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  1. Scott’s ex boss Stuart Webber purposely targeted head coaches that had completed their coaching badges through the German FA as they’re supposedly the most thorough and the toughest to pass, so produce the highest quality coaches - certainly for the type of head coach that Webber wants. This worked well with unearthing David Wagner and Daniel Farke from Borussia Dortmund II so I would be very surprised if Scott didn’t follow his mentors successful approach. The requirements of our next head coach are going to be completely different to Warnock - and all previous managers too. Their role i
  2. Nathan Wood is supposedly going on loan to Hibernian: https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-hibernian-agree-to-sign-middlesbrough-starlet-wood/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1630140660-1
  3. I've always had a disproportionately high opinion of Burke's potential. There are obviously red flags so it's very easy to right him off at first glance, but I feel there's a good player in there somewhere. I'm baffled at how badly his agent has handled him as he has been all over the place from a young age. England to Germany, then to England, then to Scotland, then to Spain, then to England. It's little wonder his development has suffered. He's 24 year old now so is starting to run out of time for something to click in his head in the way that it did for Traore at 21/22 year old. I thin
  4. We need a winger far more than another CM so the links to Siliki comes as a surprise. However, it wouldn't surprise me if Howson's struggles this season and McNair struggling to play effectively alongside Crooks in CM may have led to a re-think there. Another potential positive of signing Siliki would be that it would help free Tavernier to play more often on the right wing - so maybe that is part of the thought process behind it also.
  5. In 2012 the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) was implemented, and it has undoubtedly had massively positive results in terms of the quality of young players England is developing and has been a key factor behind our recent major tournament successes, so there is a lot of good from it. However, it has undoubtedly handed over yet even more power to the big clubs, essentially allowing them to mop up the vast majority of the local talent, which makes it incredibly difficult for the smaller clubs to run their academies in a cost effective manner. The new environment of EPPP places smaller clubs
  6. There's a different feel on the board this season. Every poor individual or team performance seems to be met with more of an emotional response by a seemingly higher number of posters. I know fans are excited with being back into stadiums after 18 months of feeling detached from normal football emotions, but it seems like this has created an inflated and disproportionate amount of criticism and frustration. We still have a fairly respectable 5 points from 4 games and have had difficult circumstances, which probably haven't been helped in the short-term by us being in a state of transition towa
  7. When Tavernier and Watmore come back then it will be interesting to see how Warnock re-jigs our midfield as both ordinarily walk in to the first team. It's going to be impossible to justify dropping Jones. The most logical way of keeping all three in is to keep Jones at LW, Watmore at RW and Tavernier at CM alongside Crooks. Morsy in for Howson at DM. Tavernier in CM with Morsy behind him would help us get a far better control of the ball in midfield than we had against QPR. We just can't be caught on the transition so easily in the middle third.
  8. Whilst we're only three league games into the season and have had a mixed bag of performances, especially the absolutely terrible second half performance yesterday, I'm still feeling pretty positive. We have a good Championship manager, a pretty good - albeit thin - squad, and a very good team spirit so we're going to do pretty well at a minimum this season. 4 point from 3 games not too bad going in our circumstances, especially give our injuries to Tavernier and Watmore. Once they're back and we get a few more signings in then things will feel a lot more promising. This season doesn't give me
  9. Where to start… All three goals came from us being caught in transition in the middle third from sheer sloppiness. Add on the defending then we absolutely deserved to lose tonight. Our ball retention was absolutely awful and then we either didn’t press well enough or get back into shape. Howson and McNair were awful. Their passing and impact on circulating the ball was particularly bad. McNair and Crooks are our two most advanced CM’s and having both players, along with Howson behind them, really limited our ability to get their foot on the ball and help us keep the ball. Crooks had a rea
  10. Spence’s warm up shooting… 😂 He nearly knocked out two poor paramedics in the North Stand with one of his Rochemback shots. Hopefully he puts his boots on the correct feet before kick off!
  11. Poor record last season, but exceptional in the two seasons beforehand. - 2020-2021: 9 goals from 16.06 xG (expected goals) - 2019-2020: 28 goals from 22.14 xG - 2018-19: 36 goals from 32.3 xG
  12. In most modern scouting set ups, the analysts cast the net far and wide searching on data such as metrics and tracking data (for which there are limitations to), and then the traditional scouts watch them live. I'd like to think that we've watched the players in person so that it isn't all on the new recruitment analyst. Do you know anything more on Scott's remit? And any changes that he's going to bring in or anything of note that you've heard? I'm imagining it's going to be something loosely based around Webber's Norwich model.
  13. Our recruitment has definitely had a dual approach this summer. Under the first arm of this, Warnock signed his "typical Warnock" type, value for money signings that fit his system, and then there has been a second arm which was targeting Payero and others from foreign leagues such as Sporar. I questioned this dual approach to recruitment in June as it clearly wasn't Warnock directing this second approach. As Scott's impending arrival as our Head of Football coincided with this second arm to our recruitment, it's certainly logical to connect him with this. It being anyone else other that Scott
  14. I really like the look of Sporar. Looks a very solid all round striker who is good at finding half a yard to get a shot off. His statistics look very promising too, especially considering he's playing at a high level. - 2020-2021: 9 goals from 16.06 xG (expected goals) - 2019-2020: 28 goals from 22.14 xG - 2018-19: 36 goals from 32.3 xG - 2017-18: 8 goals from 7.34 xG He has massively under-performed his expected goals in the past season, so this is going to cloud Sporting Lisbon's fans opinions. However, he massively outperformed his expected goals in the two seasons
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