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  1. Johnson is an average Championship player. We’re an average at best Championship club because of the poor decision-making at the top of our club. If any serious criticism is to be directed anywhere for us having players not good enough to get us promoted such as Johnson, it should be at Gibson and Gill, and absolutely not at Johnson for playing to the level of an average Championship player.
  2. I’ve just joined. It literally took me 2 minutes to join, so I’d assure anyone considering joining, but thinking that it will be complicated, that it really is very straightforward and quick.
  3. I’m interpreting Warnock giving Assombalonga the captains armband as being partially influenced by trying to entice him into signing a new contract here. Him and Fletcher are both out of contact at the end of this season, and both of them seem to get on with each other on and off the pitch, so I’m thinking Warnock will be looking at the bigger picture of trying to get them two to commit to new deals here as we simply can’t afford to let them leave on free transfers. Assombalonga’s heavy wages are going to be a huge obstacle to overcome, but him being appointed captain will only help our chances. Warnock would find it easier to justify giving Assombalonga higher wages than the standard wage structure for his captain. If agents of other players argue that their player should get wages close to the club’s top earner such as Assombalonga, Warnock could justify it as him being the clubs captain, but the top wage for players who are not the captain will remain at the same lower level. I may be over-thinking it but I think Warnock is being clever with this.
  4. Warnock's preferred formation is 4-3-3 so signing a very high quality Championship winger like Roberts will bring us closer to being able to play that way. If we signed Roberts, however, we would either have to buy at least another winger or play a current player in an unorthodox role on the other wing like Fletcher, Tavernier, Spence or Coulson. I think Fletcher's physicality and ability to drift infield from the left - which he done well at times under Pulis - would be the best option to adapt without signing another winger. Roberts is capable of some great crosses into the box so him having Assombalonga in the box and Fletcher drifting in at either the back post or in more central areas, gives me hope despite it not being a completely natural balance. That plan B of Fletcher at LW in a 4-3-3 could give Warnock the confidence to take the plunge on signing Roberts and then try to sign another winger.
  5. We already have two very good strikers so there’s no need for us to blow a huge amount of money on a third choice striker like Zohore. I’d trust Warnock to be able to sign appropriate back up strikers for a shrewd deal so I’m not bothered about us seemingly missing out on Zohore.
  6. It’s a direct result of our lack of a longterm plan. Stojanovic’s situation is not an isolated case either as the same happened to loads of players who didn’t fit into the next managers style of play. Any competent agent would rightly warn players off joining us for that reason.
  7. If we can somehow manage to get Woodrow then I’d be delighted. Though, signing him then he won’t come cheap. Leeds were reportedly sniffing around him just a few months ago so he must be doing the right things. He seems to score all types of goals for Barnsley, even with a few cracking long range goals, so I can understand why we’d want him. I’m more surprised that we even have a chance of signing him. Now that Callum Wilson is closing in on a move to Newcastle, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bournemouth come in for Assombalonga. He can leave us on a free at the end of this season so we’re under considerable pressure to accept any decent offer.
  8. Considering the deflated transfer climate due to COVID-19, I really don’t think now is the time for us to sell Fry - especially on the back of a really bad season last season and him currently running like Heather Mills. If we wait a season, I think we’ll sell from a far stronger position. If we sell now we’ll get peanuts. Despite the understandable concerns about Warnock only having a one year deal, in fairness to him he seems to be talking a long-term view with our transfer activity, so he has got my respect for that. I think that if Warnock is here for 2 or 3 seasons - if he doesn’t retire before then - he’ll get us promoted without blowing a fortune.
  9. The Evening Gazette have made loads of redundancies today so the departures within the sports team of Vickers and Tallentire are linked to that. I feel really sorry for all of the people who have been let go. Most local newspapers are under huge financial pressure nowadays; It’s why the football club owners like Gibson can exert such clear control over them to the point that they’re essentially an unofficial arm of their PR team. The very few local newspapers that are still going strong such as Newcastle’s local paper can actually keep it’s independence, and therefore actually ask questions of the club. I really wish the Evening Gazette could be more like that. Now that the Evening Gazette has reduced its running costs, it will be interesting to see what direction its sports team will go with it’s approach to Boro. They could either become more dependent on the Club for news or have more freedom to ask questions of the Club. I suppose it will come down to what they think will help their sales and clicks.However, if Vicker’s last major article about us struggling to sign players due to traffic jams and steelworks is anything to go by, it’s likely they’re going to keep on their current path of letting Gibson control the message.
