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  1. 1 hour ago, D.Z. said:

    Bryan Robson worked for years under arguably the greatest manager in modern football, Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Aitor Karanka worked for many years under Jose Mourinho.

    Jonathan Woodgate has worked under.....Tony Pulis.

    You simply can't compare them in my eyes.

    All those managers at the end of their tenures had fans openly calling for their heads. None of that solid reputation did anything to help them out at that juncture.

    JW was at Boro when Pulis was appointed by SG, he had no say, but I reckon it's still his fault he should have been giving pressers berating the manager that way we know for sure he was not tainted by Pulisball.


  2. SJ is not who we are talking about. Everyone agrees He is our 1st choice. It's the others I am referring too.


    But I rest my defense on JW, I reckon we can never change what can't be changed. Maybe we can get the manager we deserve or maybe we will be having these same discussions next year once we fall out of love of either Grayson, Hughton, or whoever shacks up here. I mean as Boro fans when the *** has anything ever been simple.


    P.S - Would love to have MA from City but he's out of our league besides he might want to succeed PG at the City of Manchester Stadium rather then work in the championship.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

    He played with some top players but so do a hell of a lot of managers these days. The majority of managers he played for are not in the game at a significant level anymore. I just dont see where he will give us any kind of advantage in recruitment.

    I find it odd we seem to disqualify JW's football achievements as no big deal yet in the same breath We talk up all the alternative's less than impressive Football achievements as the best case for getting the Job.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Snowblind said:

    @RonBoro He has little/none. As a football manager, or even as an assistant/coach. And what he does have in terms of those roles is under managers I don't see as being worthy educators for what we need. He's also not the most intelligent lad in the world...

    You may look at it purely as a footballing decision where morals don't matter. But, for me, morality is important in all decisions in life.

    I humbly disagree with your view on his Football acumen. He has never been given the chance to prove himself so we can speculate on how he would get on till the cows come home. I have never met nor had the pleasure of interacting with the bloke personally so I'll save my opinion until that happens.

    On the football side of things, Ideally to quell the doubts I'd have him manage the U-23s and have SJ as manager, and after a few good seasons when SJ gets picked up for a JoB/Payoff at Chelsea, we'd have an organic transition of our youth coach to head coach and help bed in the prospects from the Academy to the first team.

    But if SJ doesn't end up coming I wouldn't mind sucking it up for a season or two till JW finds his feet and then challenge for promotion.

    Screw getting promoted to the PL if we don't have an identity, then defend and bore the *** outta the world till we get relegated......I'm tired of this weak rinse and repeat identity of dredging the bottom to stay afloat.

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  5. 1 minute ago, D.Z. said:

    He's never managed a football club before, he was also part of the coaching team that was such a *** disaster this season.

    Enough of a reason for you?

    We are Boro!!!!!!!!

    besides the disasters of Strachan and Pulis we have always appointed managers with no previous experience, and it didnt work out too badly for an un fashionable little club in the Northeast.

    Correct me if I am wrong, JW was at Boro way before Pulisball shacked up, and if I read my news correctly everyone that was apart of Pulis's backroom staff have been let go, even CF left cause Pulis brought him in.

    We are still trying to tie the JW we think we know from gossip of his personal life to the JW Football Manager who coaches and wants to represent his boy hood club  (Could this hate stem from him representing Leeds ...…I'm struggling to see what you guys are seeing)

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  6. 35 minutes ago, Snowblind said:

    @RonBoro- It's not just getting 11 guys to kick a ball around though, is it? It's man management, levels of discipline, dealing with the psychology of the job and of your players, it's being a role model to the young players coming through both on and off the pitch, it's uniting those players to create a desire to work hard for one another, create a never-say-die attitude and want to win for one another.

    That's what separates the top managers from the rest. Look at the successes of managers like Eddie Howe, Sean Dyche - Jürgen Klopp at the top end of things. They all unite their squads. From what some people know about Woody, he'd not be keeping that company in his character.

    Look how the fans reacted to Pulis' arrogance. Character is a massive trait in a successful football manager, like it or not. It's not simply about getting 11 guys to kick a football about. Otherwise, we might as well hire Colin Cheng to be the next Boro Boss...

    I concur with almost everything you are saying mate, maybe even 10-15 years ago(Pre-Social Media where everyone has an opinion) we'd all let the Dyches and Howes prove themselves on the field before the ball is kicked.

    Just bemused on how much hate this guy is getting just because he may or may not be the person we want him to be in his personal life. I would love to hear why he isnt qualified for the job based on his FOOTBALL history .

  7. Just now, D.Z. said:

    You can often tell the character of a person by the company he chooses to keep.

    I don't want to sound disrespectful, but I don't want JW to have a beer with me and be an all around good bloke. Just want him to coach and play football.

    Who am I to Judge his personal life, friend circle or what he does or doesn't do in his personal life, I haven't even build an orphanage for lost ants yet neither have I earned the right to drive in the stakes based on heresay.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, D.Z. said:

    Woodgate has been mates with local low-life scum for many years now, and still associates with them to this day. They say your reputation shouldn't procede you, but in his case it just does.

