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  1. In Kieran Scott's interview with All in Yellow, which someone linked on here, he said his medium to long-term ambition is to move into a Sporting Director role. I really hope there is foundations to us being linked with him as he'll know Norwich City's successful recruitment processes inside and out.
  2. Only just seen the Kieran Scott news posted in here 😅
  3. Apparently we're considering offering Norwich City's head of recruitment, Kieran Scott, the role of Sporting Director: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15322827/middlesbrough-norwich-kieran-scott-teemu-pukki-emi-buendia/?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_campaign=sunsporttwitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1624053465 I really hope this is true. If so, I hope that Kieran Scott actually has the power delegated to him without Gibson interfering like he did with Victor Orta. A top quality Sporting Director is more important than any individual signings this summer
  4. Considering that Ben "PR" Houchen gets his face all over Boro media due to him being Tory Gibson's best mate, I'm just relieved that it's the outline of the transporter bridge and not his face yet again. Being sponsored by a gambling company sits very badly with me. I only just learned that 300,000 people in Britain have a gambling addiction. This article on Andros Townsend was very informative: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12327062/andros-townsend-exclusive-interview-overcoming-a-gambling-addiction-and-helping-others-do-the-same
  5. I've started a free Oneboro fantasy league for the Euro's if anyone fancies it: https://gaming.uefa.com/en/uefaeuro2020fantasyfootball/leagues/44K0JN7B07/004F006E00650062006F0072006F0020002D00200046007200650065/p_mards
  6. Whilst Besic is a far more technical and creative version of Morsy, I don't see much logic in us signing him as CM isn't an area where we should be spending some decent money as we need loads of good quality new strikers and wingers. However, if we get some good money offered for a midfielder like Tavernier or Saville - who is out of contract next season - then it might make some sense.
  7. Still high from the 2016 noxious fumes of “taking back control” from Europeans who were *allegedly* to blame for everything, Gibson pulled a few strings in Tory HQ and managed to get the ideal bus for the job.
  8. And absolutely not at all instigated by Steve Gibson... He has learned well from his Tory MP chums on how to control the media so that he can deflect negative attention onto anyone but himself. He has effectively turned the Evening Gazette into North Korean state propaganda with the same regurgitated cheesy Jesus-like photos of him looking all benevolent and serene. It’s stomach-churning stuff that I think even North Korean’s would find a bit too much. That hatchet job on Orta absolutely ruined my opinion of Gibson. He needs to focus less on propaganda and start realising his own lim
  9. Yeah Bielsa seems to be thriving at Leeds' environment. Victor Orta and him must have a great working relationship. Leeds' culture behind the scenes seems incredible as the likes of Cooper, Ayling, Dallas, Klich, Roberts, Harrison etc have improved so much. Harrison couldn't even get a kick of a ball her under Pulis yet he's excelling in the Premier League for Leeds. What if Gibson didn't sack Orta after relegation in 2017? I think the past 4 seasons of Middlesbrough FC and Leeds FC show beyond any doubt which of Orta and Gibson is the better at running a football club.
  10. Stuart Webber felt that one of the key reasons behind Norwich City struggling to compete in the Premier League 2 seasons ago was their lack of power and physicality. Reach would surely give them that on the left-wing and give a good platform for their flair players. Sheffield Wednesday has been a basket case of a club for a while so I think him going into Norwich's far better environment will help him raise his game. The same could be said about Fletcher. In his four years here he has four completely different managers during the yo-yo between Monk, Pulis, Woodgate & Warnock. During t
  11. A fantastic interview with Norwich City's Stuart Webber about pretty much everything football related: https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2021-05-13/stuart-webber-suggests-new-look-norwich-city-will-be-more-competitive-in-premier-league
  12. Football Insider have said that Norwich are plotting a move for Adam Reach. If that's anywhere near accurate then we can cross Reach off our list of realistic targets.
  13. Run-of-the-mill 30 year old lower league plodders like Neil Collins turning us down highlights how our lack of club strategy leaves us in such a poor position to sign anyone. As we can't outspend teams, we've either got to innovate and have our own efficient plan - much like the vast majority of clubs of our size or smaller now - or we're going to be competing with better resourced teams for the likes of Neil Collins who are inevitably going to turn us down. We're at the back of the queue when any half decent Championship player becomes available. We had a similar situation with Kieffer Moore
  14. After relegation we should have built around Bamford instead of wasting loads of money on inferior strikers like Assombalonga and Fletcher. Gibson just wanted to throw some money about and, as always, spent recklessly and without any sort of plan. And here we are, 4 years later, after wasting god knows how many millions during 4 boring, dreadful and wasted seasons in the Championship, whilst even more smaller, innovative clubs have continued to overtake us. Modern, innovative football has glaringly exposed Gibson's pernicious, conservative and 1990s approach to running a football club.
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