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  1. Man....I dont think I have ever celebrated an Offside in my entire life.... In Pulis we trust.
  2. *Epic Movie Trailer Guy Voice* "In a World were Defense is Attack! Pulis is King!"
  3. Did a quick search, here you go. http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/sheffield-united-vs-middlesbrough-live-streaming
  4. Gutted to walk away with a point. We had tons of chances which is positive considering previous showings.
  5. Almost Scored again......I know Friend gets his fair share of stick but ....dam the lad has not lost any of that fire and desire, massive on the left for us today.
  6. Mikel almost put Britt in to score.....almost. We are getting good chances to counter
  7. We are in Leed's half so far...Howson won us a corner, cleared away by Leeds
  8. The last 10 mins are going to be tense.....
  9. I dont think its that serious, The gentlemen has been stretchered off the ground, games restated.
  10. Yeah I was avoiding thinking about that :(
  11. Or not....Ref is still talking with the lead medic waiting on something.
  12. Paramedics are treating someone on the bench.
  13. Britt channeling his inner Adama....didn't get the freekick for getting pushed off the ball. He looks up for this.
  14. Britt almost scores with his 1st half chance.
  15. Almost scored .... solid run from Besic ironically squared into the box GH and GF almost got on the end of it.
  16. That was real close....Roofe didn't connect, on 2nd look brave goalkeeping from the Wizard.
  17. Wing's down, getting changed, him and the midfield have pressed hard today, Real winners so far.
  18. I thought we would have. Not the kids but Gestede, Fletcher, Downing, Tav, McNair. Especially having seen the state of this pitch and knowing it's likely to be a bit heavy. Quite rightly he didn't play Mikel. Yeah that's what I was thinking, the fringe players. We're probably gonna have half of this team playing on Saturday. Well we know three of the midfield don't we? Sav, Mikel and Besic. Yeah that's what I would be thinking if I was Bielsa. Here is hoping the spy/scout falls asleep watching our team train for this Saturday and reports back pages full of Zzzz.
  19. I am Happy now! We troubled their keeper it only took 82 mins, We are lucky we could manage that considering the conditions. TP Post Match Presser! The Conditions were the real winners today, it was a lottery and Newport won it! :sleepy:
  20. I love this club and Will continue to do so........but man I die a little inside everytime I have to fight myself to justify I don't deserve entertainment and happiness just because I support this current team. Maybe our best days are past us, Maybe everytime a decent player comes around it cost us a fortune until it doesn't, Maybe we have entered an era where Football is a business for People more then a Sport for the fans, Maybe I'm just a bad fan who doesn't understand this current football landscape anymore, Maybe.....But I wont stop Following the Boro.
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