    Maybe I'm naive but I still can't understand what that has to do with him being manager of a club who plays a sport where 11blokes kick a ball around for 90 odd mins.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Duvel said:

    This has been done to death but I think the reason some people don't want him is because of the way he has conducted himself off the pitch over the years. 

    I don't think he's a very good ambassador for the club or a good role model for young players. 

    How many wIfe's/siblings/? did he mess with to get this much hate.......

    Damn always thought I watched football to get away from the dreads of real life crap..maybe I'm old fashioned but I guess progressively we can hope our next manager has a noble peace prize to his name or we can just employ the local vicar (without a record) or the Top Top bloke from London (a Humanitarian compared to JW ) or we can just get another long ball merchant so we can all go back to moaning about the football......


    When personal life is used to measure the Professional worth we tend to miss the point of why we needed the professional in the first place. Even if he was a gutter Casanova it's in the past, what happened to second chances in real life?? Are we all truely defined by that one sheep we shagged??????

    Give the guy a break,  damn this whole world is turning into a bizarre version of 'Minority Report' .

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  10. Pulis will be ultra cautious for the final game making sure we don't fall behind and then nick a 1-0. It won't be "take the initiative, get the first goal and keep coming at a team that has nothing to play for".


    If we get in the PO's we'll score a goal in the first few minutes of the first leg, then defend for 180 minutes...


    I guess you mean try to defend for 180 mins ....while getting Walloped !!

    *** I can't wait for this bloody season to finish...if TP is still here next season, I will personally pay to fly banners over the Riverside reminding him we play football not ***e rugby....

  11. I'm still bitter as ***....but this video on Pulls brought a smile to my face which then turned into a permanent scowl when I realized he is still our Manager. I guess even a prisoner for life gets to smile in jail once in a while......



    Edit had the wrong Anthony Pulis clip posted

  12. Can't afford it... well that's a hell of an expensive gamble to start next season with a toxic dressing room and fanbase.


    Anyone who thinks this can't get any worse needs to go watch the Sunderland documentary. This could get a lot worse before it gets better.


    £3m? Might be the best £3m we ever spend.


    Best Statement to encapsulate our situation, I remember vividly with 13 games to go Pulls was talking about us gate crashing the top two, "it's only a few wins, donno what these fans are mouning about....". I mean the guy says this club is for the fans, we will be here when all the crap is gone.....yet insists on making sure we taste the crap before he leaves for pastures new.



    I respect TP as a human being, I'm pretty sure if I met him in a bar somewhere I'd share a drink with him and talk about how he achieve'd what he did without playing football, I bet it would be an insight I'd love to hear. But that's on my time not at the cost of him burying us into the ground to help prove his working point. In short I hate myself for loving football and loving a club that I have nothing tangible to connect to, besides the joy it brought a lonely kid that fell in love with a team with heart in the early noughties that took on the big clubs with very little in comparison but always came away with pride. I love my boro but holy*** this guy incharge is ruining everything I hold dear about my Boro. I can't even look at the color red without dieing a little inside.....


    always thought the second verse summed it all up


    Thanks for the suggestion .... After some introspective debates with myself I just realized whatever happens from now on this will be my Boro Anthem!

  14. Shall we play pulis post match interview bingo?


    Think we were on top first half... unlucky with the sending off and injury.... disrupted our shape... Well keep going


    1. We are very unlucky today!


    2. Referring was against us today!


    3. Ayala getting sent off and Flint getting injured meant Pulis couldnt use all the attacking options he wanted to use but was "FORCED" into playing defensive to stay in the game, "IT ALMOST WORKED WE ONLY LOST 1-0". 


    4. Nothing to see here, we are broke, we are hopeless, but be grateful Pulis is in charge.....otherwise we'd be in Non-League cause we are that crap. 



    5. Praise be the God of Migraines Pulis! 


    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  15. Our lack of width is so painstaking. We're *** to watch and Sheff United look quality. There off the ball runs are great as well.


    Better players or better manager and system?.....


    Not better players. Just a far superior manager.


    well I am a superior manager.... I bet my girl team would beat this lot....


    I bet that would be cause you actually coach your team "Football" not some Medieval version of stickball without the stick.

  16. Defence against Blackburn will look interesting flat back 4?


    He may go radical and line up with a flat back 10.


    We could always be radical and try playing our centre backs only at centre back and picking a few full backs... ah, that’s right we don’t bloody have any!!!!


    Stop with all these Normal requests for a football team. Pulis is a revolutionary .... just you wait in 20 years time Pulis-ball inspired coaches will get the Job at Chelsea and make a damn good living with all Early dismissal money.    :disgusted:

  17. some light in the rain. Ipswich 2-1


    OR NOT.... Ruled out


    Couldn't care less to be honest. If we manage to get to the play offs were watching exactly what will happen in the semi finals right now, we will not get promoted either way. I just want the season to end and to be done with it.


    Thinking with the Devil's Advocate's hat on what you described is our best case scenario, *** have we fallen so low so quick again ?

  18. stearman has both hands on frys shoulders stopping him jumping for that, but you can't say the goal isn't deserved.


    why can we only play 45 minutes a game?


    That first half was not us playing. That was us stopping them playing effectively. We didn't create anything as usual and we ddint let them either. It was a nothing half.


    And ayala isnoff. Wonderful

    Ayala is definitely Off... :(

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