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  1. A smidgen of good news... I was getting worried at the eerie silence. Let's hope he can smash it next to Howson. Still a negative window overall for me - sad to have lost Braithwaite in particular, even though I understand the reasons behind it. Edit: And by "smash it" I don't mean his cruciate ligament. :dodgy:
  2. Why have we sold Morelli? Young striker tearing it up on loan... seemed like his development was progressing nicely. :( Hope it's not one we come to regret.
  3. As much as I don't want Braithwaite to go I do understand it (sort of) but if Christie goes then that's just ridiculous. He might not be Pulis player but up until he took charge and dropped him he had been easily one of our best players and quality cover as it stands. Christie can't be happy at suddenly not being first choice after having a great start to the season, so there's always a chance he's wanting out, rather than us wanting rid. Which would be fair enough if we had a equally capable replacement but there's nothing to suggest there is. we would have no cover at LB (unless Fabio gets his head back in the game) or RB. I very much suspect Pulis would consider Gibson as cover for left-back...
  4. Massive shame if Braithwaite goes in my opinion - he could be very useful for us for the rest of the season. I just hope he's going so he can get game time prior to the World Cup, and he'll come back afterwards. Even in a Pulis team I think he has a role playing just off the striker. Certainly has quality.
  5. We have been dying for a left winger for over two years in my opinion. We reputedly lost out on Deulofeu at the end of summer 2016. Let's not even talk about January 2017. Last summer we get Johnson... I realise this nor any January is not the best market for it, but it's hard not to have sympathy with those who are complaining about our scouting department on this one. At the end of the day, every fan and his nan identified our weakness at LW 18 months ago at least. Jack Harrison is an unknown quantity. I'm quietly hopeful, but he'll have to work hard to regain fitness and learn Pulis' system. He could easily be no better than Johnson though, or as incapable of playing on the left as Traore. We'll see...
  6. Started him on the left but quickly swapped him over with Bamford after about 15 minutes - from there (RW) he ran the show. He's getting to the byline a lot more now down the right, and his crossing is better as well - he just stands them up in the box. From the left I feel like he'd overcomplicate things... he would be less confident to cross early and would be more tempted to try to cut back and take everyone on.
  7. I'd take stability and ambition over a glimmer of hope and glamour that would fade within months and leave ultimately my club on the brink of financial ruin and relegation.
  8. No way. He's far too good for them. (Surely?!)
  9. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/01/31/23/3CB56D3700000578-0-image-a-92_1485905540114.jpg[/img] Ha, good point. He is at least coming in in a position that we need though, and has the potential to play a part. The Guedioura transfer will go down in history alongside Carlos De Pena and Emerson's cousin Fabio...
  10. Who's been saying any of that about Johnson? You really need to read back :) I've been following the thread pretty closely - the overriding sentiment for me seems to be quite reasonable. Lots of positive noises from Oxford fans about his ability, looks better than League 1 but the jury will be out for him in the Championship. Not coming in as a first team starter so I don't really see how anyone could consider him a panic buy.
  11. Who's been saying any of that about Johnson?
  12. Sure hope Shotton has a couple of good games for us to begin with - people were cautiously optimistic about Fletcher and after a couple of appearances are now slating him... Imagine what it'll be like with Shotton, seems like quite a lot of fans have written him off completely. As for Jota, I'd be so disappointed if he ended up at Birmingham. Bizarre move for him really - we should at least get an equivalent bid in for him and let him choose. Maybe he does want to stay south, but Birmingham? :huh: Note that it's only the bid that's been accepted (as far as I've seen) - it could easily fall through on personal terms.
  13. Don't think anyone is claiming he's a superstar. Also his time at Eibar is largely irrelevant, because we've seen him in the championship. And he's good in the championship. And you need players who are good in the championship to get out of the championship. All makes sense really. He has gone on record to say he prefers the pace of the English game, and he prefers being able to get on the ball more. Oddly I think he is a rare breed of a Spaniard more suited to the Championship than the Spanish league. That said there are always going to be questions about whether he can step up to a top division. But for now we know he can do it in the Championship. There was a quote from him a few months in to his Brentford career saying because of the pace of the league he was only playing 70-80% of his capability Here's the article I was reading: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/10861934/jota-peleteiro-returns-from-spain-to-play-starring-role-for-brentford Also explains in there that the reason he didn't play loads for Eibar was due to a falling out with the coach (also partly why he was recalled early for Brentford). Certainly seems to have his head screwed on from that article. Would love him here but I don't think it's gonna happen.
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