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  1. Preston have close to 70% of the ball so far. Here is hoping thats gets lower as the game goes on.
  2. Get in !! Just what we needed...we can build on this.... UTB!
  3. http://www.usagoals.nu/c/football/2332667/1/middlesbrough-vs-ipswich-town-live-stream/ Here is a link to the game. Hope it starts streaming when the game starts in a few. Come on Boro!!
  4. Same. Been having that same sinking feeling since I heard his tone in the post match BBC interview.
  5. Its alarming that we can't seem to do anything of note through the middle, I hate to compare the past but under Clayts and Boots our middle atleast contributed towards being one of the best tackling teams in Europe. It had its flaws but instead of building on our strengths, we went the route of reinventing it, so far with no results. I have plenty of respect for Monk, hopefully we find a beneficial solution that suits all parties soon, Maybe some astute signings in the Jan window?
  6. It also needs a Shwarzer, danny mills, southgate, boateng, juninho, viduka and hasselbaink. Reality is even if we had those players Monk still wouldn't get the best out of them and play them out of position! Getting a sense of Deja-vu, reading all these posts ....... almost reminiscent of what the lads from the Swansea forum were saying about Monk before he was appointed(here). At the time of reading I thought to myself.....'they have to be takin a ***, He left under less than ideal circumstances after all'. Still bloody hope it turns around though....
  7. Our midfield needs a 'Hamsik' type of player to come in and lead the midfield.
  8. Our midfield is non-existent, they have been bossing the middle of the park all half. Hopefully we can start to lump it to the big guys ......squeaky bum time!
  9. Its interesting regardless of what transpires this season, we can rest assured 'typical boro' blues aside we are moving in an exciting direction for the future. We knew going into this season with our choice in a young manager recruited for the longterm we will have periods of frustration until he finds his rhythm, style and ideal playing 11. Maybe Monk could require more than one season to find his best team, lets hope not but we can't rule it out either. We have to remember he is learning this is his 1st real major job discounting his work at familiar Swansea. Additionally if we sack him for if and when he can't deliver promotion this season we risk repeating the scenario all be it with a different Manager for next season. And regardless of how much it hurts when I look at the current table, I know deep down we will get it right given time. Granted we have spent alot this season, and some of the players we've recruited aren't performing or justifying their Price tag as of yet. The silver lining is that they are young and hopefully under the supervision of a stable regime (be it the current one or a future one) players may develop, fulfill their promise and price tags for the 2018/19 season be it in the Prem if we go through this season or if we miss out on promotion, Dominate the Championship en route to the Prem 2020 :) Additionally the prospect of our better youth players getting a regular look into the 1st team is encouraging to see. Players like Tav and Wing are testament to chances taken. As much as Monk does frustrate me tactically sometimes I have to hand it to him he is trying, its only time we get some luck and things start to click on the pitch. Maybe another season in the 2nd tier could end up being beneficial to ensure we have a stable spine/plan to re-establish our-selfs in the Premier League once we go up and avoid another tame boring effort to stay up aka circa 2015-16. Even under the worst case scenario for this season Boro when compared to the other teams around us, we are financially stable enough to relaunch Promotion Bid 2.0. Mk II for 2018 if need be. Or the current run merely a cruel prelude to a great winning run, that kick starts our season. Happy days either way! UTB.
  10. Another striker ....... Anyone know if we have a buy back clause in Rhodes's contract? Right winger - Jota/Sako: We have a real shot if we make an offer early Left winger - Matt Richie: Considering promotion has been achived Benitez is looking to recruit players in a bracket higher, Richie might find himself on the bench alot this season considering the lack of regular Tuesday games. If we can tempt him with an attractive offer he could fancy establishing himself in the long term with Boro in a league he is familiar with. Number 10 - Tom Laurence: Has bags of potential, Don't know how much we would bid for him, that said with all the noise coming out of the club we seem to have a good budget this year, which should put us in with a good shout. We could also expect exciting fluid front 4 combinations made up of the likes of Bamford, Gestede, Fischer, Traoré, Jota, Richie and Laurence. Both Jota and Richie offer options on both flanks which would compliment the likes of Fischer and Traoré, additionally Laurence can operate on either wing and his arrival completes the trio that ticks the 'Pace & Flair' bracket. Keeper - Hope Monk gives Ripley a serious look-in this season. He can be a real long term option for us. His stats don't lie, what he achieved last season with an Oldham team who were firmly planted in the bottom half of League 1 was phenomenal. Right back - Don't have enough knowledge on an up and coming young RB that can act as cover for Fabio who should hang on to 1st choice spot. Not really sure if Baptiste can step up when called upon though. Cb - Kyle Bartley: Seems to follows GM around, a good shout should we put in a bid for him.