  10. It seems like Warnock is realising what an awfully run football club we are behind the scenes. Now that he knows that the reality is completely different to his perceptions from the outside, he’ll be regretting his long term hope of having Steve Gibson as his owner.
  11. I gave Gibson 2 out of 10. The main reason is because there has been an absolute absence of a long-term plan - that is exactly the crucial role that he should fill. In the incredibly competitive environment of professional football, the smaller clubs like ours need a long-term strategy if we're to achieve success. I look at similar sized clubs to ourselves (taking Premier League money out of it) like Burnley, Norwich, Brentford, West Brom, Sheffield United etc and get so frustrated about how we are so far behind them, not due to anything unavoidable such as they're a far bigger club or have something else that means that we are incapable of competing against them, but due to sheer awful decision-making at the top of the Club. Whilst some of them teams listed are within the Premier League now, they got there through being well run and that is what we completely lack. There is nothing preventing us from being like them. Forget the Evening Gibson articles about how we're inherently inferior to others - we're here through sheer incompetence from the top. It has held us back for 14 year and it's going to continue to hold us back unless something changes. Steve Gibson fundamentally lacks the knowledge and self-restraint for the role that he holds. His knee-jerking between: McClaren > Southgate > Strachan > Mowbray > Karanka > Agnew > Monk > Pulis > Woodgate > Warnock demonstrates no long-term plan. All are contrasting in many ways, most notably tactically as each manager had a completely contrasting style of play to their predecessor. That's why during this 14 year period we've generally been in a state of transition, aside from Karanka's progressive reign, with the every new manager have a glut of unwanted players with several years left on their lucrative contracts. If you've overseen the 14 year drift from a Uefa Cup final to the position we are today, then something has drastically gone wrong. That's all the more stark when you consider that we've actually spent some huge money. The problem is that it has been spent in an incredibly wasteful manner - and that comes down the way that Steve Gibson has made awful, short-term focussed decisions for the past 14 years. When you're out of your depth, you delegate to someone who is better capable than you. That's true leadership. Surrounding yourself with your incompetent mates like Gill, Woodgate and Bevington etc is what incompetent people do. To conclude, if I was Steve Gibson I would get on the phone to Peter Kenyon and ask him to oversee the recruitment process for a new director of football or sporting director in the mould of Stuart Webber. I'm sure that there will be lots of credible candidates from foreign leagues, Championship, League One etc. However, that would require Steve Gibson to give up power - and that is something that I cannot see him doing anytime soon. If not, we'll probably still be on here in 10 to 20 years time discussing the same problems with Victoria Gibson as our chairwoman making equally bad decisions.
  12. Hopefully the traffic isn’t too bad when he lands here as it could break this deal too.
  13. Burnley were recruiting well even when in the Championship. Off the top of my head they’ve bought the likes of Pope and Gudmunson from Charlton for peanuts. Same with Ben Mee from Man City. There’s also Scott Arfield, Ashley Barnes, Sam Vokes, Danny Ings and Charlie Austin etc. Their list of shrewd signings in the ChampIonship over the past decade is endless. As another comparison, when we had a competent plan in place under Karanka within the Championship, we attracted players like Bamford, Vossen, Kike, Nsue, Ramirez and Stuani to move here. Yet now we can’t sign a player because he had a bit of traffic and his missus doesn’t like the steelworks up north. It’s just excuses. The Evening Gazette even reporting this Boro spin is absolutely spineless and pathetic.
  14. Burnley are from one of the less glamorous places in the country, but still manage to regularly recruit good Premier League players as they’re a very well run club. I’m sick to death of the excuses, scapegoats and deflection tactics from Gibson via the Evening Gazette and other local media. It’s like we’ve morphed into the Tory party under Boris - absolutely incompetent. Gibson needs to actually acknowledge the awful mess that we’re in and implement drastic changes to improve things, instead of being obsessed with PR and spin.
  15. Well this is something North Korea state media would be proud of: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/jaundiced-perception-middlesbrough-industrial-hell-18815664.amp?__twitter_impression=true Finger pointing at absolutely anywhere but Steve Gibson. The Club and the Evening Gazette are an absolute disgrace.
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