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  1. Wing was abysmal in the build up to Birmingham’s disallowed goal. The whistle hadn’t gone yet but he still does nothing to tackle the Birmingham player breaking forwards with the ball. There’s no chance Clayton would have done that. Wing is not a holding midfielder so Woodgate needs to stop playing him there, and instead play him further forward so that he can be far more of a goal threat with his creativity and long shot ability.
  2. As we need to sell players in order to strengthen other positions, I hope that we think long term about building a squad around our young/academy lads who we should not entertain selling unless we get offered crazy money. The likes of Pears, Spence, Wood, Fry, Coulson, Wing and Tavernier should fall into that category. They'll be on more manageable wages, will only improve with the game time that we're in a position to give them and are far more likely to stay here for the longterm, so we need to prioritise keeping them and building around them. I'd hope that we'd be more open to selling the players who are on the far bigger wages, would raise significant transfer fees and whose contracts are expiring in the next 18 months like Assombalonga and McNair - as opposed to the young/academy lads. If one of Assombalonga or McNair leave we're going to need replacements, especially in defence to replace McNair's versatility there. I know football isn't this simple, but I'd happily take selling them two if it meant we could afford to sign Gibson and Roberts on permanent deals. It might even help us afford getting Ayala to agree to a contract extension also. Sheffield United are looking like they have avoided relegation this season and have a longterm interest in McNair, so they may well come in with a bid for him. He looks the perfect fit for their team with their energetic and physical box-to-box midfielders. £10 million wouldn't be too much to ask considering how well he has done this season in defence and midfield. They're having contract issues with Lundstram who still has not signed a new contract so Wilder might see signing McNair as a bit of kick up the backside to show him that he is replaceable. Besic started ahead of Lundstram last night, which was likely a message to him.
  3. Yeah there is obviously going to be a gap, but Coulson has loads of basics to significantly improve on to get anywhere near Friend’s level at his prime. Thankfully for our young players sakes we’ve got this season in which we can give them game they’ll need to improve.
  4. Coulson presses far too much. He gets caught out of position far too much. He also needs to stop playing such risky passes in defensive areas. Defensively he’s miles behind Friend in his prime.
  5. Fulham are looking excellent so far. We need to find a way to try to knock them out of their free flowing football.
  6. Villa are signing Samatta for €10 million. That reduces the chances of them wanting Assombalonga.
  7. I really hope we can get Ben Gibson back here for the long term. He has wasted 18 months of his career at Burnley so I'm imagining he's desperate to leave Burnley as soon as possible. Hopefully he's in a position where he just wants to come back here and have a settled career here where he knows he's going to be a key player for the rest of his career. However, he's probably going to have to take a significant wage cut and we're going to have to find serious funds from selling another player. I'm imagining a lot will also depend upon whether Burnley can get another CB in. Have the ITK guys got any further information on the Ben Gibson situation?.
  8. I’m think it will be enough to fund a loan and wages, but if we’re going to turn it into a permanent then I’m imagining we need to sell someone for a large fee like Assombalonga.
  9. Selling Randolph must bring us a bit closer to scraping together enough money for Ben Gibson.
  10. Especially when Jack Wilshire can pass a West Ham medical! I think their offer of £7 million for Etheridge was turned down, which will only highlight how good value for money Randolph is at £4 million.
  11. I’m sceptical if the house he’s talking about it Ben Gibson’s. It’s certainly a Gibson’s though as the outside has the name Gibson on it. Also, even if there is renovation work being done, it doesn’t prove he’s coming back.
  12. I know a guy who says that Ben Gibson owns a house near him in Great Ayton/Newton-under-Roseberry (I'm purposely being vague incase it's true), and that the he has been having massive renovations done to the house in recent months but they are nearly done now. From this he's using it as evidence that he's coming back imminently. I'm sceptical about it, but considering all the speculation I may as well stir the pot.
  13. Great news about Fulham potentially coming in for Assombalonga. If we can get a bidding war going between them and Aston Villa it will only be good news for the price we could get for him.
  14. After watching the highlights back I'm confident that Pears couldn't have got anywhere near Derby's opening goal. If I'm being hyper-critical I'd say that Randolph may have been able to stop the second goal. It's not as much of a criticism on Pears. It's more of how good Randolph is as it's them sort of saves that you wouldn't expect a goalkeeper to make that Randolph can make at crucial times in games. He has made so many of them types of saves over the years. I also think that Nchema could have done more to block the shot that led to Derby's second goal though, especially considering he was a fresh pair of legs. I think it's probably more down to the natural anticipation and bravery to block a shot that the majority of strikers don't have, which most defenders and holding midfielders have. I was really impressed by Patrick Roberts. The way he glides with the ball is a joy to watch. He's Juninho-esque. He's very short on match fitness at the moment so he's only going to improve as the season progresses. Hopefully not to the extend that he attracts clubs that can blow us out of the water financially.
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