  11. I sincerely hope SG surprises everyone and goes with Jokanovic. Would'nt mind seeing Boro associated with Most Goals scored award for a change. Maybe all this waiting is SG clearing up a compensation package with Fulham. :P
  12. You forgot Mr. Brother's Wife. Gibson's known for his left field appointments
  13. I concur, in the end results don't lie. But considering the behind the scenes turmoil with Team AK vs Team Teesside, with all the stories now coming out about Orta trying to take team meetings with 'his players' after the Man-U game screams alot of nasty stuff behind the curtain. Maybe if he didn't take a default vanilla stance in press conferences and was more forthcoming about the real issues he was having to deal with, we might view him differently. Maybe he always destined to be the bridegroom never the bride.
  14. Maybe Pearson and Agnew doesnt sound that bad after all. Perhaps we should stick with Agnew, if there is any truth in those comments. :( Maybe Pearson and Agnew doesnt sound that bad after all. Oh god there must be someone else surely!!! Maybe I'm biased but in an 'Ideal world' I would have given Agnew atleast a full season with Boro before I judged and sent him packing. From what's been coming out He walked into a Zero Sum game when he was appointed.
  15. Maybe Pearson and Agnew doesnt sound that bad after all.
  16. There might be some truth to this after all, Ever since I read the swans forum's view on GM, was dumbfounded to begin with. I couldn't help myself from asking them directly if GM would be a right choice for us, this is what they had to say. https://thejack.army/threads/monk-resigns-from-leeds.13734/page-2 Don't know what to make of this......
  17. I'd take getting promoted at the first time of asking with a manager playing exciting football who then keeps us in the Premier League than boring old Karankaball that ends up with us finishing in the bottom half and then sees us relegated the following season before going into administration and down again into League 2 and then the ground gets sold and we end up having to play at Hartlepool before we are eventually relegated into the National League and then go bankrupt and then start again in the Northern League but maybe that's just me. How you still brighten up my day is well beyond me :) And I concur, We need a change in approach. As much as I enjoyed the effective points machine that was Karanka's Championship team, we regressed in terms of goals scored season by season culminating with this season, Maybe if Karanka had the players that could execute his tactical plan who knows? Dont get me wrong our record was impressive and the Riverside was a fortress again. But our football sometimes was dull and if it weren't for the results we would be singing from a different hymn book. Reality was we were found out in the top flight. All things considered we are well placed to bounce straight up, and If there is an option to sign a manager who can accomplish that while playing attacking entertaining football why not give it a go? Would love to see us score a few goals while "Smashing the League".
  18. :D Thank you, Will take all the chuckles I can get today....
  19. Consequently I am really looking forward to Sunderland, Maybe after what transpired today we can see more positive team selections. Hindsight is 20-20 but SA picked that team and shape ironically to avoid that score line. I still hope SA isn't as completely out of his element as results have been so far, but then again thats just the mad(sometimes bonkers) optimist in me. We all knew after Mogga's shoestring revolution steadied the ship, We simply weren't kicking on as much as the romantics in us wished. We needed promotion, we were bleeding hard financially, FFP regulations meant SG wasn't and couldn't subsidize a further 5 year project. He knew he had to act. That led him to break tradition and appoint a highly recommended continental modern coach who wasn't pleasing on the eye but effective nonetheless in achieving the minimum, promotion to the PL, If we stopped looking at this year as a fan purely economically before we even lined up to kick a ball this season, we achieved our aim to be financially secure going forward. Put in perspective this would explain why last year at Charlton transpired as it did, why even after signs Project AK cirra 2016/17 was wobbling SG persisted, maybe AK's defensive record distorted and delayed the inevitable. Appointing SA to take over, considering all long term options are only available in the summer was only logical, this way if it works He's a genius, if it didn't atleast besides rewarding loyalty(In this day and age right?) he can access in-house just how far the corpse of this season can be salvaged for the next. All in all events so far point towards us recruiting a permanent heavily sourced long-term appointment for next season, or we would have missed the trick.............. ...............that or SA wins the rest of the games this season, we stay up, I run around town naked as penance to have given up on him.
