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  1. Millwall play Hull next and Huddersfield in 4 games so if the Millwall player gets a ban as a result of our formal complaint then it’s counter productive to us as it will reduce Millwall’s chances in them crucial games against our relegation rivals. Our Club doesn’t run upon logic though so I’m not sure they’ll have given serious thought to the bigger picture.
  2. What an absolutely massive win. We’re by far at our most functional in a wingback formation so we need to stick to that until the end of the season. If we manage to keep up and give Warnock a good budget then I’m confident about him being able to build a strong Championship team for next season. Stojanovic’s phenomenal save at 0-0 deserves huge credit. It was a match defining save - and season defining save in the circumstances. Shotton was fantastic throughout too. Friend seemed a lot more solid too. There’s 4 games left in which we need to keep a similar level of performance until the end of the season.
  3. Is Dijksteel still injured? Spence really struggled aerially on Saturday so I think Warnock is going to be looking for another option there unless he improves that area of his game. Also, are our returning loaned out players Bola and Walker allowed to play in our remaining games?
  4. I love this interview clip from Warnock. After Gestede said he didn’t want to sign a contract extension, Warnock told him to clear off even before his contract expired 😂😂😂
  5. I'd love us to move towards a sporting director and head coach model. However, I can't imagine Steve Gibson being open to us moving in that direction as it would take away operational control from him and his inept mate in recruitment Gary Gill. We're constantly in transition due to the disorganised and disjointed squad building that has occurred for over a decade, aside from the successful interlude under Karanka in which he took away control from them with him having Victor Orta as a director of football. We're going to have huge gaping holes within our squad next season regardless of whether we're relegated or not, and we're going to be forced to sell lots of key players who are in the final 12 months of their contract like Assombalonga, Fletcher & Fry. Neil Warnock has shown in his long career that he can build promotion winning teams on a budget so, considering the absolute mess we're in and Gibson's ineptitude when making any sort of important decision, it would be crazy not to give Warnock the job next season if he keeps us up. At a minimum he'll put then some solid foundations in place and see us through a very difficult period in the upcoming transfer window. My openness to Warnock keeping here next season is only because of the sheer incompetence of Steve Gibson's decision making.
  6. He was a fantastic player for the majority of time he was on the pitch for us during his six and a half years of service. However, I haven’t seen anyone from Liverpool or Norwich questioning his commitment; If they have then that would just be reinforcement of his disloyalty being equally spread between clubs, as opposed to him being just disloyal to us. Him faking injury when playing for us is bad, regardless of whether he has done it before. Whatever job you do, you should be fully committed and don’t fake injury like Ayala. We could quite easily get relegated because of Ayala’s lack of commitment. That’s unforgivable to me. We’re a mess behind the scenes with Gibson’s decision making, but that gives no mitigation to Ayala’s disloyalty. You might feel different in a few weeks if we slip into the relegation spaces - which is looking very likely. To me, football is an ultra competitive sport in which you give absolutely everything for the club at all times when fit. That’s what set Leadbitter apart from Ayala. You don’t repeatedly fake an injury when needed like Ayala has made a habit of; Well, unless you’re akin to Donald Trump who avoided the military draft 5 times during the Vietnam War as you’re a sorry excuse of a human being that is all mouth and no action.
  7. It is worth noting that Ayala was equally disloyal to Karanka during key times of Middlesbrough FC seasons. To quote a saying: “A leopard doesn’t change its spots”; they just become more apart during bad times (my quote). Ayala is unreliable and dodgy. As a stark contrast, Grant Leadbitter sacrificed himself for the team and the club, leading to him having pain killing injections toward the end of the 2016 season, which led to his and ours biggest achievement with promotion by the narrowest of margins. So if there’s any awards for commitment, it’s for players like him who give absolutely everything for the club. Ayala can bugger off as far as I’m concerned. He deserves no prominent part in our history.
  8. Steve Gibson needs to look himself in the mirror and question whether he’s letting his personal loyalty towards Woodgate cloud his, apparent, objective judgement of an absolutely incompetent manager. Woodgate is absolutely useless. Gibson is seemingly lost in the modern world of football club ownership. I’m ashamed of the performances that we put in most weeks now. Them proud, promotion battling days under Karanka seem a million miles away now. We’ve lost any sort of purpose from the day we sacked him. We undoubtedly had shortcomings under a Karanka, however, we undoubtedly threw the baby out with the bath water. We had a cull and a power grab by the Englishmen kicking out anyone with a Spanish accent instead of a progression that was building upon the undoubted identifiable positives of the Karanka reign. Instead, Gibson is turned into a Tory politician promising the world and delivering absolutely nothing. He pumped out loads of headline grabbing lines like “smash the league” but it just turned into nothing more than a load of hot air and stinky worthless gas. Pass me the vodka. Sack Woodgate now please. The club is being run disgracefully from top to bottom.
  9. We’re an absolute shambles. Firstly, Woodgate should never have been appointed. Secondly, he should not have been kept in the job once he shown himself as being useless. He simply isn’t doing his job. Swansea are playing a similar shape; it’s just Swansea are well coached and we’re a bunch of headless chickens. I’m terrified about the direction the club is heading in.
  10. Yeah I can imagine Ayala wanting that sort of account to come out. However, considering we’re in a relegation battle and we will only be left with three senior CB’s, I couldn’t understand Woodgate - as incompetent as he is - making the decision to leave Ayala out of the remaining games of his contract. He’s our best CB by a significant margin.
  11. His wife is denying that Ayala is refusing to play for us. Given his history of using injuries to avoid playing, it wouldn’t surprise me if he claims that he isn’t refusing to play but that his “mysterious injury” has appeared again.
  12. Karanka had the right measure of Ayala’s character years ago when he questioned his lack of commitment due to the mystery injuries. Ayala has absolutely ruined his reputation here. With him virtually certain to leave us for Leeds anyway, it’s all the more insulting. His wife’s Instagram post is comical. She’s said in the comments that the truth will come out soon... Maybe he’s going to announce that he’s in fact 99% serpent?
  13. The Club have put the highlights of our promotion season online yesterday. It's emotional stuff that certainly gets the nostalgia flowing; What I'd give to have us anything close to that team on the pitch for us. It's such a shame that we're directionless under a novice manager that has so far shown no leadership qualities of note, but Steve Gibson is undoubtedly going to put loads of unfounded faith in him. If you have close to 2 hours to have a nostalgia overload then you should give it a watch:
  14. The team shape and decision making of our team is great to watch. It’s like chalk and cheese compared to how we have played in recent years. If only them good times lasted for a bit longer.
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