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  1. Don’t be such a snowflake ❄️
  2. I like how you used the same opener as me ? and does it matter when I last contributed? The other three generally are correct and at least come with solid info. All you’ve said is it may or may not be Woodgate. im not having a go or accusing you of anything. Share your information if you want. I’m just pointing out to members that it’s entirely useless
  3. Not being funny but since when has DZ been ITK? Never. When has he had a reliable source? Never. He now has a reliable source that has seen texts (LOL) alongside a story line that wouldn’t look out of place in eastenders. All his “source” has said is it may or may not be woodgate essentially. Don’t get carried away on such a ridculous rumour from a member which has never provided solid information in the past. I’ve a reliable source also who said it might be Woodgate, but it also might not be because he doesn’t want to wear a cap and trackies on the sideline which Gibbo is demanding
  4. It's not a bad thing if you bet against us, I've earnt a few quid by backing us to lose lately. Absolute dirt
  5. Pulis to be fair to him got it spot on. We slate him when he’s to blame but don’t give credit when he’s done.l good. We were absolutely cruising in this game and could/should of been 2 or 3 up. Ref then makes a farcical decision and ruins the game for us. Commentator chatting crap now. When tackle happened I’m sure he said good tackle before ref blew up? Now saying definitely a red? Wtf, did I miss hear?
  6. Looked like a good tackle, Preston players even played on
  7. Britt has scored the same amount from the bench (combined minutes = 276, Goals = 6) as Jordan Hugill has all season (Combined minutes = 1,638, Goals = 6). Interestingly, Britt has scored 6 goals in the time, on average, it takes Hugill to score 1. Thanks will, and CT. So even the stats don’t like in the Britt v Hugill argument, overwhelmingly in favour of Britt. I know there is more to a strikers game than just scoring goals, and that they are different type of players, but my god Hugill is trash and this just backs up the farce that Pulis sticks with him. Spends more time on the ground than in the opposition box and offers very little that I’d take over Britt (almost nothing except for the rare bit of hold up play when he stays on his feet)
  8. Does anyone have the stats on goals for Britt and Hugill? Has Britt scored more goals from the bench in the league this season than Hugill full stop (excluding penalties)?
  9. Get that gangly moron off the pitch - you can decide for yourself who that is
  10. Not posted in a long time but had to let off steam whichever has been bubbling for the last few months. Is Hugill the worst player Middlesbrough have ever had that has got consistent starts?
  11. I think in an ideal world Pulis would prefer to play 4-5-1 with 2 very quick wingers so in his defence he probably doesn't have the players to play exactly how he wants to do. The other side of it is that he needs to find a formation which best suits the players available. He did that earlier in the season but he's certainly not doing that now. He seems to be trying to accommodate Saville and Braithwaite is stuck out on the left where he's wasted. I personally believe even with 2 quick wingers in the squad Pulis is too defensive minded to play both, I think he'd play one winger and drop Braithwaite to the bench. I keep saying against Villa in the play offs needing a goal, the subs were like for like nothing changed. Are you basing us not playing 2 wingers on last season? We didn't have 2 pacey wingers to play last season. We had Traore and that's all in that regard so I don't really see what referencing the Villa game as proof really does. If you go back to his time at West Brom, he played with McClean, Phillips even Chadli despite their differences. To Palace when it was Bolasie and Puncheon. I'm pretty sure if he's brought in wingers, he'd be playing them. His style of football wouldn't technically change but he would play with wingers. Pulis brings in 2 quick wingers, you tell me who he drops, certainly not Downing who he rates highly. Downing was brilliant vs Forest as well as Ipswich. Think he has been very good last few weeks
  12. lol you're almost a parody of yourself at this point pal, lets reel it in a bit. Here in a nutshell is why Oneboro activity is down. Give your opinion and get crap. Try spending some time and money going to the games and then see how you feel about things. You might find it's a bit different when you're stretching yourself a bit further than switching on a computer to watch a game. This is why i no longer post. I occasionally read match threads as a guest. This is why I ignore 99% of your nonsensical posts. Because your opinion is “if you don’t go to games every week you don’t get an opinion”. You’re really not missed
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