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  1. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/282013/boro-looking-decade-ago An interesting read indeed.
  2. The sad thing is that there are probably more people like who are daft enough to watch that *** tonight and absolve him of any blame. I guess some people are just gluttons for punishment. And some people are so negative they will always blame the manager in place when they can't handle disappointment Do you remember Stracken ?
  3. Thank heavens for their relegation.....imagine we would have been out of positives this season if they didnt. :D
  4. I'd have my reservations with TP getting to have his own squad, considering what we saw at West Brom, If it doesn't click we'll lose him(sacked) and his successor might find his 1 dimensional direct long ball long throw squad a little inept and may end up making things worse.
  5. ***NAL - Arteta CHELSEA -Maurizio Sarri IPSWICH - Simon Grayson QPR - Tim Sherwood SUNDERLAND - John O'Shea or some bloke that will get sacked in 4 months so who cares. SWANSEA - Chris Coleman WEST BROM - Darren Moore
  6. For the love of all that is holy......
  7. Maybe Tony Mowbray would be available ..... afterall he is managing a club owned by the Venkys who knows they might chicken him out next season. But seriously any young Eddie Howe esque manager will do.
  8. No if wed have gone for it with a positive line up and went for villa from the start id of accepted a defeat even if was heavy, going out without trying to attack i cannot accept. You would have been in the minority then I guess that seems to be the problem ..... we are content to be mediocre....all be it at 0-1. Clean sheets in the 2nd leg of the playoffs is a must on that CV.
  9. He will be happy with a point. Surely he can’t have realized that it was a playoff game. I can't even fathom why we play the way we play...... We had a 2 man midfield in the 1st half .... Howson was off the field taking a leak or having a pie....cause he didn't touch the ball in the 1st 45 mins...let alone influence anything. TP's use of Howson as an Invisible Faux No. 10 is desperately sad considering he did the same thing with James Morrison in West Brom 2 sodden years ago. Lets stop this old war horse nonsense, If Football in the top flight has taught us anything this year its that dinosaurs dont belong in this era of football.... give a young hungry attacking coach his break atleast He wouldn't wait 80 plus mins to try and change the game in a must win play-off semi final where we didnt have ONE shot on target ......... damn this is getting awfully sad. I miss TM atleast those 1st half of the seasons were bloody sweet to watch, atleast TM played football......all be it with the budget of a non-league team. Imagine when all them lads at Swansea's forum said Monk was awful we hoped they were just bitter, 40 plus million later we realized they were right all along.... We deserve so much more....yet we seem content in shooting our foot off everytime we start a sprint. Oh well Next year Lads !!! Lets Smash the League!
  10. I think the difference in Opinion surely has to do with the contrasting statistics of us under AK in the Championship and the Premier League. We were text book in the championship alas it backfired when we only did it half right in the Prem. Personally think its like beating a dead horse.
  11. Yeah some ***er reported him, His periscope account is banned. Back to good ol imagination in Ice cold Canada......
  12. Can't agree at. It's not a non contact sport. It's not a foul just because he may have grazed his foot. Just my opinion. If it was a shout for Boro I’m sure many would say it’s a pen. We should have took our chances earlier and got punished. Still in this season and performance was alright, don’t get why everyone’s ***ting the bed. Who's ***ting the bed? everyone is quite rightly pis#ed at a shocking decision. #Eltringflu
  13. Granted we missed our chances but ... If Fulham got that penalty call then ff s Kalas's rugby Tackle isn't ???? He was looking straight at it. Don't think he is up for this level, should send him back to the conference.
  14. Excited to see this team vs Fulham's midfield. UTB!
  15. I love that you say this as if you don't know who Wildschut is. :P I hope he does well for Cardiff, always seemed like a nice guy. :D Me too, hope the best for lad, pity it didn't work out.
  16. Perfect direct on tees I can’t get it due to rights issues. Web site commentary is back now. It doesn't work..... Even brought a VPN that has a server in Glasgow, Didnt realise BBC Tees was that exclusive.
  17. If the bookies are to be believed Karanka is favorite to take over at Forest. If that transpires then a few of our current fringe players may have the idea of a reunion at the City Ground. Bamford, Forshaw and Clayton come to mind. Hopefully we only lose players Pulis deems surplus.
  18. Just thinking aloud. If this is flashback land, and if history is repeating itself and there is no stopping the inevitable, I wouldn't mind hanging on if it meant we'd get a Tony Mowbray type in (i.e., Rodgers) in said history repeating timeline. Granted its going to be painful before it gets any better. At this point I'd take budget buys playing football over the confusion we have been forced to watch the last year. Then again, I hope I am massively wrong and our season turns out fine.
  19. So far we seem to fear stringing more than 2 passes together, and we keep playing deeper and deeper into our goal, Are we playing Man City ?
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