  20. We are 1st on Match of the Day, hurray!!
  21. We tried to give it a go with the right formation against a side that was always going to boss possession, We had spurts in the 1st half that showed an improvement from previous games, Clearly the 'Drip Feeding' is starting to show albeit it better start coming together sooner if we are to stay in the league. I feel just looking at the match in isolation had alot of positives. We nullified Sigurdsson, and kept their midfield honest. Defensively we were immaculate again thanks to BG. Bernado held his own in the air but his distribution is god awful at times, everytime he gave the ball away he brought us back to square one, If he continues to start he needs to work on them more or just has to keep it simple. Barragan is an enigma sometimes and this game certainly cemented that fact, defensively sound with effective positioning yet horrible offensively with awful throw-ins to match. Paradoxically He was key in keeping Sigurdsson quite, an admirable job considering he shared his flank with Traore, yet almost canceled all that work out when he found himself on the other-side of the pitch. Bernado and Barragan are the weakest links in the back, In fairness both aren't first choice, injuries non-withstanding we would be far more effective offensively. The 2 in the center of midfield did a good job in breaking up opposition play, yet sadly could've contributed more in terms of offensive creativity. With some luck we could improve, however that may be asking a little too much this late in the campaign. Downing at 10 started well, but like his star his creative effect faded as the game went on. He doesn't have the overall abilities he did when he was at West Ham, yet he does posses those qualities that could be crucial if we were to put in a fightback. We can't bank on him primarily however besides Fischer we don't have anyone in that position. He did put in an effective shift for the team mind you. Traore was subdued this game, in fairness that is a given this is his 1st full season. Without his (effective)marauding runs we missed a trick going forward, and made Olssen's performance undeservedly faltering. If there was a time when SA had to make up his mind with Ramirez, this game should give him ample to digest. He is a tactical liability at this stage, regardless of what he does in training obviously that isn't translating into match day performances, GR doesn't look like he has moved on from January, and frankly in the faint hope his genius shines through we have indulged him more than we should have. Maybe his use for us is over and we should move on, If he wises up (tough ask) we could use him off the bench but can't see getting anymore more out of him at this juncture. Negredo had one of those games for us that we have almost resigned ourselves to accept at this stage of the season. In fairness when he did get a look in he almost pulled off a few movements of magic. When Rudy came on we took awhile to get going again in the final third, But he does bring options and It almost came off when they both combined brilliantly minus the goal in the last few mins. The signs of improvement are there It would be unrealistic to expect Boro to start with a clean slate tactically at this stage of the season, it all about getting that balance back. Fortunately we have the defensive side of things sorted as far as we can, And the drip fed offense is improving noticeably weather its too late we shall find in the next few weeks. All we need now need is that 90% luck that Steve Basset was going on about.....
  22. Dam that looked nasty ........ I hope he comes back from this.
  23. To be honest, I disagree mate - putting my club loyaty aside, think it's the right time for him I was talking about the Karanka comment :P Believe me I am not a Karanka fan. Just like I forgave Strachen for everything cause once SG said he left without taking a cent, I couldnt fault the gesture at the end he knew he buggered up and put up his hands. SG said something similar with AK, he knew he was the problem and had to leave to help boro, I believe SG when he says it was mutual hence I hold no grudges. Good luck to the guy. I am content with whoever SG appoints..... managers come and go, SG and Boro remain constant. :D
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