leave. I hope he goes on to do really well for himself at Swansea.
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