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  1. The results today were pretty decent again. If we beat Blackburn on Monday then we're only 4 points behind 2nd placed Bournemouth, who are on poor form and have looked awful for the past two months. QPR are in great form at the moment so seem to be in with a shot of 2nd spot.
  2. There's a thread on FMTTM discussing us displaying a Mel Morris banner or puppet (of him supposedly having everyone on strings) before our game against Derby on Saturday 12th February.
  3. I doubt we'd get much of a fee for Browne if we sold him now, whereas if he has a good 6 months out on loan at Charlton then his value will increase at the end of the season; Similar to how Spence's market value has been significantly boosted by impressing at Nottingham Forest in a style that suits him. Historically we've been terrible at selling players at the right time for maximum fees, so hopefully we can see Browne impress before selling him in the summer.
  4. Blackburn were awful. Hull's CB's stepping out from the back three was regularly catching Blackburn's attackers on their heels. That surely won't have escaped Wilder's attention as our CB's are very mobile and can step out also. Blackburn's heads could easily drop now after that defeat and are now going to be without Brereton-Diaz for the next two games. The top two automatic promotion spots are still wide open if we avoid long-term injuries to key players.
  5. Blackburn play Hull City away tonight at 7:45pm. Hull are awful at the moment so I'd be surprised by anything other than a Blackburn win, however, you never know in the Championship. Some injuries and suspensions for Blackburn would be a bonus too!
  6. Yeah, very good for us. Sheffield United were 2-0 up with Preston down to 10 men yet somehow conspired to throw two points away. Their form seems to be escaping them again.
  7. Hopefully the deals for Ikpeazu and Browne to leave are moving closer. I'd like to think that Siliki's agent is busy while he's away on international duty as he's not going to be involved here. Wilder hasn't mentioned about Hall being available for transfer, but I think it's pretty clear that he's not going to be in our plans so I'm expecting him to leave before the end of January also. A few of our youngsters are surely going to go out on loan too. I was just about to say today has been a very quiet day on the transfer front too!
  8. At the time Derby were first accused of breaching FFP in 2018, the Derby fans absolutely reveled in it and regularly taunted everyone (but especially fans of Boro, Forest, Leeds etc) about Mel Morris *supposedly* having everyone on strings - everyone has seen the meme which now makes them look a special kind of stupid. It was all across social media, whether it was them beating us to signing Waghorn, articles on they suspected FFP breaches or forums around Derby v Boro game, so it was very clear that their fans approved of Morris' *then alleged* cheating. Still, 4 years later, after they'
  9. While we have many saleable assets that we might be tempted to cash in on for a good fee, especially considering our early January transfers and continuing need to readjust our strength in depth, there's only Spence that I can see a lot of logic in us cashing in on now - instead of hoping for more in the summer. We've already got a better RWB in Jones, he'd raise a fortune, seems determined to not have a future here and we'd be in a weaker position when he's entering the final 12 months of his contract, so I hope we sell him now. Considering the number of big clubs after him, we could even get
  10. Assuming Siliki, Browne, Ikpeazu, Hall & Coburn (loan) leave, it leaves us with. GK: Lumley, Daniels, Brynn RWB: Jones, Gibson CB: Dijksteel, Fry, McNair, Bamba, Peltier, Wood LWB: Bola, Taylor DM: Howson CM: Crooks, Payero, Tavernier, McGree, Boyd-Munce ST: Connolly, Sporar, Balogun, Watmore The concerning positions for me are: RWB, CB & DM. What's especially alarming is that if we have an injury to RWB or DM then it'll likely result in us pulling key CB's out of position out like Dijksteel out to RWB or McNair out to DM, which will leave
  11. Typical local media damage limitation. It paints him as a money grabber and their fans predictably react by thinking they're glad they didn't sign him anyway.
  12. Now that Balogun has signed I'm expecting to see some of our strikers leave. Ikpeazu has no future here so hopefully we get a satisfactory offer as soon as possible. Hernandez is only needed as back up cover for RWB but I think he'll find a move elsewhere soon as he doesn't fit into Wilder's formation. If he does leave then we're going to sort out some RWB cover, just incase Jones gets injured. Whether that's another RWB or a CB - such as Panzo to play at LCB - so that we can push Dijksteel to RWB, it remains to be seen. We'll probably need a CB regardless if we find someone to take Grant Hall
  13. It'll be interesting to see how much they're paying for him. Burnley are surely staring down the barrel of relegation now.
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