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  1. I'm ok for a ticket but will be at Oddfellows by 1pm...Boro lads arranged a meet?
  2. Anyone know if MSS are meeting anywhere for the Spurs game?
  3. This may have been covered but, how confident are we on landing Gaston permanently? Out of contract, he should be a bargain and could be our best player next year......I've not seen any reports saying either party are interested
  4. They are gold dust....I left it up to my mate to buy tickets and here we are with none! Still travelling up from the Midlands for a session with the Lloyds bar projectors.
  5. Good to meet a few in there last night. Must admit I only went in to the pool room briefly so probably didn't meet my fellow Boro fans living in the Midlands. Fingers crossed for local away days such as West Brom and Leicester next season!
  6. New to the forum and I met a few good guys at the Cricketers last night. Devastated at the result but found hope in the fans' attitudes, no pressure just support. Much better teamwork including 12th man than the dark Feb/March days of Bristol city, MK Dons and Charlton. I believe, but am bricking it for Saturaay!
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