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  1. He'd be stupid to play up whilst with you - he'll get that reputation and he'll bugger up his long term career. Time will tell, but I do hope he knuckles down. Ah, Ramirez, had nearly forgotten about that!
  2. I'd not seen that - maybe he knows he isn't coming back then!
  3. He did really well in our U23s, then he had a perfect debut, scoring twice against Spurs. In a way it was the worst thing that could have happened, as it heaped expectation on him, and maybe he thought he'd made it already - whereas still very much on the learning curve. He's young, money to burn and as has been well documented, is a hit with the ladies! But there is a good footballer in there.
  4. I've been away from your forum far too long, but thought I'd come back re the Connolly loan! What's the feeling among Boro fans? He does have talent, and if he can focus, I think he'll do well for you. Unfortunately he made a few non-footie headlines lately, which may be partly why he hasn't played too much. But keep faith with him, the boy will do well.
  5. Congratulation Brunners!
  6. Should be a safe 2-0. That Delia graphic is beautiful!
  7. York is a really nice city. They have a Christmas decoration shop - great to walk around, you feel like you've walked into a Bavarian Christmas - but you'll need a large wad of cash to buy anything! Definitely one to browse in.
  8. I second the North Yorks Moors Railway, to Whitby. Lovely ride through the countryside, followed by Fish & Chips by the sea. The day we went was a warm Bank Holiday though, and it was HEAVING!
  9. The cynic in me thinks that the method of qualification into the Euros that brings EUFA the most income will be the one that will be used...
  10. Yes some of the European qualification spots will be taken by the winners of the competition. Then it is back to normal qualifying for basically everyone who didn't win. It is quite a complex system they have implemented, but it does eventually make sense. From my understanding this will replace some friendlies during the calendar year with competitive fixtures. Cheers - I suppose competitive games (albeit probably not 'jump out of chair with clenched fist when we score' types) are better than dreary friendlies.
  11. This has completely passed me by. I assumed the international break was just for a couple of standard friendlies (shows how much I take notice - I'm defo a club over country man!). So is this a competition to qualify for the next Euros? IE, does it actually have a point to it?
  12. Sorry to see you didn't get the result last night. I didn't see it, but sounds like there was some controversy, to say the least. Hope you can re-group and get there in 18/19 - good luck.
  13. Good Luck for tonight, really hope you make history and overturn the deficit. For the decent people I've encountered on this forum, hope you get to go up - providing the last game next season isn't Boro away, for the third time in 5 seasons!
  14. H Millwall v Forest. H Barnsley v Bristol Cty. A Brentford v Sheff Utd. H Cardiff Cty v Burton Alb. H Leeds Utd v Bolton W. H Norwich v Fulham. D Sheff Wed v PNE. D Middlesbrough v Wolves. (Britt) H Reading v QPR. H Derby Cty v Sunderland.
  15. A Bradford Cty v Gillingham. A Bury v Wigan Ath........(Christian Walton lumped and bounce over keeper - long shot I know!) D Charlton v Plymouth. A Fleetwood Twn v Northampton. A MK Dons v Blackpool. H Peterboro v Bristol Rvrs. H S***horpe Utd v Rochdale. H Shrewsbury v AFC Wimbledon. A Southend Utd v Rotherham. H Carlisle v Cambridge Utd.
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